WA | 4th of July Fires | 1

STATE OF WASHINGTON — The night is young as they say and we are here to share what’s been happening in the State of Washington with fires today from fireworks related causes to the unknown kind, that are being investigated as we speak. (In our case, type).

Here is a list of some of the fires that have taken place or current happening.

49 SPOT FIRE – 49 Degrees North/Stevens County

Less than an acre of timber understory and litter was burned during the 49 SPOT FIRE located 49 degrees north in Stevens County. Units were dispatched to the area around just before noon at 1144 hours PT. Crews reached a success in containing, bringing under control and putting out the fire at 1300 hours. ## Final ##

Courtesy — NWS Spokane / Credit: GCFD13 — July 15, 2019

BALCOM FIRE – Fertile Valley/Pend Orielle County

It was a busy day for Pend Oreille County fire crews, as they battled the BALCOM FIRE in Fertile Valley in their area at 1217 hours, when the day was not even half over yet. However, they achieved their objective of holding the fire to less than one acre, at 0.1 of grass and shrubs. It was contained at 1340 hours and under control at 1410 hours. ## Final ##

BATTERMAN ROAD FIRE E Wenatchee/Douglas County

The BATTERMAN ROAD FIRE is located on Batterman Road in Douglas County, Washington. Units AA-4TS BATT-6104 BLM-13 CHELAN-25 CREW-52 DIV-6101 E-4101 E-4107 E-6695 E-6696 E-672 FUELS-41 H-0CB H-338 H-339 H-340 PATROL-604 YAK-10 were dispatched at 1231 hours PT. The fire is said to be burning east Wenatchee in Douglas County. Some media outlets are reporting the fire is out but we are waiting for an official word from verified sources. ##

CAMANO DRIVE FIRE – Sunny Shore Drive (Camano Island)/island County

Firefighters responded at 1722 hours PT to the area on Sunny Shore Drive to extinguish a small fire (0.1 acre) and placed the fire in a patrol status at 1912 hours PT. ## Final ##

CAYUSE MTN RD FIRE – Cayuse Mtn Rd/Okanogan County

Fire broke out on Cayuse Mountain Road this afternoon prompting fire crews to be dispatched to the area at 1542 hours PT but they were able to quickly stop the forward progression and hold the spread to 0.1 acre. It was contained and brought under control at 1715 hours PT. ## Final ##

CHEROKEE DAY FIRE – Newman Lake/Spokane County

Newman Lake became the host to an unwanted wildfire that broke out in its community at 1821 hours. The fire was quickly addressed. There is no note of how big or small the fire is but it is now in a Patrol Status, according to WA DNR’s Wildcad.net. ## Final ##

COLUMBIA FIRELyle/Klickitat County

Units E-4404 E-4406 KLICK-27 were dispatched at 1257 PT this afternoon to Lyle in Klickitat county. About 14 acres of grass, brush and timber have been destroyed. The IC is Miller/Klickitat 27. ##

DISCOVERY FIRE — 2400 block of N Discovery Place (Spokane Valley)/Spokane County

A medium response has been dispatched, sending VE5 and VL8 to the 2400 block of north Discovery Place in the Spokane Valley area. ##

DOUBLE BLUFF FIRE – Double Bluff (Whidbey Island)/Island County

The DOUBLE BLUFF FIRE was one of several that broke out in their County with resources dispatched at 0830 hours to a small fire that crews were able to get out once they arrived on-scene. It was said to be holding at 0.1 acre or less than one acre. ## Final ##

FOSS ROAD FIRE – Foss Road (Skykomish)/King County

King County residents were slightly impacted by a small wildfire that was sparked in t heir community late in the morning, just before noon at 1154 hours. IC was Schmitz at 1351 hours and crews were able to keep the fire from moving forward and holding it to 0.1 acre of grass and timber understory. The fire was put out at 1522 hours. ## Final ##

