BREAKING NEWS: CA’s Oroville Spillway Structural Integrity Breached

Updated 2300 Hours PST


The torrential rains have stopped but not the ill-will effects from the over abundance of it over the once drought-ridden State.

Too much of a good thing has this State reeling from the damage from flash flooding, land and mudslides to today where the secondary spillway at the Lake Oroville Dam has created a much bigger problem.  Too much water flowing quickly over the dam causing management to allow water to flow to a secondary spillway.

That does not sound all that too bad, does it?  It is actually frightening to know that the California Department of Water Resources is using the secondary spillway the first time in its 49-year history.  Due to the extreme fast rising water, it has exposed a breach in its construction and now it is about to fail.  This could spell catastrophic for those downriver, therefore we are today covering news about a mass evacuation in the City of Oroville and Palermo, California.

Courtesy: US Army Corps of Engineers


Here is a compiled list of what is happening in each City and County in California.

Biggs (City of)

  • Evacuate NOW!

Butte (County of)

  • Evacuation Info (for residents):  Butte County Sheriff Office, 530-872-5951.
  • Hospital:  Oroville Hospital is NOT evacuating.
  • Shelter:  Alliance Church on Clark Road. For people and small animals.
  • Shelter:  Camelot Equestrian Park,1985 Clark Road. For people and large animals.
  • Staging:  Butte County college for both Fire/PD.
  • Update:  ButteSheriff: Not clear when residents will be allowed to return. Lake level still needs to be lowered to make area safe. (2214 PST)
  • Schools:  Due to the situation in Oroville, all Butte College Facilities will be closed tomorrow, 2-13. All classes are canceled. All Butte College Facilities are closed to students and employees. The Butte College bus service will not be running. The Butte County colleges will send out updates as they receive more information. Please call the Butte College Police Department if you have any questions at 530-895-2351

FACT:  “A spillway is a structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from a dam or levee  into a downstream area, typically being the river that was dammed. “


Oroville Dam (R) and secondary spillway (L). Credit: CA DWR.

Chico (City of)

  • Red Cross Shelter:  Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair Street, (small animals accepted).
  • Large Animal Shelter:  Silver Dollar Fairgrounds, 2357 Fair Street, Chico
  • Shelter:  Neighborhood Church of Chico, 2801 Notre Dame Blvd. (no animals inside).
  • Shelter:  St. Johns Episcopal Church, 2341 Floral Avenue, Chico (small animals accepted if leashed and crated).

Colusa (County of)

  • Shelter:  Colusa County Fairgrounds.  1303 10th Street.

Corning (City of)

  • Shelter:  Rolling Hils RV Park. (10 spaces left, can take large animals at equestrian center).

FACT:  “The Oroville Dam is the tallest and largest dam in the United States.”

Feather River

  • Fish Hatchery:  Massive water flows on the Feather River. Hatchery fish rescued and secure .

Glenn (County of)

  • Shelter:  Glenn County Fairgrounds, 221 E. Yolo St. Orland, CA (accepting livestock, no small animals, 40 RV sites).

Nevada (County of)

  • Shelter:  Nevada County Fairgrounds is currently sheltering 143 people. 150 people are waiting for a cot.

Orland (City of)

  • Shelter:  Glenn County Fairgrounds.  221 E Yolo Street.

FACT:    “Spillways release floods so that the water does not overtop and damage or even destroy the dam. Except during flood periods, water does not normally flow over a spillway.”

Credit: CA DWR


  • Hospital:  Oroville Hospital is open for emergency patients only. No one has been evacuated from the hospital. If not an emergency, go to another hospital.
  • (Emergency Peer Accommodation Matching Page): (NOTE: you will need to vet source before visiting/staying at another location. We are unfamiliar with this board.)
  • Road Closures:  SB 149 at 99, SB 70 at 149, EB 162 at 99, & 149 at Openshaw Rd. are all CLOSED. (CHP)
  •  Sheriff Office:  Assisting with mandatory evacuations.

