Wildfire CAD Activity | NW Region | July 17 2017

Here is the Wildfire CAD Activity of resources dispatched, locations, acres and status.  NOTE:  Limited info is showing on most of these. – Thanks for reading our post and following along!


Batement Island Fire.  @ 1018 hours. Resource Order for WA DNR. | Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

Davis Lake Fire. Dispatched 1734 Hours. E 267 responded. 0.1 acres. | Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center.

Drumheller Fire. Dispatched 1521 hours. Spokane County – Drumheller Road. Wheat field.  4 acres. AR 28, 440 and 441 dispatched. | NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

Gate Fire. 1424 Hours dispatched. 1615 Hours contained. Grant County – Whitebluffs.  Brush fire. USFW responded. Mop-up operations. 3 acres. | Central WA Interagency Comm Center.

Jordan Creek 2 Fire. 1636 Hours dispatched. 1700 Hours contained. Snohomish County – Jordan Road. E549 dispatched and conducted mop-up operations. | NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

Mill Pond Fire.   Dispatched 0943 Hours. Resources o/s 1017 Hours. Pend Orielle County – Sullivan Lake. Brush and grass fire fueled. C301 and E31 responded. | NE WA Interagency Comm Center.

Winters East Fire.  Dispatched 1522 Hours. Contained @ 1800 Hours.  Clark County – NE 94th Street.  E275 and 280 responded. 0.25 acres. Slash | Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center.


0564 RN Fire.  Round Butte.  Dispatched @ 1754 Hours. 0.1 acres.  | Central OR Interagency Dispatch Center.

Borderline Fire.  Dispatched 1318 Hours. Steep Creek area. | Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center.

Farley Lake Fire.  SNRA – Farley Lake, OR. 1114 Hours dispatched. 1430 Hours contained. 1500 Hours controlled.  | Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center

Inc 451 Fire.  Fox Hill area and 5 miles NW of La Grande, OR.  Dispatched @ 1415 Hours. Out @ 1709 Hours. Grass.  Human caused. | Blue Mtn Interagency Dispatch Center.


Beaver Creek Fire.  1738 Hours dispatched.  E2251, 3152 and 411. 3 acres. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

Camas Creek Fire.  6 miles South of Dubois and near Dehy plant in ID. Dispatched @ 1354 Hours. Contained @ 1500 Hours.  Controlled @ 1900 Hours. Grass and brass. 1.5 acres. | Eastern ID Interagency Fire Center

Dump Fire.  Dump Creek.  Dispatched @ 1345 Hours. Firefighters o/s. 3 acres. 2 Helitac with 1 IC and 10 fire crews. 30% contained. | Central ID Fire Dispatch Center.

Fire Draw Fire.  Dispatched @ 1120 Hours.  Contained and Controlled @ 1834 Hours. 0.5 acres. SJS Controlled. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

Little Hellroaring Fire.  Dispatched 1407 Hours.  Contained 1723 Hours.  Controlled 1824 Hours and 1944 fire out. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

Oil Well Fire.  Resource Order. E2303 TFD and E2418 TFD. | S Central ID Dispatch Center.

Quail Fire.  Dispatched @ 0855 Hours. Contained @ 1031 Hours.  Out @ 1155 Hours. KVS out. 0.1 acres. | CDA Dispatch Center.

Spade Fire. Dispatched 1346 Hours. E431. 0.2 acres. Contained 2050 Hours. | CDA Interagency Dispatch Center.

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#MeadowCreekFire | Idaho | 2


Summary :  A newly reported wildfire called the Meadow Creek Fire was reported on Monday, July 10, 2017, which is  burning on BLM’s Twin Falls District about 8 miles E of Sublet and 2 miles East of I-84 at Mile Marker 256.

Fire fuels include hardwood litter, brush and short grass.

Current Conditions :   Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching, creeping and smoldering. 493 acres. 60% containment. Sage-Grouse threatened.

Resources :  93 personnel. 2 crews. 7 engines. 21 helicopters.

Cost-to-Date : Current fire suppression and containment costs have reached up to $60,000.