GEM HEIGHTS FIRE – Graham / Pierce County

Credit — Graham FD

GINNET 2 FIRE – Ginnet Road (Anacortes)/Skagit County

The GINNET 2 FIRE was located in beautiful Anacortes in Skagit County, where a small wildfire broke out and caused 0.1 acre of shrub and timber understory to be destroyed. IC is Way as of 1623 hours PT. It was placed in a Patrol status at 1702 hours PT. ## Final ##

GUNDERSON FIRE – Big Lake-Big Rock/Skagit County

Units E5104 E5105 E5302 SAL31 SAL40 STILLY30 were dispatched this evening at 1934 hours PT to the area in Skagit County for a small wildfire (0.1 acre so far) of grass, shrubs and timber litter burned. The current IC for the night is McMillen as of 1956 hours PT. ##

HAWTHORNE FIRE – Hastings Rd/Spokane County

Spokane County felt another fire in their County in the late afternoon and dispatched several resources at 1705 hours. They quickly arrived on-scene and the remaining at 1718 hours and brought full containment around 1715 hours. Fire was brought under control at 1850 hours PT. ## Final ##

HERALD FIRE – 2300 block of South Herald Road (Spokane Valley)/Spokane County

A brush fire incident has caused Dispatchers to send VE9 as a single engine response to this location. ##

HOLLY FIRE (Command) – 3100 block of South Holly St (Seattle)/King County

E28 dispatched at 2154 hours to this Brush Fire incident. ##

INTERLAKE FIRE (Command) – 10700 block of Interlake Ave North (Seattle)/King County

E21 was dispatched at 2200 hours PT. ##

LOWER RIVER FIRE – Vancouver/Clark County

The LOWER RIVER FIRE has been contained and brought under control at 1635 hours this afternoon, about less than one hour after they were dispatched at 1556 hours. The 0.2 acre fire was stopped in its tracks. ## Final ##

LYONS FIRE – Sprindale Huntes Road/Stevens County

A wildfire sparked from an unknown cause in the Springdale Huntes Road area of Stevens County, causing fire assets to be deployed to the area around 1339 hours PT. About 0.1 acre of slash and blowdown was burned. The fire was contained at 1459 hours and under control at 1556. ## Final ##

MEADOW LAKE FIRE – Four Lakes/Spokane County

About two hours after the SUNDERLAND FIRE broke out, the MEADOW LAKE FIRE ignited in the Four Lakes area, sending fire resources to respond at 0847 hours. The fire appeared to be last listed at 12 acres and this was found to be a mutual aid call for another agency. ## Final ##

MILE MARKER 29 FIRE – Kalama/Cowlitz County

The MILE MARKER 29 FIRE is located in Kalama, where a small fire – about an acre of grass was scorched. Fire crews responded to the area at 1335 hours PT and were able to contain and bring it under control at 1410 hours PT. It was put out at 1445 hours. ## Final ##

MILEPOST 366 FIRE – Olympia/Thurston County

MILEPOST 366 FIRE broke out from an unknown cause in Olympia which sent firefighters at 1501 hours. Crews contained and brought the small fire under control at 1606 hours. About 0.1 acre of grass, shrub, timber litter understory was burned. It is now in Patrol Status. ## Final ##

MILL FIRE – Wallula Station/Walla Walla County

A small wildfire broke out in the Wallula Station in Walla Walla County at 1939 hours PT this evening. Fire crews successfully stopped the fire from spreading to nearby lands and held it to less than an acre at 0.1 of grass and brush. It was contained at 2000 hours PT ## Final ##

NARCISSE CREEK FIRE – Kitt-Narcisse/Stevens County

The NARCISSE CREEK FIRE sparked this afternoon with Dispatchers sending resources to the area where a small wildfire was said to be burning. Contained to a small area of 0.1 of grass and shrub was stopped. It is not in Patrol Status. ##

NORTH PINE FIRE – Pine Creek/Okanogan County

Another fire broke out in this County today, prompting its Dispatchers to send units HI 27 HI 60 HI 7102 HI 7103 to the area at 1806 hours. They arrived on-scene at 1820 hours. About 0.1 acre has been burned. ##

SR509 FIRE (Command) – SB SR509 to Hwy 2 (Seattle)/King County

Brush Fire incident. E27 dispatched at 1948 hours PT.