Paradise (City of)

  • Shelter:  Elks Lodge  1100 Elks Lane – (no small animals accepted, RVs allowed in Parking Lot).

San Diego (City of)

  • Mutual Aid:  SD Swift Water Rescue team activated. Waiting for orders from state and will deploy to Butte Cty when directed to do so.


  • CA Dept. of Water Resources (DWR):  @ 1650 PST. Alert given to residents for mandatory evacuations Northward due to structure integrity of secondary spillway has some erosion and it was due to have an epic failure, cause mass flooding downstream.
  • CA OES:  EOC operations.
  • CA Dept. of Corrections (CA DOC):  Evacuation/transport of inmates to nearby other jail facilities.  (normally @ daily 548 inmates)
  • Manpower:  CA National Guard
  • State of Emergency:  Governor Brown Issues Emergency Order to Help Response.
  • Task Force:  Sacramento Fire personnel staffing swift water rescue equipment have departed for Oroville area, will be ready if needed.

FACT:  “Completed in 1968, it stands 770 feet (230 m) high with a crest length (top of the dam) 6,920 feet (2,110 m) long. “

Credit: CA DWR taken on 2/12/2017.

Ventura (County of)

  • Task Force (OES Swiftwater):  VCFD currently mobilizing for a deployment to #OrovilleEvacuations


Driving Instructions

  • Spillway due to fail any given time. Stay to the North towards Chico, California. (via DWR)
  • Southbound Highway 70 is being shutdown. PLEASE HEAD NORTH.

Flash Flood Warning

  • In effect until 1600 hours (4pm) on Monday, 2/13/2017
  • DWR needs to lower the lake level by another 50 feet to prepare for the incoming storms.


Willingness to Help

  • Assistance Offered:  If anyone knows of animal rescues or shelters needing help w/ evacuation, msg me.I can help rescue, feed, transport.I’m n Chico. (Twitter user:  Becki Brunelli @junglerat8)

Credit: CA DWR. Taken on 2/12/2017.


What is being Said:

  • Media:  Lake has gone down more than 4 inches in last hour, a foot in last three hours. (2200 hours Update)
  • Evacuations:  Unknown when mandatory evacuations will be lifted.
  • DWR:  Flows over the auxiliary spillway have ceased. 100,000 cfs continue down the main spillway. (2219 hours Update)

More updates will come as information is received. Another update is due to be published tomorrow evening.

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Firefighters Still on 10-Alarm Cambridge Fire Overnight | Update 2

Updated 1 AM EST / 10 PM PST


Fire Summary

A massive fire ripped through a City block of structures that included a former church on Berkshire and Vandine Streets in Cambridge, MA, an area that is home to almost 110,000 residents.

Fire Intensity Creates 10-Alarms

Firefighters were called around 2:52 PM EST (or 11:52 AM PST Seattle time) to a structure fire.  A second alarm was requested at 2:57 PM EST then at 2:58 PM EST struck a 3rd alarm. Then a 4th alarm was requested at 3:03 PM EST. 5th Alarm was called immediately for more manpower and resources at 3:05 PM EST.

We picked up Scanner Feed when the alarm had already reached 10.  We have never seen such a high alarm number but when you are dealing with multiples numbers of people in grave danger, a densely populated area, an inferno of flames and several cars and structures involved, you need to draw from every resource available possible.  All in all, there were about 140 Firefighters working at the peak of the fire from 17 Fire communities.


There were 2 Police Officer, 1 Firefighter and 1 Civilian injuries reported.  There were no fatalities. 120 people were rescued.

Damage Assessment

8 buildings were severely damaged including a former church.


The cause is unknown at this time.

Continued Operations Thru Night

Firefighters are still on-scene and will be working throughout the night.  (Photo Credit: CFD)



Red Cross Shelter

War Memorial Center, 1640 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA.

Fire Relief Fund

The City of Cambridge Mayor, E. Denise Simmons set-up a GoFundMe account to raise $200,000  for victims and those impacted by today’s massive fire.  So far the fund has raised $50,000 by 847 donors in just five (5) hours.  They still need your help.