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Spokane County.  Dragoon Creek.  Resources dispatched @ 1604 hours.  Arrived on-scene @ 1616 hours.  (per CAD)


Spokane County.  Hayford Road. Resources dispatched @ 1338 hours.  1830 hours, fire controlled.


No wildfires reported.


No wildfires reported.

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Unnamed DNR Fire – 1miles West of Yakima, Washington

Off of Slaven Road.  25 acres. 3 engines. 1 helicopter.

LA Allen Fire – Stevens County – Blue Mtn. .36 acres of grass, brush, slash, pine.  Dispatched @ 1035 hours. Resources @ 1205 hours.

Elk Ford Fire – Spokane County – Chattaroy.  Grass and logging. Control @ 1048 hours.

Yellow Pine Fire – Stevens County. .25 acres. Resources dispatched @ 1529 hours.

Joe Bower Road Fire – 8 miles NW of Starbuck. Active Fire behavior. Grass fire fuel. 51 acres. 95% contained. 41 personnel. 16 engines. $1,000 CTD. Washington State Fire Marshal.


Idahome Fire – I-84 Milemarker 232, near Malta Rest area in Idaho. Dispatched @ 1120. Controlled 1330 hours. Contained @ 1430 hours. Grass and brush. 5.1 acres.

Sawdust Fire – Dispatched @ 1510 hours. Controlled fire. 0.1 acres.

Portheuf Road Fire – South Pocatello, ID. Resources dispatched @ 1649 hours. 0.25 acres.


Milepost 13 Fire – South of Adams.  Resources dispatched @ 1311 hours.  0.5 acres.  0% contained. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs, spotting, single tree torching and structures threatened.

Rhoades Canyon Fire – 3 miles East of Gamo. 0301 resources dispatched. Brush.  60 personnel. 3 crews. 8 helicopters. 8 helicopters. $15,000 CTD. BLM lands.

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Windstorm 1 is Hanging Out in the NW | Update 2

Updated 1:15 AM PDT


Windstorm #1 has arrived with #2 on its heels.  So, what have you  done to prepare yourselves?You say, ‘It’s not that bad. I have been through other storms.’  Here’s why it is so important to start taking matters into your hands and #PrepareNOW (our very own hashtag)

WINDGUSTS IN THE LAST 24 HOURS – Reported by the National Weather Service.


Why is this such a big event for the Pacific Northwest this year?  Higher than normal winds are blowing through the Pacific jet stream from a remnant of Typhoon Songda, that had reached the highest winds clocking in at 150 m.p.h.

The storm started as a Tropical Storm on October 9th, began picking up speed becoming a Typhoon on October 10th with winds reported as 120 m.p.h.

On October 11th, the storm had been deemed as a Super Typhoon with the highest winds at 150 m.p.h.! The following day, winds have lessened to around 120 m.p.h. becoming a Tropical Storm once again, but not before high winds are being carried around Alaska down to the great Pacific Northwest.

Winds will be considerable less but they will still be around the 40’s and into the 60’s, so please be careful when you go out or if you can stay in



Spokane & Stevens Counties:  Flood Watch in effect from Saturday morning (Washington Weather on Twitter)



Road Closures: Skagit County DEM


National Forests:  Too dangerous for walks, hikes and driving in wooded areas – Willamette National Forest


Washington State Ferries:   “Visibility is low across all routes at start of PM commute. Captains have closed outer decks, advises folks to stay seated.” – WSDOT Ferries


WATCH : High winds, Flooding and Power outages on the Coast / Coast Range – NWS Portland (OR)



Pierce County, Washington – Report 24/7 to 253-798-6000 or piercecountywa.org/rfa.

Hood Canal Bridge (WA):  SR 104 Hood Canal Bridge closure to vehicles is scheduled at approx. 12:45 am on 10/15/16, expect up to a 60-minute delay (posted 11:56 PM PDT)



We took a recent Poll on Twitter asking the question:  “What 2 thing would you do to PrepareNOW for an Emergency?”

The Choices were Camp Outdoors, Bring your Generator indoors, Have water for 48 hours and Gas Up your car.