SUNDERLAND FIRE – Cimmaron Drive/Spokane County

An early morning fire named the SUNDERLAND FIRE at 0654 hours PT prompted Spokane County fire assets and resources to respond to the Cimmaron Drive area. The fire was held to a 0.1 acre area of grass, brush and timber. Crews successfully contained the fire at 0800 hours and brought it under control at 1030 hours PT. ## Final ##

TAREYTON FIRE – Yelm/Thurston County

Several small fires broke out in the County this afternoon with this one prompting resources to be dispatched to the area at 1650 hours. Firefighters were able to stop the fire from progressing and holding it to 0.3 acre. It has been contained and was brought under control at 1759 hours. It is currently in a Patrol Status. ##

TIGER FIRE – Belfair/Mason County

The Mason County shared a few small fires today with this one being of two this afternoon. Crews were dispatched at 1402 PT to the Belfair area. About 0.1 acre of unknown fuels were destroyed. IC was Phelan. Fire is currently in patrol status and listed as contained and controlled at 1712 hours PT. ## Final ##

WELLESLEY FIRE – 22000 block E Wellesley Ave (Spokane Valley)/Spokane County

Spokane Valley Firefighters (VE3) as a single engine response have been dispatched to a brush fire at this location around 2159 hours. ##

WEKES FIRE – Lummi Shore Drive (Lummi Reservation)/Whatcom County

The Lummi Reservation had a small wildfire that broke out in their community around 1516 hours this afternoon that caused a loss of 0.1 acre of shrubs to be burned. It was brought under a patrol status at 1805 hours PT. ## Final ##

WIEHL RIDGE FIRE Wiehl Ridge/Kittitas County

At about 1322 hours, Units CREW-33 E-331 E-4205 E-4206 KIT-26 KIT-27 were dispatched to another fire, this time on Wiehl Ridge in Kittitas County, where 30 acres of grass, brush and slash have been consumed. IC is Kit27. ##

WILSON CREEK FIRE – Wilson Creek/Kittitas County

The WILSON CREEK FIRE prompted ALPINE-80 ALPINE-81 E-4201 E-4202 E-4203 E-4204 KIT-25 to be dispatched at 1904 hours this evening to Wilson Creek in Kittitas County, where five acres have been burned. IC for the evening is Merth, effective upon arrival. ##

YESLER FIRE (Command) – 600 block of Yesler Way (Seattle)/King County

E10 dispatched at 2105 hours to a brush fire incident. ##

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Day 2 | Green Valley Fire

UPDATE 2 | APRIL 19, 2021 | 1830 PT

Fire operations continue on the GREEN VALLEY FIRE located in Auburn (King County), Washington for Day 2 and during our Update #2.

Incident Summary: A brush fire broke out from an out-of-control burn pile, turned into a 3rd Alarm incident with multiple agencies from across King, Snohomish and Pierce Counties. Fire behavior was active, with wind-driven runs and short-range spotting. Fire would burn uphill towards homes and into deep blackberry bushes. (Day 1).

More agencies have returned for Day 2 Fire operations.

Credit: Zone3 Fire REHAB

Start Date/Time: 4/18/2021. Sunday. 1630 PT.

Location: Off of SE Green Valley Road. Between Auburn and Black Diamond, Washington State. (Unincorporated King County).

Fire Status: 10 acres as of last night. Unknown size, containment status or fire behavior.

Cause: Escaped burn pile got out-of-control spread to area brush into valley.


  • Mountainview Fire
  • Renton RFA
  • WA DNR
  • Port of Seattle FD (IAFF 1257)
  • Enumclaw Fire (IAFF 3931)
  • Valley Firefighters
  • Puget Sound Fire
  • Eastside Fire & Rescue
  • Bellevue FD
  • Woodinville Fire & Rescue
  • Kirkland Fire (IAFF 2545)
  • East Pierce Fire & Rescue (IAFF 3520)
  • Central Pierce
  • Key Peninsula Fire District 16
  • Orting Fire & Rescue (PCFD18)
  • Shoreline Fire

We will provide an update, if more information is received or there is significant fire activity.