You can still help by going to the (Cambridge MA)  Mayor’s Relief Fund on Go Fund Me at and donate to help those impacted by this fire.


Here is what those in the Fire Service, Media, Social Media users and others in general are saying via Social Media sources.

First Due Engine Company

Cambridge Fire’s Engine 5 was first due at today’s 10-alarm fire. (Photo Credit: Cambridge Fire)

As Seen on the Fire Ground

“Rapidly extending fire in this highly congested neighborhood.”  – Cambridge Fire Department

Safety Check App

Facebook activated its Safety Check app for those involved or impacted by today’s fire.


#CambMA  #CambridgeFire  #MAFire


As this intense fire raced from house to house in a densely populated area, we were reminded by 6 Worcester firefighters who lost their lives today back in 1999 during firefighting efforts in the Worcester Cold Storage Warehouse.


About Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to two major colleges Harvard and MIT and a place where those come to work/live and play. As of 2014, there were approximately 109,694 people who live in this beautiful City located directly North of Boston and across from the Charles River.

As with any large City, they are a self-sufficient metropolitan area with Police, Fire, City Hall, Utilities and additional fun entertainment in the area.

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#BreakingNews | 10-Alarm Cambridge Fire | Update 1

Updated 1815 EST / 1515 PST


A massive fire is burning a multitude number of structures and vehicles on Berkshire and York Streets near Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA.

Here is the gist of what we know so far, after hearing information live on scanner feeds and gleaning from various sources.

Alarm Time Line (in EST time, 3 hrs ahead of Seattle time)

  • 1st Alarm – 2:53 PM
  • 2nd Alarm – 2:57 PM
  • 3rd Alarm – 2:58 PM
  • 4th Alarm – 3:03 PM
  • 5th Alarm – 3:05 PM

At the time we began picking up scanner feed, the fire had been well developing forcing the IC to ask for more resources and causing the alarm to be elevated to a 10-alarm fire.  You never hear a 10-alarm which tells those of us in the fire business , this is very intense fire.

In this case, there are approximately 8 buildings on fire with 3 towers, 3 ladders, multiple hose lines and master streams.  Fire Officials stated in addition there were significant fires in 2 buildings.  All Companies were working.

Looking Through The Eyes of Social Media

There are many accounts by users on Social Media so we are going to just stick with the facts but we are posting information from Fire Officials, news media (mainstream) and via the public.

Explosions heard:  Heard multiple explosions then saw wood debris in air. – Eyewitness account

Possible cause:  Possible cause.  New building under construction. No further info given. – Media

Evacuations:  Residents in fire area evacuated.

Injuries:  8 buildings.  No cause.  2 LEO & 1 Firefighter injuries. 2 civilians. – Fire Officials, Media

Damage Assessment (Preliminary):  1 building collapse. – Media; Partial roof collapse of Church – Fire scanner feed.

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About Cambridge, Massachusetts

Cambridge, Massachusetts is home to two major colleges Harvard and MIT and a place where those come to work/live and play. As of 2014, there were approximately 109,694 people who live in this beautiful City located directly North of Boston and across from the Charles River.

As with any large City, they are a self-sufficient metropolitan area with Police, Fire, City Hall, Utilities and additional fun entertainment in the area.


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Arizona Firefighters Fight 5-Alarm Apartment Complex Fire for Hours


Maricopa County, Arizona – Firefighters were dispatched to a very large apartment complex under construction around 1906 hours MST this evening, located in the 100-200 (multiple sources reporting different block #s} block of East Civic Center in Gilbert, Arizona.  It was dispatched as a  1st Alarm with limited resources responding to the scene.

The initial report called into Dispatch by Battalion Chief 252 as the Incident Commander [IC] reported a “working apartment fire with multiple exposures”.

As you can see, this is a densely populated area.

Photo of the apartment complex fully engulfed in flames. Photo Credit:  Gilbert Fire Rescue.

Photo of the apartment complex fully engulfed in flames. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire Rescue.


