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All postings are from various sources gleaned from the internet and social media.  These are announcements that were posted to the various sites 30 or less days ago.

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$45,000 – $57,000 annually. Full-time or part-time openings available. Download application at http://www.olympicambulance or call 360-683-3347 (front office).  (Sources:, company website. Posted 8/5/2020)


$32.28 – $39.16 per hour.  Job #2020-00672.  Background process can take 6-8 months. Full-time position.  Hiring Agency:  City of Seattle, Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Ave #5500, Seattle, WA 98104. Website: (Sources:, Government jobs)


$60,500 – $84,000 annually. Must have Driver’s license, WA State EMTP, NREMT – EMTP and/or Out-of-State EMTP. Full-time, part-time positions available. Lots of great benefits. Download application  (Sources:, company website. Posted 8/3/2020)


$19.50 – $20.00 per hour. Required to have an EMT-B, 2 years EMT experience and be a High School grad or equivalent. Apply online. (Source:


$5,723 – $7,391 per year.  Continuous openings. Full-time, permanent opening. Job #2020-Entry Level.  This is for candidates that have been invited to submit an application based upon their Public Safety Testing results.  However, if have an interest, please see the PST site at We encourage you to apply! (Sources:, Government jobs. Posted 8/7/2020)

AUGUST 16, 2020


$35.83 – $49.03 per hour.   Must have a passing score from the National Testing Network (NTN) FireTEAM and a Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT). Must have CPAT within 12 months of the application closing to be considered for employment. Must have all testing complete by closing date.  See all requirements on City’s website  (Source:

AUGUST 18, 2020


$30.76 – $33.14 per hour.  Civil Service. Regular, Full-time. Job #2020-00675.  Protects City of Seattle’s Municipal watersheds, well over 100,000 acres that are carefully managed to support and supply clean drinking water to the greater Seattle area.  Includes fire suppression, prevention, improvements, reforestation, etc.

Apply through website (Sources:, Government Jobs)


$115,409 – $151,870 annually.  Executive search being completed by Peckham & McKenney.  Apply online of Executive Search website  (Sources:, Peckham and McKenney Executive Search)

AUGUST 19, 2020


Must apply on company website.  Relocation funding provided. US Citizenship required.  No Shift work. Clearance required. (Source: Posted 8/5/2020 on poster website)

AUGUST 20, 2020


$52,905 – $99,741 per year.  Located on Forest Service Regional Aviation Group, Fire and Aviation Management Region 3 in New Mexico or Arizona.  GS 9-12.  Full-time, permanent. Details located at the agency’s website (Sources:, USA Posted 8/7/2020)

AUGUST 21, 2020


$76,098 – $98,791 annually. Regular full-time employment.  Apply on City website: .  City of Bellevue Po Box 90012, Bellevue, WA 98009. (Sources:, City of Bellevue)

AUGUST 25, 2020 1600 PT


$4,428 – $5,382 monthly.  Provides variety of routine and specialized public safety work related to the care and custody of prisoners in the city jail, transports between city jail, court, other correctional facilities, specialized clerical support, assists patrol officers, etc. More info can be found on Government Jobs.  Apply online. (Sources:, Government Jobs)

SEPTEMBER 4, 2020 1600 EDT


Applications form and details of the selection process may be obtained through the Mayor’s Office, City Building. 230 N. Jefferson Street, New Castle, PA between the hours of 0830 and 1600 EDT Monday – Friday.  Must be at least 18 years old. If hired, must be willing to be a New Castle resident within six (6) months after date of hire. Part-Time residents do not have to meet this requirement.   Completed applications must be filed in person to the Personnel Board in the Mayor’s Office by 1600 EDT.  Exam on 9/12/2020 0800 EDT. No make-up tests will be scheduled. Temperature check and COVID questionnaire form will be required. (Sources:, The New Castle News)

OCTOBER 30, 2020 1600 EDT


$51,633 – $65,040 per year, plus bonuses.  Must complete City of Sidney application in addition to complete information on their website Click on Employment Opportunities.   OR can apply in person- Application to the Receptionist. Municipal Building.  City website: (Source:

(Sources:,, Govt Jobs)

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 11, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for Saturday, May 11, 2018.  This post includes the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


Moonshine Fire – Moonshine Rd / Klickitat County.  Dispatched at 1605 hours on May 11, 2018.   6 acres of slash.  Contained 5/12/2018 @ 0909 hours.  Controlled at 1835 hours PDT. (Central WA Interagency Communication Center)

