Fires Reporting as Human-caused | Update 3

Updated 7PM PST / 10PM CST

Officials Confirm Worst Fears

Gatlinburg Fire in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Credit: GSMNP)

Gatlinburg Fire in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (Credit: GSMNP)

Fire Officials have confirmed the worst fears of this wildfire starting from the Chimney Tops 2 Fire located within the Great Smoky Mountains National Park that was reported at 5:20 PM CST on November 23rd.  The wildfire started in a remote area (Chimney Tops) where it would quickly spread due to severe drought and becoming a wind-driven event along with short-range spotting.

Currently, the wildfire has moved down the mountain into a mountainous town, Gatlinburg, Tennessee where it has consumed 15,653 acres of brush, hardwood slash and leaf litter.  The fire has also stolen much more just acres of lands but killed at least seven (7) people and destroyed 700 structures.  These are businesses and homes that have been taken by so many who are hurt, angry and dumbfounded how someone could actually start a fire on purpose.

There have also been reports of people missing from the Gatlinburg and Sevierville areas.  We will broadcast all missing person information with permission by the Family and/or Law Enforcement Officials.

The fire is now 10% contained.

Strike Team (Credit: Mt Juliet Fire)

Strike Team (Credit: Mt Juliet Fire)


How YOU Can Help Evacuees

List of Organizations….Here is a compiled list put together by a local media outlet.


Missing Person:  Brad Phillips

Missing….We have information that has come to light about a missing man around the time the wildfires occurred.  He was reported as missing as of yesterday (11/28/2016) around 8:00 PM CST.  He spoke with family and them his own house was destroyed.  Brad Phillips’ daughter was asking for assistance on Twitter to help search Shelters as his family is out of the area.

We are doing a repost by the Amanda Phillips, the daughter of missing Brad Phillips from Gatlinburg/Sevierville, TN.  Please circulate his photo and let’s help this lady find her missing Dad.


Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media

This is all about what the news, residents and those on the fire ground are saying about the wildfires, etc.

The Dollywood Foundation….states to pay $1,000/month for six (6) months to families who lost their homes. – Media

National Media Coverage….Twitter users took to Social Media again to say that the Gatlinburg wildfires and the loss of life/property affecting economic and disrupting lives is more important than covering political news.  Calls for CNN, Fox News, Associated Press and others to report nationally this disturbing wildfires.  Some networks felt this was not a big enough national newsworthy story. – Media

Gatlinburg is the Heart of Tourism….Thousands rely on its tourism industry to make a living; this fire is their worst nightmare. – Twitter user

Rain Falling….is helping wildfires but not firefighters due to the heavy smoke billowing in the area making firefighting efforts difficult and dangerous. – Twitter user

Scary….This is insane and scary as hell. – Twitter user


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