1st/2nd Alarms:  Around 1910 Hours MST, BC252/Acting IC reported “heavy fire from a 2-story apartments under construction with several exposures.  An immediate 2nd Alarm was requested.

Media Relations meeting at 85 E Civic Center Drive in parking lot on the south side.

3rd Alarm:  At 1929 Hours MST, BC252/IC reported still heavy fire from the 2-story apartment complex with master streams operating.

Defensive fire. A 3rd Alarm is  requested.

4th Alarm:  At 2002 Hours MST, BC252/IC requested a 4th Alarm was requested as in continuous defensive active firefighting mode.  Master streams still operating.

Citizens needs to avoid the area.  Extremely heavy traffic.

5th Alarm:  Later in the evening around 2019 Hours MST, BC252/IC requested a 5-alarm due to a high concern for fire affecting exposure nearby buildings.

Gilbert Fire when things were just a little heated. Photo Credit:  Gilbert Fire

Gilbert Fire when things were just a little heated. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire

Flying embers were reported as affecting the complex’s clubhouse which firefighters were able to contain very quickly.  They were still fighting the fire defensively.

Road closed from Warner Rd from Gilbert to Lindsay due to the fire.

Evacuations from Civic Center Drive to Nunneley to Devon have been evacuated.


According to the Phoenix Public Safety CAD showing fire units dispatched beginning at 1906 Hours MST and progressing as more alarm levels began increasing up to a 5th Alarm.,

Remembering a former Chapter in our Lives:  

When we were once on a small house fire (in our Firefighter REHAB days) where residential and commercial structures were so close to one another.  A Citizen perplexed that so many Fire trucks, Ladders and other resources showed up for such a small house fire. He thought that the City was wasting too much of the taxpayer’s dollars.

We explained that you WANT that many to show up so they put the fire out quickly and limit the damage to your home.  Also, they are very pro-active in saving lives.

The Citizen responded to our answer very quickly and agreed that he, too would prefer to see more fire personnel showing up to his home to get the flames out and minimize the amount of damage, while working to save his family.  – Lisa Swenson, formerly with The Seattle Fire Buff Society, a firefighter rehab non-profit organization.

Mutual aid poured into the area, outside of Gilbert.  Here are some of the Mutual Aid companies that responded as the level of alarms increased into the evening.

Apache Junction:   RH [Rehab?]263.

Chandler Fire: Battalions 281, 282.   Engines 281, 285, 286, 287, 288.  Ladder 288.

Gilbert Fire and Medical:  Battalions 251 (Command), 252,  Engines 251, 252, 254, 256, 257, 258.  Reserve Engines:  2510, 2511.  Ladders 253, 255.  Misc:  U251.

Mesa Fire:  Battalion Chief 203.  Engines 201, 202, 204, 205.  Ladders 204, 206, 214, 273.  SS208.  EV201.  EDC.

Phoenix:  Ladder 43.

Queen Creek:  Engine 411.

Sunlakes Fire and Rescue.

Superstition Springs Fire and Rescue:  REHAB support unit/rehydration services.

Superstition Springs Fire and Rescue provide Firefighter rehydration services. Credit:  Gilbert Fire and Rescue.

Treating Fire and Police members in rear of Superstition Springs Fire and Rescue own support unit. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire and Rescue

Tempe Fire:  Engine 274.   Ladder 274.

Over 40+ Fire trucks were on scene along with 120 or more firefighters fighting the fire.


The fire’s fury grew so intensely and endangering so many exposure buildings, evacuations of nearby neighbors were assisted by Evacuation Center volunteers to the Gilbert Public Safety Amphitheater.  Residents are still sheltering-in-place at the City’s building located at 75 Civic Center Drive in Gilbert, Arizona.

While evacuations were in progress, Firefighters worked tirelessly to provide structure protection of all exposure buildings.  The only exposure that was damaged was the apartment complex’s clubhouse caught on fire due to flying embers from the increased winds.  Firefighters were able to contain and extinguish the fire before it destroyed the complete structure.