We had hoped no one would pick bringing in their Generator indoors, but 5% of those polled chose this answer.  Check out the reason why this could be so deadly to you and your family. (Check out the image under “What To Do When the Power Goes Out”)

Thank you to those who participated in the Poll.


Here are some ideas of what to have on hand to be Prepared for any type of Emergency, excluding Flooding in your home or inhabitable due to an Earthquake or Tornado:


“We recommend the following to Building an Emergency Preparedness Kit, Preparation Tips and Ways to Protect You/Your Family Before/During/After an Event.  (Info based upon Fire, Police, Emergency Management and EMS articles, posts and knowledge)” – NWFB

Water:   Include one gallon per person for each day. Note:  Water along with food (unless otherwise labeled) should be changed out every six months.

Food:  Include items such as beef jerky, protein and/or granola bars, canned and/or vacuum packed canned foods and other non-perishables. (Don’t forget your pets and their pet food)

Medications:  Don’t forget to keep this on hand and have enough for the time allotted.  The Disaster or Emergency could last longer than 3 days, i.e. Power outages, Earthquakes, Tornadoes, etc.

Battery-powered Radio:  An alternative could be a hand-crank powered radio.  If you use a Battery operated radio, make sure you have extra batteries.

Flashlights:  There are also alternatives out there, such as, Battery-powered or Solar-powered Latterns. Do not use candles.  These lead to fires when candles are left unattended.

Matches:  These could be used to light pilot lights on gas stoves (inside homes- make sure no smell of gas in the air), camping stoves, fires in fireplaces, etc.

First Aid Kit:  Don’t feel like spending time or energy on putting together a Kit? You can visit various stores such as camping supply stores, specialty stores or the American Red Cross.

We recommend the following for a Kit (TIP:  You can visit the American Red Cross @ http://www.redcross.org/prepare/location/home-family/get-kit/anatomy to find a full and a complete list or to purchase your own)

  • Sterile gauze pads of different sizes
  • Adhesive tape
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  •  Elastic bandage
  • Antiseptic wipes
  • Soap
  • Splint
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Thermometer
  • Non-latex gloves
  • List of Emergency Phone Numbers (yours)

Great Resources:  3 Days, 3 Ways. Campaign  http://www.co.cowlitz.wa.us/DocumentCenter/View/58


Via our friends at the Washington State Public Health Agency



Pacific Power Portland  (OR):  Reporting downed power lines, call 9-1-1 then 1-877-508-5088.  “Always treat them as if they are LIVE power lines. Stay away!”

Puget Sound Energy (PSE):  Is Your Power out? Check out the  Outage Map   http://pse.com/accountsandservices/ServiceAlert/Pages/Outage-Map.aspx  or you can download for free their app

Seattle City Light:  Report outages to 206-684-3000 or 206-684-7400.  Outage Map:  http://www.seattle.gov/light/sysstat/

Snohomish PUD:  Report power outages to them @ 425-783-1001.



Snohomish County PUD:  13,000 customers are without power due to winds are picking up.

Seattle City Light:  7 power outages affecting 165 households per outage map.



La Push, Washington:  US IOOS gov / NOAA reporting on 10/13/2016 storm rolling in.  Credit:  usioos.gov



“I  could care less if I have fuel in the car!  Water + food + shelter.” – Twitter user

“Early data tonight unchanged on strong windstorm track for . Differ on strength: “bad” and “real bad.” Waiting on more later.” – News media

“Wind will start around Olympia about 4-6 PM and in Seattle area a couple of hours later. Wind will pick up suddenly and hard.” – NWS Seattle

“Sat. storm watch: “Whoever gets hit, is going to get hit pretty hard” – Twitter user

“Weather hasn’t been to bad here yet in the Bellevue Area.” – Twitter user

“A Dock was seen heading westbound  floating down the Sammamish River towards Lake Washington.” – Bothell PD

“Right now, strongest effects from will be Seattle area westward.” – Weather source

“Consider postponing your trip this weekend! They’ll still be there next week!” – Washington State Parks