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Pierce County Deputy Killed in Line-Of-Duty | A Blue Life Remembered

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. – After going on a recent ride-a-long with a FTO with a local County Sheriff’s Office here in this State and observing some calls as a “rider” can only imagine how this call may home been broadcasted over the radio and how raw emotions would be spilled out into the open.

Domestic Violence Call

Per the Sheriff’s Office, this is exactly what had occurred. 9-1-1 would have received the call from the reporting party in how a young child had been assaulted by the DV suspect.  Additional information sent to deputies regarding known multiple weapons known to be inside the home.


Two Deputies were dispatched to the home located in the block of 113th Street South in Parkland around 0303 hours PST.  After one minute on-scene, the suspect began fighting with the both of them and not complying with their demands.


Priority back-up (or Officer needs assistance) call was broadcasted over the air, to get a fast response.

At this point, it was said that the suspect was working to secure a weapon, a shotgun. The Deputies were still fighting with the suspect and it was becoming a seriously dangerous time for all those directly being assaulted by the suspect.

PCSO Deputy Cooper Dyson, 25 (#579)

Deputy Dyson called into Dispatch, he was en route to the call. Shortly, thereafter another call came into 9-1-1 around 0310 hours that a Sheriff’s Deputy patrol car had crashed into a nearby commercial building in the vicinity of the 1300 block and 112th Street East. Resources rapidly responded to the scene.

He was killed in the Line-of-Duty as he was attempting to help his fellow Officers who needed him.


Deputy Cooper was married and survived by his pregnant wife and two-year old child. He is also the son of an East Pierce Fire & Rescue firefighter.

He had been with the Department since 2018.

 “This is a tremendously sad loss. Our Deputy was responding to help other Deputies in a dangerous domestic violence situation. It is another hard reminder of the dangers and difficulties our Deputies face.”  – Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor

This traffic collison is the first for the department since 1941.

“We send our sincere sympathies, prayers and thoughts to Deputy Dyson’s wife, child, family; Public Safety family, friends and communities he served and protected.” – Ed.

PCSO Deputy Daniel McCartney, 34 (#484)


Credit | MCSO

In 2018,  Deputy McCartney was also shot and killed during a DV call.  He was with the department for three years.

He would be the fourth LODD death in 2018 with the 9th LODD for the County and 6th by gunfire.  He was survived by survived by his wife and three young boys.

Deputy Kent Mundell, 44 (#423)

Image may contain: 1 person, text

When a Deputy responds to a call, they never know what to expect but to be prepared for everything and anything.  Sometimes circumstance are well beyond their control.

Sgt. Nick Hausner and his partner, Deputy Kent Mundell, 44 (#423) were responding to a DV call and were shot by the suspect.

Sgt Hausner survived his serious injuries he suffered, while his partner, Deputy Mundell did not and passed away. It has been almost 10 years to this day in December.

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Fire District Purchases New Equipment in Washington State


The Pierce County Fire District #23 Fire & Rescue announced the purchase of two  new Stryker power cots and loading systems for two of their four ambulances.  The purchase will help reduce and hopefully prevent injuries to their firefighters and EMTs.

This will also enable their patients to be more comfortable and safer as they are being transported to the hospital.

No photo description available.

Credit | Pierce 23 Fire & Rescue (Facebook)

To see this new equipment in action, the public and residents are invited for their Annual Open House on Saturday, August 17, 2019, from 1000 hours to 1600 hours (10-4).  It will be held at the Ashford Fire Station located at 29815 SR 706, Ashford, WA 98328.

Additionally, the Air Care air ambulance will be arriving to the Open House at 1100 hours or 11 am.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

Courtesy | Pierce 23 Fire & Rescue

The equipment was purchased with the assistance of their Fire Commissioners.

Image may contain: 1 person

Credit | Pierce 23 Fire & Rescue (Facebook)

This is a great family event for those who live in the area or are fire buffs, like ourselves.