Gilbert Fire’s Deputy Chief / PIO Mike Connor briefed all evacuees at the shelter giving them an update.

Gilbert Fire Rescue DC / PIO Mike Connor

Gilbert Fire Rescue DC / PIO Mike Connor. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire


Warner and Gilbert may be closed into the night as they are affected by the fire.  Firefighters are still working to tap the fire.

At around 0000, Warner and Gilbert have been reopened.  Remember, that Firefighters and others may be still working on the scene, so please drive slowly through the area.


All Media outlets are meeting with Gilbert Fire Rescue’s Deputy Chief / PIO Mike Connor at the Banner Health Center parking lot at 155 E. Warner Road.

One of those representing the Gilbert Fire Rescue using Periscope was asked by those on the Social Media platform why it took so long to put the fire out.  Answered by Gilbert Fire’s PIO Mike Connor, “The apartment complex is under construction and in the wood frame construction phase, which quickly ignited and was fully engulfed very quickly due to the winds kicking up.  We put out as fast as we were able to.”


No cause is known at this time and as we know for a fact that they will have to wait for the structure to cool down before the Fire Investigator can gain access to the fire scene.  It may take a long time before the cause is determined.  However, we have been on some fires where the FIU investigator found the cause right away.

Fire next to City Hall. Photo Credit:  Gilbert Town Hall

Fire next to City Hall. Photo Credit: Gilbert Town Hall


At the last time of the press release around 2210 Hours MST, it was determined that things had greatly deescalated and the 5th Alarms companies were being released, returning to their own Cities.

Prior to releasing Mutual Aid companies, firefighters were busy with putting out spot fires that had spread previously but were able to successfully stop the forward spread to any other structures.  No homes or other structures were affected by the fire.

The fire could be seen by many from Phoenix to the far East of the State.

Darkness is now reigning over the scene which looks like a great sight considering the earlier event that took place.

The Aftermath.  Photo Credit:  Gilbert Fire Rescue

The Aftermath. Photo Credit: Gilbert Fire Rescue

The Red Cross has 7 Disaster volunteers on scene assisting residents of the Legacy Village Apartments which may be a long process. Others have returned to their home.


According to news media sources, one Firefighter was injured with burns to his hands.  Three Police Officers were treated for smoke inhalation.  We hope they will med quickly.


It is also the venue to 1.3 Million workers that only have a 30-minute commute or less.  About 40.7% of the state’s residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher and is probably due to the 69 colleges, technical and other schools in the area.  The number of educated residents is much higher than your 30% national average.  Gilbert seems to lure those to a most favorable business climate, lower corporate taxes and a great collaborative Research and Development opportunities.

Great Fire Service

Gilbert has 10 Fire Stations in it’s large City.

Station 1:  The Station is located at 2730 E Williams Field Rd, Gilbert, AZ. It is headquarters for the following apparatus:  B251, E251, L251/Ladder Tender 251, Utility 251, Command Vehicle 251.

Station 2:  Station 2 is located at 2855 E Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, AZ and is home to Engine 252 only.

Station 3:  This Station is located at 1011 E Guadalupe Road, Gilbert, AZ and is the venue for B252, L253/Ladder 253, Engine 2540.

Station 4:  Engine 254 resides here at Station 4 located 909 E Roy Road in Gilbert, Arizona.

Station 5:  Station 5 is located at 3630 E Germann Street in Gilbert, Arizona and quarters for Ladder 255 / Ladder Tender 255.

Station 6:  Engine 256 and Water Tender 256 reside at Station 6 located at 3595 E Warner Road in Gilbert, Arizona.

Station 7:  Engine 257 is at this station located at 625 W Warner Road.

Station 8:  Station 8 is located at 1095 E Germann Road in Gilbert, Arizona and the station where Engine 258 and HazMat 258 reside.

Station 10:  E2510, NMRS Vehicle and the Civilian Decon units are located at 1330 W Guadalupe Road.