Lambert Side Fire – Lambert Creek x Little Bear Road / Ferry County.  Dispatched at 1417 hours PDT.  0.01 acres of grass, brush and reprod. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)



Balsam LIne Fire – T39S RSE Sec 4 NESW – Dispatched 0945 hours PDT.  1.5 acres. Limited info. (Oregon Dispatch Center)


Matheson Fire – 47 48.759 x 117 02.135 – Dispatched 1522 hours.  2 acres.  E4602 on-scene. Limited info. (CDA Interagency Dispatch Center)


(Source:  Wild CAD Web)

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 10, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for the days of May 10, 2018.  This post also includes Oregon and Idaho.



Atwood Road Fire – Atwood Road / Klickitat County.  CRGNSA  and DNR on-scene. Dispatched 1517 hours PDT.  0.1 acres. (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Better Ridge Fire – Better Ridge / Stevens County.  Dispatched  0815 hours.  Brush, slash. IC at 1045 hours.  0.01 acres.  In patrol status. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Dougs Beach Fire – Doug Beach / Klickitat County.  Dispatched 1055 hours PDT.  2 acres.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Spillway Fire – Dispatched 1033 hours PDT.  0.1 acres.  Dispatched 1033 hours PDT.  Contained/Controlled/Out at 1447 hours PDT.  (Colville Agency MT Tolman Dispatch Center)

Summit Surprise Fire – Addy Gifford / Stevens County.  Dispatched 0814 hours PDT.  Unknown burned acreage.  Dispatched at 0814 hours PDT.  NC 347 at 1045 hours PDT.  In patrol status. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)

Tyler Spot Fire – Hwy 904 / Spokane County.  Dispatched 1054 hours PDT.  0.01 acres.  Grass and brush fire fuels. Dispatched 0815 hours PDT.  Contained at 1230 hours.  Controlled at 1325 hours PDT.  (Northeast Interagency Communications Center)


Haner Butte 0175 OD Fire – 1 mi east of Haner Butte.  Dispatched 1511 hours PDT.  1.46 acres.  (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center)


No wildfires have been reported.

(Source:  Wild CAD Web)

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 9, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for the days of May 9, 2018.  This post also includes Oregon and Idaho.

MAY 9, 2018

0171 RS Fire | Dispatched 1229 hours PDT.  Mcgrath and Powell Butte Hwy. 0.1 acres. (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatche Center – OR)

Cove Fire | Dispatched 1543 hours PDT.  Mile Post 303. (Olympic Region Dispatch – WA)

No Fires in the State of Idaho

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 8, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for the days of May 6 – 8, 2018.  This post also includes Oregon and Idaho.

MAY 6, 2018

Swan Boundary Fire | Dispatched 0955 hours. Hwy 12 MM 87-88 x Swan Creek Rd. 0.5 acres. (Grangeville Interagency Dispatch Center – ID)

8014 Fire | Dispatched at 1628 hours.  Unknown location.  0.5 acres.  Limited info.  (Burns Interagency Communications Center – OR)

Sutton Gulch Fire | Dispatched 0832 hours.  Carberry Creek.  0.1 acres.  (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

Pondo Fire | Dispatched at 1208 hours.  South of Steve Peak.  0.1 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

North Fork Texas Creek Fire | Dispatched at 1220 hours.  Texas Creek on the Okanogan  NF.  0.1 acres.  Light timber.  Contained at 1320 hours.  Controlled at 1430 hours.  In patrol status.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Klickitat Breaks Fire | Dispatched at 1557 hours.   Klickitat River in Klickitat County.  0.1 acres.  Grass, light timber.  Contained at 1730 hours.  Controlled at 1731 hours. in patrol status.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Finn Ridge Fire | Dispatched at 1754 hours.  Finn Ridge / Centerville in Klickitat County.  Sangs.  Contained at 2000 hours.  Controlled at 2001 hours.  In patrol status.  (Central Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Mason Road Fire | Dispatched at 1734 hours.  Mason Road in Spokane County.  0.41 acres.  Grass, brush, light timber fire fuels.  AR 444 IC at 1911 hours.  contained at 1815 hours.  Controlled at 1918 hours.  (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Marksman Fire | Dispatched at 0806 hours.  Olympia in Thurston County.  0.25 acres.  Brush as fire fuels.  Contained at 1930 hours.  Controlled at 2000 hours. (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