The Fire Department serves the southern portion of Pierce County considered to be the Upper Nisqually Valley to areas that include Ashford, Elbe and Alder, Washington.  It is home to 2,500 residents and travelers who pass to and from the southwest side of Mt. Rainier National Park.

No photo description available.

Credit | Pierce 23 Fire & Rescue

The Department has four different stations and 25 active volunteers that staff them, as well as one paid Chief.   They provide services to those in a 67-square mile that includes Route 7 and State Route 706, which can be busy due to high volume of traffic from those who work/play/live in the area.

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GRAHAM | Firefighters Respond to Deadly House Fire

GRAHAM, Wa. | Firefighters were dispatched at 1015 hours to a house fire on Sunday, March 24, 2019,  located in the 22500 block of 90th avenue East.  Neighbors were the reporting party of the house on fire.

After Firefighters gained access to the interior of the home, they found one person and ruled this as a fatal fire.

Credit | Graham Fire & Rescue

The cause of the fire or the person’s death is currently unknown but under investigation.

No firefighters or other residents were injured during this incident.

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Washington State | Fire Season 2019 Has Ignited Early


Since the beginning of this week on March 18th when higher temps in the 60-80’s broke some major weather records, it did not come without some additional concern conditions such as low relative humidity and wind.  With the dead and dormant grasses and shrubs, it made it for some all too ripe conditions for the perfect firestorm.

Here are some of the wildfires that have occurred this week alone:

BLACK CREEK FIRE | 3/202/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1507 hours. 1 acre. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

BODINE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Bodine Road.  Dispatched @ 1943 hours.  0.5 acres.  IC Blodgett.  In Patrol Status.  Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

BURROWS ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | 21 Hogan Road in Hoquiam. Dispatched @ 1354 hours.  Contained @ 1500 hours. Controlled @ 1700 hours.  0.2 acres of slash.  IC Kinkade @ 1500 hours.  In Patrol Status. Olympic Region Dispatch.

Burn Bans | Cowlitz & Wahkiakum Counties in Effect.

CAT SCRATCH FIRE  | 3/19/2019 |  Bond Road. 0.25 acres of brush, slash and logs. Dispatched @ 1951 hours. IC Mohler. Contained @ 2125  hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CATTLE FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1303 hours. 6.5 acres of grass, brush, slash, duff and litter. IC E463   @ 1036 hours on 3/20/2019. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CEDAR PONDS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Snohomish County | Off Cedar Ponds Road, SE of Monroe.  Dispatched 1402 hours. 0.1 acres. Stump, logging and slash as fire fuels.  IC Zavala @ 1650 hours. E466 tied to incident. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

CHEHALIS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Grays Harbor County | 209 Mox Chehalis Road in Malone. Dispatched @ 1408 hours.  12 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Bradshaw. Resources on-scene. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

CHEHALIS RIVER FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Porter (Grays Harbor) | Dispatched @ 1900 hours. 0.5 acres of grass and light brush. IC Noonan. Contained/controlled @ 0927 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

COAL CREEK FIRE  | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Carlon Loop. Dispatched @ 1419 hours. IC @ 1742 hours. In Patrol Status. Resources:  WA DNR dispatched 5 engines along with Fire District mutual aid units. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

COLUMBIA FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Dispatched @ 1743 hours. 0.3 acres. IC Bortner @ 0658 on 3/19/2019. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

CONDIT FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Klickitat County | Hwy 141, mile post 5.  Dispatched 1332 hours. Contained/controlled @ 1400 hours. Out @ 1420 hours. 0.1 acres. Grass, brush and duff fire fuels. IC Dobson. Central WA Interagency Communications Center.

DAY ROAD FIRE |  3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1115 hours.  Fire reportedly as out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

DEVONSHIRE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | 74 Devonshire Road.  Dispatched @ 1414 hours. Controlled @ 1713 hours.  Contained @ 1954 hours.  4 acres of brush.  IC Johnson @1417 hours. In Patrol Status. Olympic Region Dispatch.