“Due to storms, could be transit interruptions.” – King County Metro  (Seattle, Washington).  Check out their site here –>  https://content.govdelivery.com/accounts/WAKING/bulletins/16b2167

“Winds likely E before switching southerly in eve. Expect high wind when southerlies arrive. Can’t specify on SE protection.” – NWS Seattle (@ 1AM PDT)

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NW Windstorms Approaching | Update 1

Updated 10pm PDT


Forecasters, Emergency Management, Law Enforcement, Fire Departments and Bloggers like us have been preaching the fact of two windstorms are approaching the West Coast, primarily in Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


Why is this such a big event for the Pacific Northwest this year?  Higher than normal winds are blowing through the Pacific jet stream from a remnant of Typhoon Songda, that had reached the highest winds clocking in at 150 m.p.h.

The storm started as a Tropical Storm on October 9th, began picking up speed becoming a Typhoon on October 10th with winds reported as 120 m.p.h.

On October 11th, the storm had been deemed as a Super Typhoon with the highest winds at 150 m.p.h.! The following day, winds have lessened to around 120 m.p.h. becoming a Tropical Storm once again, but not before high winds are being carried around Alaska down to the great Pacific Northwest.


The first storm is due to hit tonight with another one right behind it on Saturday.  A forecast by The Weather Service issued for Washington State are the following wind speeds:  #Seattle 65 mph, #Everett 70 mph, #Tacoma and Eastside (#Bellevue, #Redmond and #Kirkland) 60 mph, #Bellingham  65 mph and the #WashingtonCoast at 75 mph.

Courtesy: The Weather Service


There are many ways that you (and) your Family can prepare for the impending windstorm.  Here are some great resources to access:


  • Home Fire Drill Day, October 15:  Read this great article and find out more about this life-saving opportunity. http://myedmondsnews.com/2016/10/home-fire-drill-day-oct-15-create-a-fire-escape-plan-for-your-home/


  • Pacific Power Portland, OR:  Reporting downed power lines, call 9-1-1 then 1-877-508-5088.  “Always treat them as if they are LIVE power lines. Stay away!”


  • Seaside, OR – power outage
  • Central Coast, OR:  Central Linc OR reporting @ 2005 PDT, power is out and due to possible underground issue. Could take up to 5 hours to repair.
  • Clackamas & Washington Counties:  10,000 without power.


  • Portland, OR:  Multiple downed trees and power lines throughout the area.
  • Gold Bar, WA:  Fire calls coming for downed power lines and trees over roadway.


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Active Wildfires | United States | Sep 25 2016

Though Fall is upon us, the Fire Season still has some left to give leaving a few fires still burning across the United States.  Here is a recap of them:


Fulton Fire (25 miles East of Payson)  2266 acres. 45% contained. 394 personnel.  9 crews. 15 engines. 3 helicopters. 0 structures.  $3.2 Million Cost-to-date.

Fill Fire (10 miles West of Show Low)  1613 acres. 0% contained.


Bell Fire (off Hwy 49, north of Plymouth) CAL Fire incident.  Started 9/23/2016. Cause under investigation. 45 acres. 90% contained. 150 personnel. 18 engines. 5 crews. 4 airtankers. 2 helicopters. 2 dozers. 3 water tenders.  Burning Moderate ROS in grass.

Cow Fire (off Whitmore Road and Old Cow Creek Road)  70 acres. 0% contained.

Soberanes Fire (7 miles NW of Big Sur)  126,693 acres. 77% contained. 2072 personnel. 42 crews. 97 engines. 22 helicopters. 68 structures lost. $224.6 Million Cost-to-date.

Owens Fire (10 miles NE of Mammoth Lakes)  5443 acres. 80% contained. 205 personnel. 5 crews. 9 engines. 2 helicopters. 4 structures lost. $4.3 Million Cost-to-date.

Soup Complex (16 miles NE of Likely) 2647 acres. 60% contained. 5 crews. 10 engines. 2 helicopters. 0 structures lost. $5.1 Million Cost-to-date.


Beaver Creek Fire (24 miles North of Walden)  38,380 acres. 75% contained. 37 personnel.  2 engines. 2 helicopters. 17 structures lost. $29.8 Million Cost-to-date.