MAY 7, 2018

CM 18 0161 OD Fire | Dispatched 1520 hours.  Cat Mountain.  .96 acres.  (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Boxcar 0162 OD Fire | Dispatched at 1917 hours.  Boxcar Flats.  0.1 acres. Resources include:  9102, 9103, 9502, E9162.  (Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

036 Hill Spring Fire | Dispatched at 1040  hours.  Hill Spring.  0.1 acre.  Contained at 1256 hours.  Controlled at 1334 hours.  Fire fuels included Timber.  (John Day Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Berry Rock Fire | Dispatched 1500 hours.  Unknown location.  4 acres.  (Rogue Valley Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Granger Locke Fire | Dispatched at 0806 hours.  .25 mile up Locke Road.  0.1 acres.  Staffed at 1020 hours.  (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Matsen Creek Fire | Dispatched at 0940 hours.  756 A Matsen Creek Road.  0.1 acres.  Resources on-scene at 1035 hours.  Contained at 1100 hours.  Controlled at 1200 hours. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

MAY 8, 2018

Bluebird Fire | Dispatched @ 1414 hours.  Location – 48 5.3 x 116 50.4.  0.5 acres. Limited information. (Coeur d’Alene Interagency Dispatch Center – ID)

Bear Mountain Fire | Dispatched at 1409 hours.  Bear Mountain.  0.01 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)


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Seattle Fire Responds to UW Fire

SEATTLE, Wash. – Firefighters were dispatched to a Fire in Building call 4200 block of Mary Gates Memorial Drive NE around around 1723 hours PDT on Tuesday, May 8, 2018.

Units dispatched were the equivalent of a full response which included:  Aid 2, Air 9, Battalions 2 and 4, Deputy 1, Engines 17, 22, 25, 40, 6 and 9 and Ladders 3, 4 and 9.  Medic units 16 and 44 (Supervisor).  Marshal 5 (FIU).  REHAB 1 (Firefighter REHAB unit). Command Staff which includes Safety 2 (Safety Officer) and Staff 10 (Administrative Officer).

The first due units arriving reported smoke visible from the building.  Fire Officials released a statement that all occupants had self-evacuated.  No injuries to civilians, staff or firefighters were indicated. (1735 hours PDT)

Fire was knocked down quickly and crews were tasked with finding extensions into the building. (1739 hours PDT)

Crews brought the fire under control and FIU Investigators were immediately brought in.  They were reportedly en route to determine the cause. (1745 hours PDT)

The building located at this address is listed as being named by Redmond’s Microsoft Chairman and CEO to honor his late mother, Mary Gates.

At the time of this post, there was no cause or estimate of damage caused by the fire.

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 5, 2018

Want to know what’s happening in the Northwest for wildfire activity?  We have gleaned information from various sources to bring one great post.  This information includes wildfire activity for the week of May 1, 2018 through May 5, 2018.


There is no wildfire activity found for this State.


#0154CS Fire | .5 mile north of Sisters. 0.1 acre.  Dispatched 5/4/2018 0831 hours PDT.

#0157RS Fire | 11 miles south of Prineville.  0.1 acre.  Dispatched 5/4/2018 1015 hours PDT.


#T11R35Sec2NESE Fire | Lat/Lon – 44 38.388, -118 27.138.  Unknown acreage. Dispatched 5/5/2018 1449 hours PDT. Discovered by off-duty USFS personnel as smoldering and creeping.  Approximate size was said to be 10 x 5.  Duty Officer notified.


#TucannonFire | Tucannon River area. 8 miles SW of Pomeroy, WA. Dispatched 5/2/2018 0915 hours PDT.  5 acres.  Unknown cause. Contained/Controlled 5/2/2018 1550 hours PDT.


#AgencyFire | T33S R7 Section 31 NWSW.  Dispatched at 5/3/2018 1617 hours PDT.  14 acres. Contained 5/05/2018 1712 hours PDT.


#AlderMineFire | Okanogan County, Alder Creek. Dispatched 5/1/2018 1012 hours PDT. Camper fire fuels.  0.1 acres. In Patrol status.

#RavensSongsRoostFire | Okanogan Co, Mazama. Dispatched 5/1/2018 1117 hours PDT. Grass, brush fuels. 0.01 acres. Out 5/1/18 1231 hours PDT.

#TucannonFire | Columbia County, Tucannon. Dispatched 5/2/2018 1603 hours PDT. Limited info.

