Published Monday, July 18, 2022, 1830 hours PT

INCIDENT SUMMARY | 2 brush fires ignited this afternoon on Monday, July 18, 2022, from a natural cause are burning on Stayman Flats Road and Highway 97A near the Knapps Tunnel, about five miles southwest of Chelan (Chelan County) in Washington State, which have now prompted Level 1 (Stay Alert) and Level 3 (Go NOW!) evacuation orders.

In the initial report, the fire(s) had already burned approximately 35 acres but fire behavior was observed as extreme and with a fast-moving rapid spread. As of 1854 hours PT, DNR’s wildcad system is showing the fire exploding and destroying 500 acres already.


Credit: WA DNR Fire

ALERTS / EVACUATIONS ISSUED | Source: Chelan County Emergency Management Agency

1816 PT | Level 3 Evacuation Order (GO NOW!)

  • Downie Canyon
  • Hawks Ridge Road

1816 PT | Level 1 Evacuation Alert (Stay Alert)

  • Little Butte Ranch Road
  • Chucker Hill Road
  • All roads off of Hawks Meadows Road
  • Chucker Run
  • Eagle Crest Road
  • Dove Hollow Road
  • Stayman Flats Road (@ milepost 2 to the end of the road and the north sides of this road)
  • Hwy 97A from Knapps Tunnel to Downie Canyon Road (to the east side of the highway)

Evacuation Maps | Map

RESOURCES | WA DNR (per wildcadnet) showing the following resources were dispatched at 1430 hours this afternoon. AA4TS, BATT22, BATT52, CHELAN25, CHELAN52, CREW 52, E321, E4105, E4106, E6605, FB244, HIMR were dispatched at 1430 hours for two new starts/brush fires burning in the Stayman Flats area.

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