Silver Creek Fire (10 miles East of Phippsburg)  470 acres. 0% contained.


Pioneer Fire (8 miles North of Idaho City)  188,404 acres. 65% contained. 360 personnel. 5 crews. 14 engines. 4 helicopters. 6 structures lost. $94.4 Million Cost-to-date.


Briggs Fire (10 miles NE of Beaver) 8883 acres. 70% contained.


Broadway Fire (30 miles NW of Walden)  2121 acres.  10% contained.

* * *

“Unity is strength…

when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

~ Mattie Stepanek

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We would like to believe the Fire Season has ended due to the new change in Seasons, but we would just be fooling ourselves.  We have gleaned some info from various Fire CADS in the Northwest.

Both Spokane and Okanogan Counties seemed to be the winners of the day with multiple fires breaking out in their areas, according to WildCAD.net records.

New Centerville Fire – Grimes Pass, Idaho

Fire crews were dispatched at 1821 hours to the Grimes Pass area with a new wildfire start on the E/SE side of New Centerville.  Resources are showing on-scene @ 1930 hours.

Resources assigned are:  CRW 3 and 8.  Engines 413, 451 and 461. PT 31.  C6. and Div61.

Grimes Pass is located near Slide Gulch of the Rocky Mountains in Boise County, Idaho.

Pine Creek Pole Fire –  Okanogan County, Washington

Fire crews were sent to Pine Creek this morning at 0530 hours where they quickly contained a grass fire to 0.01 acre a 0700 hours.  (WA DNR)

Green Pine Fire – Spokane County, Washington

Around 1149 hours, fire crews were dispatched to a Spokane County brush fire located on Green Pine Road at 1149 hours and got it under control at 1215 hours. (WA DNR)

Argonne Hill Fire – Spokane County, Washington

Fire crews responded to a small fire in North Argonne in Spokane County, Washington.  Both brush and grass were actively burning when they were dispatched at 1246 hours but to be later contained at 1345 hours.  The fire size only reached 0.14 acres. (WA DNR)

Bridges Spot – Spokane County, Washington

According to the Fire CAD, Firefighters were dispatched to a brush fire  at 1529 hours.  Fire fuels included brush, grass and Douglas fir. They successfully contained the fire to 0.01 acres. (WA DNR)

Oroville Side Fire – Okanogan County, Washington

Just on this side of Okanogan County in Oroville, Washington, fire crews were dispatched at 1612 hours to a fire.  Resources were on-scene at 1912 hours and is still being considered as an open call in their CAD system. (WA DNR)

Ashford Fire – Okanogan County, Washington

Crews were dispatched today at 1723 hours to a small fire, approximately 0.2 acres on Gunn Ranch Road in Okanogan County, Washington.  It was controlled at 1910 hours. (WA DNR)

Laverne Fire – Cowlitz County, Washington

The Laverne Fire is showing as an open call with fire crews actively in patrol status.  It is located on Laverne Drive in Kalama, Washington in Cowlitz County.  Timber and grass are the fire fuels.  It has been contained to 0.25 acres.

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Pioneer Fire | ID | Sep 9 2016



  • Start 7/18/2016 @ 1700 hours
  • Unknown cause
  • 182,445 acres
  • 56% containment status


  • Boise National Forest
  • East of Deadwood Reservoir
  • South of Forest Service Road 579


  • Timber, grass and understory
  • Standing dead and down timber
  • Green and bug killed timber


  • 1,1110 personnel
  • 23 crews
  • 8 helicopters
  • 33 engines
  • 4 dozers
  • 9 water tenders
  • 3 masticators


  • Active backing and flanking with isolated group torching.
  • Fire has progressed into areas where slope and winds can align which will lead to an increase in fire behavior.
  • Increased fire activity on East of Deadwood Reservoir.
  • Fire activity also active South of National Forest System Road 579.