#BellSouthFire | Okanogan County, Golden Doe Road.  Dispatched 5/3/2018 1334 hours PDT. Grass, brush fuels. DNR, Forest Service response.  0.084 acres.

#NileLoopFire | Yakima County, Nile.  Dispatched 5/3/2018 1544 hours PDT.  Slash, timber fuels.   0.10 acres.

#StrongFire | Klickitat County, Sunnyside.  Dispatched 5/4/2018 1356 hours PDT.   Grass, timber, duff.  0.10 acres. Contained 5/4/2018 1500 hours PDT.  Controlled 5/4/2018 1501 hours PDT. Patrol status.


#MeadowDriveFire | Okanogan County, Meadow Drive. Dispatched 5/2/2018 1358 hours PDT. Grass, brush, reprod timber.  0.2 acres.  HI 142 effective 1430 hours PDT. Contained/Controlled 5/2/2018 1435 hours PDT.

#SkidmooreFire | Stevens County, Skidmoore Road.  Dispatched 5/3/2018 0947 hours PDT.  Grass fuels.  0.1 acres. Contained 5/3/2018 1000 hours PDT.  Controlled 5/3/2018 1200 hours PDT.

#HansenWoodsFire | Stevens County, Swamp Creek. Dispatched 5/3/2018 1214 hours PDT.  Grass and brush.  0.4 acres.  Contained/Controlled 5/3/2018 1300 hours PDT.

#HiddenFire | Stevens County, Hidden Road.  Dispatched 5/4/2018 1600 hours PDT.  Grass, brush, timber and snags.  0.5 acres.  Contained 5/4/2018 1730 hours PDT.  Controlled 5/4/2018 2000 hours PDT.

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#TrumpTowerFire Kills 1, Injures 4 | 1

MANHATTAN, NY | A 4-Alarm fire from an unknown cause ripped through the 50th story of the Trump Tower this afternoon killing one civilian and injuring four firefighters.  Onlookers shot video and photos spreading like wildfire all over Social Media.

Photo Credit | NYC OEM



1524 PDT – Due to a fire at Trump Tower in Manhattan, expect police and FDNY in the area of 5th Ave/W.57 St. Expect traffic and street closures nearby by due to emergency vehicles.

1527 PDT – Members are on scene of a 3-alarm fire at 721 5th Ave Manhattan. There are currently no injuries reported.

1530 PDT – Current street closures due to the fire at Trump Tower.   5th Ave between W. 55 St to W. 57 St and W. 56 St between Madison Ave to 5th Ave.

1556 PDT – Members remain on scene of a 4-alarm fire, 721 5th Ave in Manhattan. There is currently one serious injury to a civilian reported.

1628 PDT – 

1657 PDT –  Fire brought under control.

1658 PDT – We found fire on the 50th floor of the building. The apartment was entirely on fire. Members pushed in heroically, they were knocking down the fire and found one occupant of the apartment who is in critical condition.

1659 PDT – We had many floors to search, and stairways, and right now the only civilian injury is to the occupant of that apartment. There are four Firefighters with non-life-threatening injuries.

1659 PDT (2) – This was a very difficult fire. As you can imagine, the apartment is quite large, we are 50 stories up. The rest of the building had a considerable amount of smoke. 200 Firefighters and EMS members are on scene.

1700 PDT – The fire is still not considered to be under control because of the smoke conditions on all the floors above, says FDNY Fire Commissioner Nigro gives update on 4th alarm, 721 5th Ave Manhattan.

INCIDENT SUMMARY | 1 person has succumbed to his injuries, 4 firefighters were injured and have non-life threatening injuries.


January 8, 2018 | A fire in the building’s HVAC system injuring two civilians and one firefighter (non-life threatening injuries) and caused smoke to billow from the room.  It reportedly started around 0700 on Monday morning.  It was stated that some debris fell on to a firefighter and an engineer breathed in some smoke.  This fire took about one hour to put out.

PHOTO CREDIT | FDNY unless credits given otherwise to photos.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #TrumpTowerFire #NYFire

Senator Chuck Schumer (NY):  “Thinking tonight of those lost and injured in the fire that broke out in Trump Tower today, and incredibly thankful to the FDNY for their work that kept more NYers from harm.”

Editor’s Comments:  While there are very hateful things said on Social Media, we don’t always agree to agree with things going on in this world either but this is fire related and this is what we report on.  There was one person who was reportedly killed from their fire related injuries and four FDNY firefighters injured. We need to rally around the civilian’s life and family, as well as the firefighters, their family and our Fire Family.

