The Wildfire Log | Woodbury Fire | AZ | June 23

Update 4 | June 23, 2019 | Sunday

Incident Summary  | The WOODBURY FIRE is burning on the Tonto National Forest in a remote area of the Superstition Mountains but is moving out of the area.


On June 11, 2019, there were 5 wildfires burning at the same as the WOODBURY FIRE (5,000 ac. 0% contained), MOUNTAIN FIRE (7,470 ac. 53% contained), COLDWATER FIRE (9,665 ac. 15% contained), MAROON FIRE (8,605 ac. 88% contained) and HELLS GATE FIRE (100 ac. 0% contained).

Location | About 5 miles northwest of Superior; 8 miles southeast of Roosevelt Marina and about 4 miles south of Roosevelt, Arizona.

Woodbury Fire Public Information Map June 23, 2019

Image Credit | Tonto NF IMT team

Fire Behavior | Fire behavior is active with uphill runs, running and flanking. Fire operations are continuing.

Cause | The fire began on Saturday, June 8th from an unknown ignition that is currently under investigation.  It was determined to be human caused.

Fire Resources | There are 905 fire personnel assigned to this incident along with SW Area Type 1 IMT 2. IC is Rich Nieto.

AFMA wildland medics, Aaron and Mac (in photo below) are some of the most elite resources out there because they are constantly prepared to rapidly treat and transport any fire line crew member fighting the fire.  These are the guys you want there if you were injured or felt fatigued.

Photo Credit: AZ Fire & Medical

Most of the fire resources are to the northwest, east and southeast sides of the fire. The Incident Command Post or commonly called the ICP in Gold Canyon will be moving to the Dr. Charles A. Bejaranon Elementary School in Miami. Their move will be completed by the evening of June 24, 2019.

Incident Cooperators | Superstition Fire and Rescue, Golder Ranch FD, Pinal County EMA, Maricopa County, Gila County EMA, Tonto NF, American Red Cross, AZ DOT, FEMA, AZ DOEQ, AZ Department of Public Safety, Apache Junction (City), AZ State Forestry, BLM AZ Fire, Gila County SO, Maricopa County SO, Pinal County SO and Tri-City Fire District, Flagstaff IMET, New Mexico Fire Dispatchers, and Arizona Humane Society.

Incident Cooperators Spotlights:

Pet Disaster Assistance | The AKC’s Pet Disaster Relief organization, a part of the AZ Humane Society is assisting the Gila County Animal Care and Control organization near a Red Cross shelter located at the Miami Intermediate School. They arrived on June 20th and had already two dogs and one cat in their care.

PIOs | There are many men and women Public Information Officers or commonly referred to as ‘PIOs’ that work together from various agencies to bring accurate information to the public, such as evacuation info, community meetings, updates, handling of media and public inquiries and the list goes on.  For this fire, PIOs are representing Tonto NF, City of Apache Junction, Pinal County, AZ Department of Emergency and Military Affairs (AZ EIN), AZ State Forestry, AZ Department of Environment Quality and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) AZ Fire.

SFMD Type 3 crew during burnout operations. | Photo Credit: SFMD

Fire Size, Containment Status | 96,307 acres of tall grass, brush and chaparral destroyed.  There is a 24% containment status.

Current Status | Weather has been in the high temps with very low relative humidity or also more commonly called RH, along with strong southwesterly winds that provide large fire growth. Spread is occurring mostly to the northeast in higher terrain above 4500 feet elevation on the interior of the fire.

Fire Managers are tasking crews with direct and indirect attack operations to  push back the fire and diverted away from the area’s collective assets:

  • Tonto National Monument
  • 115kv power lines
  • 500kv power lines – major line
  • Carlotta mines & mine infrastructure
  • Transportation corridors
  • Commercial properties
  • Private homes
  • Rec areas
  • Riparian waterways
  • Endangered species, such as the Mexican Spotted Owl
  • Sonoran Desert ecosystem

SFMD’s Type 3 crews are continuing with burnout operations for structure protection.  They have helped to save the area near Tonto National Monument and along highway 188 near the Roosevelt Dam Bridge.

Fire is expected to be mostly on the eastern half of the perimeter.

Photo Credit: SFMD

Air Tankers are still being used to assist with fire suppression and containment from the skies.

Evacuations | Shelter for evacuees is located at the Lee Kornegay Intermediate School. 4735 S Ragus Road, Miami, AZ.

Evacuee Resources | For evacuations, shelters, livestock and pet shelters, call 928-402-8888.

Closures | Tonto NF closures:  AZ DOT closures:

Fire in Images | Photo Credit: AZ DOT

SIGNIFICANT EVENTS | Firefighters save a 700-year-old Salado cliff dwelling found at the Tonto National Monument Park.

Fire in Images | Here are some incredible fire images coming out of this incident from official government agencies and public organizations splashing these photos all over Social Media.

June 21, 2019:

Woodbury Fire | Photo Credit American Red Cross

Landsat image of the Woodbury Fire

60,000 acres can be seen on this recent Landsat image. | Photo Credit: USGS Landsat Program

June 20, 2019:

Photo of the Roosevelt Dam | Photo Credit: Kevin Duby, ADOT Emergency Manager

Fire crews structure protection of the 700 yo Salado cliff dwellings at the Tonto NM | Photo Credit: Tonto NF

AFMA fire crews, Vince & Ronnie tasked with structure protection. | Photo Credit: AZ Fire & Medical

AKC’s Pet Disaster Relief at the Shelter near Red Cross. | Photo Credit: AZ Humane Society

June 15, 2019:

Smoke rising from fire in Superstitions. View from SR 88 at Canyon Lake. | Photo Credit: Kevin Duby, ADOT Emergency Manager

June 17, 2019:

The Progression Map. | Photo Credit: Tonto NF

June 14, 2019:

Recon flight over the fire. | Photo Credit: AZ State Forestry

Fire emerges from behind the Superstition Mountain on 6/14/2019. | Photo Credit: AZ DOT

June 12, 2019:

The men and women are the faces behind the messaging to the public and media. | Photo Credit: Pinal County OEM

June 11, 2019:

NWS IMET team deployed to the fire. | Photo Credit: NWS IMET

June 10, 2019:

Crews previously working on the Mountain Fire in Cave Creek are diverted to this fire. | Photo Credit: Daisy Mtn Fire & Medical


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