#BreakingNews | 10-Alarm Cambridge Fire | Update 1

Updated 1815 EST / 1515 PST


A massive fire is burning a multitude number of structures and vehicles on Berkshire and York Streets near Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA.

Here is the gist of what we know so far, after hearing information live on scanner feeds and gleaning from various sources.

Alarm Time Line (in EST time, 3 hrs ahead of Seattle time)

  • 1st Alarm – 2:53 PM
  • 2nd Alarm – 2:57 PM
  • 3rd Alarm – 2:58 PM
  • 4th Alarm – 3:03 PM
  • 5th Alarm – 3:05 PM

At the time we began picking up scanner feed, the fire had been well developing forcing the IC to ask for more resources and causing the alarm to be elevated to a 10-alarm fire.  You never hear a 10-alarm which tells those of us in the fire business , this is very intense fire.

In this case, there are approximately 8 buildings on fire with 3 towers, 3 ladders, multiple hose lines and master streams.  Fire Officials stated in addition there were significant fires in 2 buildings.  All Companies were working.

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media

There are many accounts by users on Social Media so we are going to just stick with the facts but we are posting information from Fire Officials, news media (mainstream) and via the public.

Explosions heard:  Heard multiple explosions then saw wood debris in air. – Eyewitness account

Possible cause:  Possible cause.  New building under construction. No further info given. – Media

Evacuations:  Residents in fire area evacuated.

Injuries:  8 buildings.  No cause.  2 LEO & 1 Firefighter injuries. 2 civilians. – Fire Officials, Media

Damage Assessment (Preliminary):  1 building collapse. – Media; Partial roof collapse of Church – Fire scanner feed.

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About Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to two major colleges Harvard and MIT and a place where those come to work/live and play. As of 2014, there were approximately 109,694 people who live in this beautiful City located directly North of Boston and across from the Charles River.

As with any large City, they are a self-sufficient metropolitan area with Police, Fire, City Hall, Utilities and additional fun entertainment in the area.


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