When everyone runs out of a building or are trapped, these amazing and highly trained firefighters run in with a cache of personnel supporting them.  We need to recognize them for stopping this fire from spreading and extending beyond its current position.” LR Swenson, Editor

SOURCES | FDNY, FDNY Alerts, NYPD, Social Media

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Trending News | #PenroseFire | California

SUN VALLEY, CALIFORNIA | A vegetation fire broke out around 1801 hours PDT on Saturday evening on Penrose Street and southbound I-5.

Resources | Los Angeles Fire Department units  FS 7; Batt 12; Valley Bureau; Council District 6; E77 E39 E81 BC12 T89 E289 ; CH: 8 and 18.

Size Up | Approximately 20′ x 20′ area of vegetation along the southbound Golden State Freeway.

Closures | One lane blocked due to LAFD has taken control of roadway in fire suppression mode.

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First Came the Fires, Now the Rains | Disasters x 2



On January 5, 2018, Santa Barbara County began flooding (pardon the pun) Social Media and broadcasting to its citizens of impending dangers of increased risk of flood/debris flows due to the #ThomasFire. 

Credit: County of Santa Barbara


CAL FIRE is assisting Ventura County Fire Department and Santa Barbara County Fire in the Montecito, Summerland and Carpenteria areas (Santa Barbara County) due to flooding and mudflows.


Evacuation orders were issued on Sunday, January 7th for those living in or near the Thomas, Whittier, Sherpa and Rey Fire burn scars at noon on Monday, January 8th.  This is due to an approaching winter storm to sure to greatly impact these areas.

Alerting the Public, residents and visitors alike. Credit: Santa Barbara City OES


Closures were beginning to occur as flooding in the area were rising.  The CHP closed the NB lanes of US 101 at Seacliff & SB lanes at Milpas due to flooding from the Thomas Fire burn area.  I-5 was left open as an alternate route.  SR33 was also closed just north of Ojai.  Santa Barbara CHP was still assessing damage in the area and requested all drivers avoid this area altogether. (1/9/2018 0515 Hours PST)

Montecito area. Santa Barbara CHP

It was also said for Santa Barbara County residents in the evacuation warning and order areas to shelter-in-place or go to higher ground and staying off of roadways.  Reports of mudslides, downed power lines and trees were said to be blocking roads. (1/9/2018 0602 Hours PST)

Montecito area. Credit: Santa Barbara CHP

The Santa Barbara CHP closed all on and off ramps of US 101 between Seacliff and Milpas.  CAL Trans District 5 was in the process of closing each ramp.  They stated that there was a delay for road crews due to blockage.  They warned drivers that if they entered either section, they could be trapped. (1/9/0218 0643 Hours PST)

Around 0832 Hours PST, the CHP updated the closure list to include US 101 as closed SB at Milpas, NB at Seacliff and SR 126.  SR 33 was closed at Fairview. SR 150 was closed at Santa Ana.  

Montecito area. Credit: Santa Barbara CHP

Later the CHP closed US 101 between Milpas and SR 126.  Drivers not heeding the CHP’s alerts about not entering the freeway were being reported getting stuck.  Signage was not in shutdown areas because transportation crews weren’t able to get them up in time as they too were stuck.  The freeway was listed as being impassable. (1/9/2018 1054 Hours PST)

Credit: Santa Barbara CHP

Freeways and roads in the Montecito area were reported as blocked with water and debris over the roadways.  The photos taken  by Santa Barbara CHP show the extensive damage and devastating impacts in the area.  Please heed all warnings and alerts from issuing Public Safety broadcasts or you too come became an unwanted and preventable statistic!  (1/9/2018 1336 Hours PST)


The Red Cross has opened an evacuation shelter for the Burn Evacuation Order areas at the Santa Barbara City College Cafeteria.  Access through the main college entrance. (1/8/2018 0750 Hours PST)

The large animal evacuation shelter for the Burn Areas Evacuation Order is at the Earl Warren Show Grounds.


* ALWAYS be ALERT and AWARE of your surroundings. 

Credit: CAL FIRE

* Stay away from fast moving water.  Though it may not look like it, it can pull you under or you could get injured by unseen hazards underwater.

Credit: Regional Flood


We are using hashtags #LARain #FireRainDamage 

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