Published Saturday, July 9, 2022 | PM Update | 1830 hours PT

The JACOB CITY FIRE is burning four miles from the Salt Lake County line and burning up both sides of Soldier Canyon and east of Stockton in Tooele County, Utah.

The fire ignited about four hours ago from an unknown source and began immediately threatening structures. Erratic winds picked up the 4-acre fire and began spreading rapidly. It is now 2,100 acres now estimated by Fire officials.

Smoke and ash have been reported it is now falling into the Salt Lake Valley area. Some residents are sharing on social media the fire is burning in Soldier Canyon in the mountain range turning the sun blood red.

Looking towards Lake Mountain, UT | Credit: Rocky Power Power

Air resources on this incident are Air Attack, Lead 84, T03, T15, T160, T169, and copters.

Fire Fact | Large (LATs) and smaller (SEATs) air tankers have been busy all afternoon and have dropped about 800-4,000 gallons of retardant. (Source: media)

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