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This is an update for Friday, June 10, 2022 at 2115 hours PT.



Credit: USFS New Mexico

This wildfire started on Thursday, June 9th is located about 17 miles southwest of Grants, New Mexico is under investigation for an unknown cause.

About 929 acres of mixed conifer with timber litter and beetle-killed timber have been consumed. There is a 0% containment status. Management of the fire will be assumed by the Albuquerque Zone Type 3 IMT unit at 0600 hours MDT.

MIDNIGHT FIRE (NM) — This wildfire ignited yesterday at 1945 hours MDT and was reported as an 80-acre fire. It is located about eight miles north-northeast of El Rito in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico on the Carson National Forest in the El Rito Ranger District. There is 200 total personnel assigned. At this time, 500 acres of mixed conifer have been consumed. The cause is unknown and under investigation.

TROUT FIRE (AZ) — This wildfire ignited on Thursday, June 9th from natural causes. It is listed as a three-acre fire with an unknown containment status.

EAST STREET FIRE (AZ) — A new wildfire started on June 10, 2022. The Lead Agency is the Bureau of Indian Affairs. This started from an undetermined cause. It is currently listed at 0.10 acres with an unknown containment status.


DEER CREEK FIRE (NM) — This wildfire ignited at 1754 on Wednesday, June 8th, located about 25 miles southwest of Animas Valley in New Mexico on the Coronado National Forest. Fire behavior remains active with flanking, backing, and running activities. Currently, the fire has burned 1,092 acres of short grass and brush. There is a 29% containment status.

Photo Credit: AZCNF

There is 136 total personnel assigned. The Incident Commander (IC) is Chad Rice. Fire personnel will focus on anchor and flank fire objectives. Expectations of the fire to continue to spread due to winds are included in the full-suppression fire plan.

Cost-to-Date: $150,000.

BLACK FIRE (NM) — The Black Wildfire was sparked by a human-caused unknown source on May 13, 2022. It is located 31 miles northwest of Truth or Consequences, which is burning on USFS lands in the Gila National Forest.

Black Fire. Photo Credit: USFS

About 300,336 acres of timber and tall grass have been destroyed. There is a 47% containment status. There is 947 total personnel assigned to this incident.

Cost-to-date: $35.9 Million Dollars.

HERMITS PEAK FIRE (NM) — The Hermits Peak Fire is burning on USFS lands in the Santa Fe National Forest, about 12 miles northwest of Las Vegas, New Mexico from a human-caused ignition, which was deemed to be the result of an RX fire that escaped its containment lines after unexpected erratic winds picked up embers and spread to an area nearby fuels.

Management of this fire is under a NIMO (Team 2), the SW Team 2 (Type 1 IMT), and SW Team 1 (Type 1 IMT). The total number of personnel is 2,685 fire personnel.

Hermits Peak Fire. Photo Credit: USDA Forest Service

The fire has burned a total amount of 319,841 acres of hardwood litter, timber, and light slash.

Fire behavior is moderate with clanking, backing, and spotting.

Firefighters have reached a 67% containment status.

Evacuations, trails/road closures in effect.

Five structures have been destroyed.

This incident also includes the Calf Canyon Fire.

Public Service Announcements and Evacuation Information

–> Evacuation Alerts: <–

–> Closures Info:

–> Flooding and Recovery Resources: <–

–> Smoke Reports: <–

Cost-to-date: $201.7 Million Dollars.

CERRADO PELADO FIRE (NM) — Located seven miles east of Jemez Springs, New Mexico, this wildfire has burned 45,605 acres of short grass, closed timber, and medium logging slash. There has been a 95% containment status reached as of June 9, 2022.

Rabbit Mountain. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

This ignited on Friday, April 22nd from an unknown cause. Fire behavior was last reported as minimal with smoldering and 100% containment status is expected for June 15, 2022. There have been 10 structures destroyed.

There is 125 total personnel along with two crews and eight engines.

Cost-to-date: $45.4 Million Dollars.



(NM) — Dispatched to Near Abbey Rd via the Albuquerque (NM) Interagency Dispatch Center at 1657 hours. Open CAD call.


NAVAJO FIRE (NM) — Dispatched 1528 hours via the AIDC (NM) in an unknown exact location. There have been 0.25 acres. This is an open CAD call.

SKIP FIRE (NM) — Silver City Interagency Dispatch Center dispatched at 1852 hours, resources. This fire has been stopped and contained at 1902 hours. 0.1 acres destroyed. Incident #GNF-296.

LOCO FIRE (NM) — A wildfire call caused dispatcher(s) to deploy fire assets via the Silver City Interagency Dispatch Center at 1821 this evening Fire has burned 1.4 acres. Open CAD Call. Incident #GNF-295.

RESOURCE ORDERS – Alamogordo Dispatch Center

MULE FIRE (NM) — Resources were dispatched at 1458 hours. Incident #SWCC-348.

MIDNIGHT FIRE (NM) — Resources were dispatched at 1421 hours. Incident #SWCC-346.

ADAMS FIRE (NM) — Resources were deployed today at 1048 hours.

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