230 Yard Fire | Grant County WA | Update 2

Incident Summary

Confusion of multiple wildfires burning on both sides of the Columbia River with even the Grant County Sheriff thinking of the same.  At one point, the Sheriff’s Office tweeted that they thought a wildfire started on the Okanogan County side across the Columbia River into their County.  However, they would later deem the two wildfires as separate and unrelated to one another.


The fire in Okanogan County is named the Elmer City Fire.  This post is only about the Grant County fire 230 Yard Fire formerly the Grand Coulee Fire.   It was changed due to the fire’s proximity to the sV switchyard near Grand Coulee.

It is the 3rd fire to start in the area is in the same area as the Elmer City fire and located west of the Columbia River above Coulee Dam. It burned in both Douglas and Grant Counties which threatened the cities of Coulee Dam and Grand Coulee. As of 2300 hours the fire was still active but had laid down.

Credit: Grant County Sheriffs Office

Size Up

500 acres. Unknown containment status.

Multiple Fires or Same Fire?

At one time, Grant County Sheriff thought the fire had jumped the Columbia River from Okanogan County into their County but it has been confirmed that these are two (2) completely different unrelated incidents.


Fire and Law Enforcement are actively investigating the cause of the fires.


Levels 1 and 2 are still in effect.

WA Emergency Management  Agency:  “Please leave if fire threatens.”


There are Firefighters from across Grant, Okanogan and Douglas counties, along with State mobe resources are on-scene.

State mobe resources were deployed at midnight last night and are only assigned to this wildfire.  We are waiting for confirmation if they went straight to the fire line or if they checked in this morning / going through familiarization of the fire.  We will update you all when we receive an update from them.


Level 1 and 2 evacuations are still in effect.

Damage Assessment

No injuries or structures damaged/destroyed as being reported.

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