SIT REP 4 | SEPTEMBER 17, 2020

The photo below shows the remnants of what has been left of the Douglas Forest Protection Association’s Guard Station.

Rubble of a burned guard station.
Photo Credit | Douglas Forest Protection Association


The ARCHIE CREEK FIRE is burning 20 miles east of Glide and just east of Roseburg in the north Umpqua drainage on the west slope of the Cascades.

The fire broke out and quickly spread to state, private and federal lands in the State of Oregon on September 8, 2020 from an unknown cause. It is currently under investigation.


The fire has taken additional land and reached up to 130,429 acres but crews have been able to reach a 25% containment status.

The cause is still unknown and under investigation.


Management of this fire will transfer to the SA Red Team, an Type 1 IMT on September 18, 2020.

There are currently 1,029 personnel (an increase from Wednesday) along with 19 crews, 3 helicopters and 28 engines.

Repopulation Info –>IDLEYLD residents have been approved by the Douglas County Sheriff’s office to return to their homes on Thursday, 9/17/2020 from 12 noon to 7pm.  Fire Managers and the Sheriff’s Department urge residents to be careful when driving in the area and for falling hazards such as trees and debris.

A firefighter watches the fire puposely set to burn out an area to reduce fuel the main fire could consumer.
Photo Courtesy | Inciweb


Current assessments of the area have been received and are as follows:

THREATENED. 687 homes.

DAMAGED. 7 other structures.

DESTROYED.  111 homes, 2 other structures.


Evacuation Shelter –> Douglas Co Sheriff Office

Air Quality –> OR DOEQ

Road Closures –>

Umpqua NF Closures –>


Disclaimer | All organizations have been deemed per the original poster, a government agency.  If you wish to donate funds, please always check to make sure they are legitimate before providing your personal or financial information. We do not take responsibility for any discrepancies as we do our best to report information gleaned from legitimate sources.

NEW! Wildland Firefighter Foundation – Helping wildland firefighters and their families, including support for fallen firefighter’s families.

Glide Helping Hands  – Food and Clothing Distribution Center

  • Call 541.733.6860.
  • Leave message on how you wish to help them.

Greater Douglas United Way – Human Services Organization

Douglas Timber Operators / Umpqua Fisheries Enhancement Derby

  • Provides direct relief to communities and individuals
  • Provides financial assistance for food and supplies, etc.
  • Specifically for those impacted by the Archie Creek Fire
  • www://

Saving Grace – Human Services organization

Red Cross – National/International Disaster Relief Organization

  • Staged at the Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • Check for needs


  • Donations can be dropped off at the Roseburg DHS building
  • 738 W Harvard, Roseburg, OR
  • Taking donations until 9/18/2020
  • Accepting donations at 9am – 4pm

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