Station 11:   The City’s last but not least Fire Station is located at 2860 E Riggs Road and the station for Engine 2511, Battalion 2511 and Water Tender 2511.


Great job to all firefighters, IC and Police Officers – and to the Dispatchers and Support personnel.  This was a major event and you all worked great as a team to reach the ultimate goals of tapping the fire and saving lives.  You all did a fabulous job!


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REMEMBERING 4 HEROES IN BLUE | Gone But Never Forgotten

Lakewood, Washington | On Sunday, November 29, 2009, four Lakewood Police Officers were enjoying a nice cup of coffee, using their laptops and preparing for their shift to begin – when the unthinkable happened.  A lone gunman walked into the former Forza Coffee Company in  Parkland and opened fire then fled the scene. All four Officers were murdered.

A two-day manhunt took place searching for the male suspect spanning over several cities in Washington State.  The murder suspect who arrived in Seattle would later be shot and killed by a Seattle Police Officer after orders for him to stop were ignored.

lakewood 4 01

The incident would come one month after Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was ambushed while he and a new Officer sat in their patrol car, putting many and those who support them on edge.

The story of the Lakewood Four was plastered all over the news, papers, online and all over Social Media.  Watching in horror of something like this happening affected all of us.  A memorial quickly grew remembering the slain Officers.  To this day, 9th year anniversary – we still will not forget nor can we ever.

This is article is dedicated to their memory and all of the Fallen Officers in the History of Law Enforcement.

Please take a moment and remember these great Heroes In Blue, for their Bravery and Courage to Serve, Dedication and Service to their communities and their Legacy they left behind.

lakewood 4 0

Tomorrow, we ask that you please remember the 4 Officers and their brothers and sisters that continue to Service all over Washington State, their brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement all over the United States and around the Globe and to the Officers’ families, friends, colleagues and those who were touched by this senseless tragedy.

“May you all know that we are SO sorry for their lives being taken away all too soon.  GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. We will remember their Lives and everything they stood for.” –  LR Swenson

lakewood 4

When you see a Police Officer, please let them know how much you appreciate them.  Though we know they don’t serve to be recognized but because they feel they are making an impact in this world and giving thanks to them is the least we can do in recognizing their Courage, Bravery, Dedication and Service.

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#Images are from various sources, we do not lay claim to them. Our Public Safety online publication is free and no images are being used commercially.  No portion of the content in this post may be reproduced manually, electronically, copied, altered or edited without the express written permission from the Editor/Owner of this Blog.

NW CAREER OPPORTUNITIES | Law Enforcement | August 9, 2015


 Nampa PD – Nampa ID – Closing Date not Listed. $17.30/hourly.


 Kootenai County Prosecutor’s Office – Kootenai, ID – Closing Date not Listed. $13.54 to $14.79/Hr/DOE, Non-benefited, PERSI only. part-time.


 Umatilla County Sheriffs Office – Umatilla, OR – Closes 8/28/15 1700 PDT. $3792/monthly.


 City of Everett PD – Everett, Washington – Closes 9/18/15. $5346/ monthly.

City of Coeur d’Alene PD – Couer d’Alene, ID – Closes 8/21/15. $22.04/hour.

 Nampa PD – Nampa, ID – Closing Date not Listed. $19.79-$32.24/hr.(DOE).

 Idaho City PD – Idaho City, ID – Closing Date or Salary is not Listed. Part-time.


 City of Coeur d’Alene PD – Couer d’Alene, ID – Closes 8/21/15. $22.04/hour.

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FIVE-ALARM LOVE: Our 5 Most Favorite Best Firefighter Wedding Proposals on YouTube

Okay, we’re a little partial to these fun wedding proposals – Firefighter style.  Who knows?

This could inspire some more amazing wedding proposals by y’all….[Hint. Hint. Hint]

#1 – “Swedish Firefighter on Ground Proposes to Girlfriend Helicopter Pilot While She’s Airborne.”