Fire Fact  | As of March 18, 2019, there have been 49 wildfires of 50 in Western Washington in this week alone. – WA DNR

EAST DEEP RIVER FIRE | 3/20/2019 | East Deep River in Wahkiakum County. | Dispatched @ 1649 hours. 3 acres. IC Hynning. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

ELOCHOMAN DIVIDE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Wahkiakum County |  Dispatched @ 1952 hours. 1.5 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Servenka on 3/20/2019. DNR tied to incident.

FARGER VIEW FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 0109 hours. 1.5 acres of grass and brush. IC Estes. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

FERN HILL FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pacific County | South Fork Road. Dispatched @ 1254 hours. 0.2 acres of grass and brush. IC Stigall. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GABLE 3 FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County |  Dispatched @ 1550 hours. 0.1 acre of slash pile. IC Hubbard. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GRANDVIEW FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Grandview.  Dispatched @ 1154 hours. 6.48 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Wesemann @ 1015 hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

GRIP ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Skagit County | Union Square Road in Sedro Woolley. Dispatched 1302 hours.  Legal rule burn, no escape. False alarm. IC McMillen, GL 41 @ 1331 hours. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

HARVEST MOON FIRE | 3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Onalaska.  Dispatched  @ 1655 hours. False Alarm. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

HICKORY FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Thurston County in  Yelm. Dispatched @ 1735 hours.  0.25 acres of Grass and brush. Contained & controlled @ 1900 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

HORNE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 1425 hours.  2 acres. In patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

HORSLEY ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 |  Horsley Place. 23 acres of grass. IC Hynning @ 0710 on 3/19/2019. WA DNR on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

JACKSON ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pierce County |  Mckenna. Dispatched @ 1323 hours. 45 acres of timber, reproduction slash. IC Burns. Resources on-scene. Puget Sound South Dispatch.

MYSTIC FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Mystic Road. Dispatched @ 1226 hours.  0.25 acres of grass, slash and timber light. IC Mattilla. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

NELSON FIRE | 3/21/2019 | Rochester in Lewis County |   1.5 acres of grass and brush. Dispatched @ 1509 hours.  IC Werner @ 1800 hours.  In Patrol Status.  Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

NORTH MAPLE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | SE of Kelso in RoseValley.  Dispatched @ 1700 hours.  40 acres. IC Hynning. Approximately 90 homes threatened. State Mobilization authorized. Puget Sound Task Force assigned to incident. Evacuations in effect for those off of Walker Road. 35% contained. Resources:  SE WA Type 3 IMT. Fall City Brush 166, Cowlitz Fire & Rescue, Larch Mountain inmate crew. Over 50 firefighters are working on this wildfire. No homes have been lost.  Evacuation orders have been reduced from a Level 3. Significant Events:  N Maple Hill Road served its purpose well in acting as the perfect fire breaker. County Commissioners have declared an emergency. Cause:  Escaped burn pile.

OLD BARN ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Lewis County on Old Barn Road | Dispatched @ 1620 hours .  18 acres. IC Warthen @ 1822 hours. DNR on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

Pierce County firefighters responded to a 15-acre wildfire in Eatonville on March 20, 2019. | Credit: PCFFs

OXBOW ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Pacific County | Oxbow Road. Dispatched @ 1454 hours. 10 acres. IC Shweso @ 1530 hours. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

PICKERING ROAD FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Mason County | Shelton. Dispatched @ 1616 hours. 0.25 acres of light slash and brush. IC Sullivan. Contained & controlled @ 1830 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

PRIEST ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 1916 hours.  0.1 acre of grass, brush and logs. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

RAGLAND ROAD FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | Ragland Road.  Dispatched @ 1503 hours. 3 acres of grass and brush.  IC Adam. Contained and controlled @ 2139 hours.  Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

RANDLE BRIDGE | 3/21/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 0909 hours.  Contained/controlled @ 1200 hours.  1 acre of grass, brush and hardwood. IC Latham. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SCHOOL HOUSE FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Dispatched @ 1355 hours. 0.1 acre. IC Hynning. Turned over to landowner. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SOMERS ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Shelton. Dispatched @ 1638 hours. 0.4 acres of grass and brush. IC Bradshaw. Contained @ 1930 hours. Controlled @ 1200 hours. Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

