We appreciate you reading this post and joining in the fight against this virus and its spread by educating yourself. We wish all of you safety out there, no matter where you visit or stay. – Ed.


There are a total of 60 cases with 12 states reporting in. Six deaths have been reported according to the CDC, as of March 3, 2020.


7 New Cases

  • LifeCare employee, female, 40’s. Never hospitalized, recovering at home.
  • Family member of confirmed case, female, 60’s, never hospitalized.
  • LifeCare frequent visitor, male, 70’s, unknown condition.
  • Male, 20’s, unknown exposure.  At Swedish Issaquah.
  • Second male, 20’s, unknown exposure. At same hospital.
  • LifeCare resident, female, 80’s, never hospitalized. Died on 2/26/2020.
  • LifeCare resident, male, 50’s, Died on 2/26/2020 in Harborview Medical Center, Seattle.

There are 14 current confirmed cases in Washington State.

Photo Credit | Seattle FD


The Seattle – King County Public Health has confirmed there has been seven (7) new COVID-19 cases in the last 24 hours, making the total in Washington to 21 infected individuals.  Of these total cases, eight (8) have died.  One person was reported as ill but has since died.

If you believe you have been exposed to a confirmed virus case, call 206-477-3977 from 8am – 7pm PST  This is the King County has a Novel Coronavirus Call Center.

If you are Healthcare Provider, call the King County Novel Coronavirus Call Center.

Call 9-1-1- if, you are having a medical emergency only. Do not go to the ER.  The ER is for most critical needs.

Call Your Healthcare Provider if, you have a cough, fever, other respiratory problems. Do not go to the ER.


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