#2 – “FD Uses Training as Cover for Wedding Proposal”

#3 – “Firefighter Proposals to Teacher During Fire Drill”

#4 – “Firefighter Proposes to Girlfriend at Restaurant & the Crowd Roars”

#5 – “Houston Firefighter Proposes to Houston PD Officer.”

We know some of you may not approve of using Department apparatus or equipment during these “proposals” so we ask that you just enjoy these awesome clips with the rest of us.  We love every single one of them.

Thanks to those who shared them on We appreciate you opening up your special moments in your life with the rest of the world.  May you all have happy long lives together.

2015 The NW Fire Blog

NATIONAL POLICE WEEK | May 11 – 17, 2015 | Remembering Those Who Protect & Servei

Washington, D.C.

In 1962, U.S. President John F. Kennedy signed a proclamation designating May 15th as Peace Officers Memorial Day and the week it falls on as Police Week.  The Memorial Service first began on May 15, 1982, when 120 survivors and supporters of Law Enforcement gathered together in Senate Park during a time of reflections.

An event held in Washington D.C. is host to between 25,000 and 40,000 those in Law Enforcement from Departments around the United States and globally.  It’s a perfect opportunity to meet with one another who share the common thread of brother/sisterhood.

This year, more than ever – we find this to one of the best chances to share your stories with one another, help support each other and to network with Departments.  There have been too many Officers targeted and killed in the Line of Duty. This is the chance of a lifetime to visit in D.C., tour this great City and celebrate in unison National Police Week. 

The Grand Lodge of Fraternal Order of Police will be host to the National Peace Officers Memorial Service and the Fraternal Order of Police DC Lodge #1 will be Sponsors of receptions in the afternoon and evenings during Police Week.

To find out more information, go to the Event’s website at

In Honor those Killed in Action, please fly a “BLUE” ribbon on your car antenna to show your support for Police Week.

[ Editor’s Comments:  “We are thinking of those who may be hurting from the loss of Officers from your Department.  We send our love, encouragement, support and most of all – we have your backs.  We understand it is kind of late posting this but if you can still go, what a great way to meet/greet others and network with your fellow brothers/sisters.  Be safe friends. ” ]

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Quote of the Day [Leadership]: January 12, 2015 Monday

“Your big opportunity may be right where you are now.” – Napoleon Hill

USCG enroute

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COPS BEING TARGETED: Two City LEOs Shot in West Virginia

Lewisburg, WV | Since the Ferguson and New York no convictions for the Officer-involved shootings were handed down by the Grand Jury in late November 2014, Police Officers all across the United States have become targets by the criminal population acting on a golden opportunity they say is their due right.  We, however completely disagree with that statement and today shows the implications of a criminal’s decision to act upon that decision.

Approximately, sometime shortly before 1630 EST in Lewisburg, WV, two police officers were shot with one taking a bullet to his vest and causing rib injuries.  The second Officer was flown to a [unknown] hospital with an undisclosed condition. Media sources are reporting both will be okay.

The details of the incident are somewhat sketchy, but here is what we’ve learned so far.

Two suspects.

One arrested and in custody.

Second suspect, Mike Maynor [name provided by media source], Middle Eastern descent, black hair, black jacket fled the scene in a red Chevy Silverado 1500 last seen around 1630  in Green Sulphur Springs.  The truck’s plate is MP3612 was later found two miles outside of Lewisburg. The second suspect is being sought by police.

If you see the suspect,  do not approach but call 9-1-1. This person is considered armed and dangerous.

About Lewisburg, WV Police Department:

The City Police Department patrols and provides services to a six-mile area to approximately 4,500 residents.  Their Agency has twelve full-time sworn LEOs, one receptionist, one Municipal Court clerk and two Municipal Court Judges.

9-1-1 Dispatch Center is a county operated facility in Greenbrier County which handles 15 Fire Departments, seven EMS agencies and nine Police Agencies.  It handles over 20,000 calls annually in a 1,024 square mile area to 35,820 residents [census 2012].

Lewisburg, WV is the County seat in Greenbrier County and is considered to have a very low crime rate.

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