FINAL | 11-25-2021 Thursday | 1708 PT

LAFD Firefighters quickly egressed on the Sylmar Fire at 1652 hours PT in containing it. Forward progression has been stopped dead in its tracks with no structures were damaged nor were there any injuries reported to citizens or firefighters.

Most of the 1st Alarm resources have been released from this incident but some still remain to conduct mop-up operations.

Units listed for this incident are now the following: AO,1 AO2, BC12, BC15, CE84, CM42, E18, E275, E287, E290, E298, E7, E8, E90, E91, EM15, H1, H2, H3, H4, HA1, HA2, HA3, HA4, RA7, RA90, T75, T87, T90 T98 WT77.

Update 1 | 11-25-2021 Thursday | 1635 PT

A wildfire response has just been deployed located in the 16000 block of W. Rockford Street in Sylmar, California at 1635 hours PT.

The fire has burned about two acres of brush at a moderate rate of speed with winds out of the norther at 10-15 mph.

Units assigned to this incident are BC12, BC15, E18, E275, E287, E290, E298, E7, E90, E91, EM15, H0A, H0E, RA7, T75, T87, T90, T98, H4, H3.

Current weather conditions in this area are 66*F degrees, clear, sunny skies with 1% precip and a RH of 6%.

This is the Los Angeles Fire Department Incident #1168.

Hashtags we are using, #CAFireSeason2021 #SylmarFire

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