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This is the Washington State Wildfire Activity Sit Rep for Monday, July 25, 2022, at 2030 hours PT.


Rattlesnake Stump Fire: This very small fire with no acres registering on the CAD site was located in an unknown location in King County around 1413 hours PT. It was put out by resources at 1629 hours PT. Dispatch Center: WA – SPS.


Fortune Creek Fire: The Fortune Creek is a wildfire incident. Resources E331, 332, and 4206 were dispatched at 1426 hours PT to this area. Less than one acre was burned. The Dispatch Comm Center is the WA – CWC (via WildCAD)


Rainbow Falls Fire: The Rainbow Falls Fire was located at Rainbow Falls in Lewis County today. Resources were dispatched at 1017 hours this morning to the area, where less than one acre of slash/blowdown was destroyed. The fire was contained and controlled today at 1138 hours PT. It is currently in patrol status. The Comm Center was WA – PCS.

Agate Lane: The Agate Lane incident listed on the WildCAD site is a smoke check call in the Washougal area in Skamania County. No resources are showing assigned but since this call was just dispatched this evening at 2023 PT, we are assuming they are in the process of gathering intel on available units. Comm Center was listed as the WA – PCS.


Hwy 108 Fire: Mason County Fire District #4 resources were dispatched at 1942 hours this evening to the Skookum Creek area for a smoke check call in Mason County.

Credit: MCFD4

According to the local unit, MCFD4, the smoke call has turned into a working brush fire on the west side of SR 108 near the county line. It is approximately 200×30 and located approximately .5 mile down the RR tracks. They are mopping up and awaiting for WA DNR resources CALDWELL E8306 to arrive on the scene. Dispatch Comm Center: WA – SPS. (Sources WA DNR, MCFD4)

Deegan Fire: This wildfire was located in Mason County and was ignited by an unknown cause, prompting the dispatch of fire assets and resources being deployed this morning at 0756 hours PT. The fire scorched .23 acres of grass, shrub, and slash. It is currently in patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA – PCS.

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