Pierce County Firefighters responded to a fire off of SR 702 and Jackson Road in Eatonville on March 20, 2019. | Credit: PCFFs

SOUTH BANK FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Grays Harbor County | Oakville. Dispatched @ 1450 hours. 0.5 acres of grass and brush. IC Noonan. Contained & controlled @ 1615 hours.  Patrol status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

SOUTH PRAIRIE ROAD FIRE | 3/20/20109 | 25100 block of South Prairie Road in Pierce County |   Dispatched @ 1244 hours. 1.5 acres of brush and grass. (200×200 brush fire) | IC Traweek. Contained @ 1500 hours. Controlled @ 1615 hours. Patrol Status. Resources included:  3 brush engines and 4 engines from East Pierce Fire.  Puget Sound Dispatch.

STANDARD ROAD FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Whatcom County | Standard Road in Acme. Dispatched @ 1604 hours. 15 acres. No further info. Northwest Region DNR Dispatch Center.

SUNSET FALLS FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County | County 17 Road. Dispatched @ 0640 hours. 5 acres. IC Lingquist. @ 0815 hours.  Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

SWOFFORD FIRE | 3/19/2019 | 200 block of Swofford Road near Mossyrock in Lewis County |  Dispatched @ 1302 hours. 103 acres of grass, brush, slash. IC Smith on 3/20/2019 @ 1630 hours. Contained at 1200 hours on 3/20/2019. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

TOWER FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Clark County |  Dispatched @ 1512 hours. 2 acres of grass, brush and timber. IC Fowler. Patrol Status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

VALLEY GREEN FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Thurston County in Olympia. Dispatched @ 1608 hours. 4 acres of leaf litter. IC Carlsen. Contained @ 1100 hours on 3/21/2019. Controlled on 3/21/2019 @ 1515 hours. In patrol Status. South Puget Sound Dispatch.

VENNERSBURG FIRE | 3/19/2019 | Clark County | Dispatched @ 1851 hours. 29 acres of grass and brush. Patrol status. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

WEST WASHOUGAL FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Clark County | 22nd Street. Dispatched @ 1415 hours. 0.25 acres of grass and brush. IC North. Fire out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.

WILDWOOD LANE FIRE | 3/20/2019 | Wahkiakum.  Dispatched @ 1705 hours.  85 acres. IC Tester on 3/21 @ 0930 hours. Resources: Bortner E273, Hancock, Hoskins Olson and Tester. DNR  on-scene. Pacific Cascade Dispatch. Resources:  Western WA Type 3 IMT assumed command along with additional fires.

Image may contain: sky, cloud, tree, outdoor and nature

Courtesy: Western WA Type 3 IMT

WILLIE KEILS FIRE | 3/18/2019 | Lewis County | Dispatched @ 0858 hours. 4 acres of grass and brush. Fire out. Pacific Cascade Dispatch.


We are also gearing up for some fire chasing opportunities. As the temps increase and fires begin to ignite, we will most likely find ourselves looking for those that may pop so that we can report and share with you all.   Besides, we like catching our friends in action.

You can also find us on Twitter @nwfireblog and on Instagram.

Be Safe Friends.

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Washington State | SR 512 Fire | Pierce County | 1

Friday, July 13, 2018 – 1900 hours PDT —

A very large brush fire is burning in the area of Vickery, where it reportedly started on SR 512 and Portland Avenue in Pierce County, Washington on Friday, July 13,2 018. The fire had spread to about .5 miles and reached a home in the area, where it is now being impacted directly by fire.

Washington Patrol has only one lane in the westbound direction of SR 512.  All eastbound lanes are open but there are reports of a MVA in the area.

Photo Credit | Orting Valley Firefighters

Incident Cooperators include:  Central Pierce Fire Department, Orting Valley Fire and the Washington State Patrol

No injuries have been reported.