  • Hwy 17 / Southern 1/2 below hwy:  To continue repair suppression lines
  • To remove hazard trees
  • To continue patrolling and monitoring


  • Boise Co. Government
  • Boise Co. Sheriff’s Office
  • Emmett Ranger District (Boise NF)
  • Idaho City Ranger District (Boise NF)
  • Idaho Dept. of Lands
  • Idaho DOT
  • Idaho State Parks/Rec
  • Lowman Ranger District (Boise NF)
  • Centennial Job Corps
  • Garden Valley Fire Protection District


  • Level 1:  Lowman
  • Level 2:  Long Creek summer homes


  • Bruce Meadows Airfield (due to increase fire activity)
  • For more closures visit this site —> http://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/4866/33503/


An excavator is moving a pile of

Pioneer Fire burning into an old fire scar

Smoke Cloud August 29, 2016 Pioneer Fire

** If you are a Photographer of any of these Fire Images, we’d love to give you full credit! **


  • $82.5 Million


  • Low RH
  • Warming temps
  • Drying fuels


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Boise National Forest (ID) Sept 7, 2016


Incident Summary

The Pioneer Fire ignited on July 18, 2016, around 1700  hours from an unknown cause that is still being actively investigated.  It is located on the Boise National Forest, approximately East of Deadwood Reservoir and South of Forest Service Rd 579 in Garden Valley, Idaho.

Fire closure area map. (Courtesy: Boise NF)


There are currently 988 personnel which include fire crews, air resources, overhead team and support units, including 21 crews, 9 helicopters, 30 engines, 4 dozers, 3 masticators and 17 water tenders.

Fire Status

The fire has devoured 181,297 acres but fire crews have successfully gained a 56% containment status.

A map of the hard work of containment lines completed by fire crews. (Courtesy: Boise NF)

Fire crews are focused on the NW side of the fire, East of the Reservoir.  A Firefighter Spike Camp previously located in Idaho City was terminated and moved to Bruce Meadows airstrip on September 6th.

Airspace Restricted

A TFR is in effect which restricts all private and commercial aircraft, including drones over the West side of Warm Springs Creek Trail, also known as Trail #147.

For more specific restrictions, visit http://tfr.faa,gov/save_pages/detail_6_6910.html


Those who may be hiking, hunting or in the area near this fire, here is a map to help guide you where you should be and not in the Fire area.

To seek out additional details on closures in this area, go to http://ttwww.fs.usda.gov/alerts/boise/alerts-notices

Photo Gallery 

Photo Credit: Mike McMillan

Fire active on North. Taken on August 30th. Photo Credit: Boise National Forest

Fire observed from Garden Valley ICP. Photo Credit: Boise National Forest

Extreme fire behavior exhibited August 29th located 9 miles north of Kirkham Hotsprings/HWY 21. Photo Credit: Boise National Forest

Firefighters mopping up a fire line. Photo Credit: Boise National Forest)

Hotshot crews conducted a back burn operation to keep the fire from moving south in the Long Creek drainage. Photo taken August 28th. Photo Credit: Boise National Forest

Connecting a hose lay. Photo Credit: Boise National Forest

Fire burning into an old burn scar on Sept 3rd. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Pioneer Fire Column

Fire Column. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Active fire on August 30, 2016 PioneerFire

Active fire on August 30th. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Smoke Cloud August 29, 2016 Pioneer Fire

Smoke Cloud on August 29th. Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

Containment efforts of the Pioneer Fire continue east of Deadwood Reservoir and south of Forest Service Road 579. Two CL415 scooper airplanes along with nine helicopters have been making water drops Tuesday and today to reduce fire activity and support ground crews working in that area. Photo Credit: Pioneer Fire/USFS

Incident Cooperators

  • Boise County Government
  • Boise County Sheriff’s Office
  • Boise National Forest – Emmett District, Idaho City District, Lowman District
  • Centennial Job Corps
  • Garden Valley Fire Protection District
  • ID Dept of Lands
  • ID Dept of Transportation
  • ID State Parks & Rec

Sources:  Inciweb, Boise National Forest, Pioneer Fire Facebook page and Social Media

Disclaimer:  #FireImages in this post have been given full Credit/Courtesy to the best of our abilities.  We do not lie claims to these but have been gleaned from governmental sites.

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