Wildfires are igniting all over the State of Washington and Fire Season 2020 has.  We have complied a list of some of the wildfires for today, Thursday, April 16, 2020. Fires are listed by each Incident name.

Airport Road Fire

The Airport Road Fire was located on the Airport Road in Lewis County. Dispatch time was at 1056 this morning and contained at 1257 PT and controlled at 1409 hours PT. Currently, in patrol status.

Cloquallum Slash Fire

This fire is burning northwest of Elma in Thurston County. Fire fuels include slash debris.  Resources IC Langaker, Dozer1, Engines 8306 and 8308 dispatched at 1720 hours PT.  1 acre has been burned. Open Incident.

Little Camden Fire

Located in Campden Gap in Pend Oreille. Resources dispatched 1444 PT. Contained 1530 PT. Controlled at 1535 PT. Grass and brush fire fuels. 0.1 acres. 100% contained.

Porter Creek Fire

Located up the Middle Fork Road in Whatcom County. This is an open incident that started on 4/15/2020 prompted dispatched of resources at 1945 hours PT.  80 acres. Resources:  IC Monteith 4/16 0930 E11, 5465, 5466, KUL30, KUL32, NW28, SAL32.

South Bank Fire

Located in South Bank in Spokane County. 0.01 acres of grass, slash and logs. Dispatch time 1425 hours. Contained at 1430 hours. In Patrol status.

Stanwood Bryant Fire

A fire burning deep within the forest located off of Stanwood Bryant Road in the City of Arlington has the undivided attention of many Snohomish County volunteer and paid fire departments. 70 acres of wetlands, brush and timber. Original time of dispatch was on 4/15/2020 at 1541 (DNR firefighters).  Resources CAS41, CL41, E5560, IS30, SAL30.  Open Incident.

Stoney Lake Fire

This fire broke out in McCleary in Grays Harbor in light timber and slash. Fire crews stopped it from spreading and to less than an acre. Engines 8207 and 8213 were dispatched at 1653 hours.

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