Arizona Wildfires | CAD Activity | July 7, 2018

UPDATE 1 – 2030 PDT

When you are thinking of reporting your next wildfire, remember these are the faces of those behind of many Communication Centers, such as the AZ Interagency Dispatch Center, located in Phoenix Arizona like this one in this video.

608 FIRE

The 608 FIRE was caused by an illegal campfire that broke out in the Sycamore Campground with fire resources being dispatched at 1044 hours.  Fire crews contained the fire at 1045 hours and bringing it under control at 1050. The fire was put out at 1100 hours.  0.1 acre was burned. (Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center)

612 FIRE

The 612 FIRE was due to an illegal charcoal grill on Mount Lemmon that ignited prompting a fire response to the area at 1414 hours.  It was quickly contained at 1430 hours and under control at 1435 hours. (Tucson Interagency Center)

615 FIRE

The 615 FIRE was caused by an illegal campfire located at the Parker Canyon Campground, prompting fire crews to respond to the area at 1625 hours.  The fire was quickly contained at 1630 hours and under control at 1635 hours. 0.1 acres.  (Tucson Interagency Dispatch Center)

Photo Credit | AZ State Forestry


An abandoned campfire was burning on Forest Road 9350, prompting fire crews to be dispatched to the area at 0841 hours, dubbed CAMPSITE 41 FIRE. 0.1 acres were burned. (Showlow Interagency Dispatch Center)


The CASEDORE FIRE is burning in the Casedore Springs area which prompted the Phoenix Interagency Fire Center to dispatch fire assets at 1423 hours this afternoon. 8 acres have been burned.


At 1506 hours this after, fire resources were dispatched to a wildfire in the TNF.  The CENTER FIRE was contained at 1724 hours.  0.1 acre burned.  (Phoenix Interagency Fire Center)


The CUMERO FIRE is burning on Cumero Mountain near Sasabe, Arizona.  The fire started approximately July 5, 2018 from an unknown cause and was listed on July 6, as burning 3,725 acres (3,625 US side and 200 in Mexico) of tall grass and brush.

It is currently burning into Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge in the interior of Mexico. The Garcia Ranch and communications towers were being threatened.   Light rain fell over the fire line minimizing the fire activity.  Fire crews were able to gain a 50% containment around the fire and are working on mop-up operations and securing the edge of the fire perimeter.

Smoke from the Cumero Fire blocking the sky. Phot Credit: Sean Cox

Photo Credit | Sean Cox (via Inciweb)

Concerns of excessive heat and high winds may be impacting crews and resources.

Resources include four crews, six engines, one helo, two water tenders and overhead support personnel.   A TFR is in effect over the fire.  Stage 2 Fire restrictions are in effect for the Coronado National Forest. (AZ DOF)


The ELLSWORTH FIRE is burning inside the Show Low Interagency Dispatch Center’s area, where they dispatched resources at 1502 hours. 1 acre of grass, pondo pine have been consumed.


The GRANITE FIRE is burning in the Granite Basin in Arizona.  Fire resources were dispatched at 1611 hours.  (Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center)


The JIMMY TANK FIRE is burning in Bear Siding.  Fire resources were dispatched at 1444 hours.  0.1 acres have been burned. (Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center)


The LOST CREEK FIRE is burning in TCA prompting fire resources to be dispatched to the area this afternoon at 1446 hours.  10 acres have been scorched. (Williams Dispatch Center)


MILE MARKER 15 FIRE prompted assets to be dispatched at 1416 hours, which was contained several hours later at 1834 hours.  0.1 acres as burned. (Phoenix Interagency  Fire Center)


The SMITH CANYON FIRE is burning 27 miles west of the Airport. Fire assets were dispatched at 0631 hours.  (Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center)


The TIYO FIRE located in the National Park Service prompted fire resources to be dispatched today at 1550 hours. This is still reflected as an open incident.  Limited details are available.


The VALLEY VIEW FIRE was said to be burning in the House Rock area sending dispatched fire crews to the area at 1241 horus.  The fire was contained at 1630 hours and out/controlled at 1712 hours.  0.1 acres were burned.  (Williams Dispatch Center)


The VISTA FIRE prompted Bitterroot’s E 12-46 and E 12-48 to the incdent at 1221 hours.  An acre has been scorched.  (Phoenix Interagency Fire Center)


At 1438 hours today, fire resources SCA E-5863 were dispatched at 1438 hours.  15 acres have been scorched. (Phoenix Interagency Fire Center)

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