No exact cause is known and is under investigation.


Countywide burn ban in Pierce County begins Thursday, July 12

Due to dry weather, both now and in forecasts, Pierce County’s Fire Marshal, in partnership with the Pierce County Fire Chiefs’ Association, has declared a countywide burn ban effective Thursday, July 12 at 8 a.m., until further notice.

The burn ban applies to all land clearing and yard debris outdoor burning. The ban does not apply to small recreational fires in established fire pits at approved campgrounds or on private property with the owner’s permission.  The use of gas and propane self-contained stoves and barbecues are allowed under the ban.

Recreational fires must:

  • Be built in a metal or concrete fire pit, such as those typically found in designated campgrounds and not be used as debris disposal
  • Grow no larger than three feet in diameter
  • Be located in a clear spot free from any vegetation for at least 10 feet in a horizontal direction, including at least 25 feet away from any structure and allow 20-foot vertical clearance from overhanging branches
  • Be attended at all times by an alert individual and equipment capable of extinguishing the fire, such as hand tools and a charged garden hose or not less than two 5-gallon buckets of water
  • No burning when winds exceed 5 miles per hour

The ban applies only to residents in unincorporated Pierce County. For residents of incorporated Pierce County cities, please contact your local jurisdiction for requirements.

If you have an approved burn permit from the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and/or your property falls under the jurisdiction of DNR, you are advised to call 1-800-323-BURN for more information.

For current information, please call the Pierce County Burn Ban hotline at (253) 798-7278.

Sarah Foster, Public Information Officer

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Old Iconic Building Burning in Auburn, Washington | 1


Around 1530 hours PST, a fire broke out at the Old Heritage building located at 100 South Main Street in Auburn, Washington which is at the intersection of Auburn Way South and Main Street.   

The fire started on Tuesday, December 26, 2017, originally reported as flames from a dryer.  It would escalate from a first alarm to a third alarm very quickly.

Credit: King County Medic 1


A large number of fire Resources from both King and Pierce Counties were promptly dispatched to the incident with personnel represented from Valley Regional FD, KCFD #44, East Pierce, Puget Sound Fire, South King Fire, Renton Fire, Tukwila Fire and Burien Fire.  Additional EMS units were dispatched from King County Medic One. 


When firefighters first arrived, they found heavy fire in the attic. They took offensive strategy due to the ceiling starting to collapse.  One person who was non-ambulatory was rescued and treated on-scene for smoke inhalation.  They were not transported.

Credit: Puget Sound Fire


Here are the units deployed and which alarm they have been assigned to:

First Alarm | B31  CH32  E31  E32  E33  E38  L74  PIO32  B74  

Second Alarm | E61  E65  E71  E73  M6  MSO1  PCL113  R74 23PIO  23REHAB

Third Alarm | E62  E72  L11  L29  PCE118  Q75  E13  E17

Credit: Puget Sound Fire


Neighbors in businesses and apartments have been evacuated for their safety and for fire crews.

Elderly residents were evacuated from their homes and buses were provided for them on 28th, which was the NW corner of their building.


Social Media is using the hashtags #MainFire #AuburnFire #heritagebldgfire for this incident.

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Fire Ignites on Washington’s Key Peninsula | 1


Incident Summary

A slow-moving wildfire is burning at the end of the road on 200th Avenue on the Key Peninsula in Pierce County, Washington State.  The fire sparked by an unknown cause and is said to be burning near the 2100 block of South Heron Island Boulevard.

Image may contain: outdoor and nature

The unnamed fire on Heron Island Blvd and 21st is slow-moving. (Credit: KPN Fire)

Limited resources began pouring into the area around 1430 hours this afternoon.  Firefighters were given aid by KOMO TV 4’s chopper above in helping with access once off of the unmaintained and gravel road to the fire line.


DNR has one helicopter providing fire suppression from  air, with additional fire assets from various other departments on the way.

Fire Buffs

For those who cannot give enough and want to hear the wildfire call in action, here is a link to the Scanner Feed to this incident.   “Pierce County Fire Charlie” on                              — > http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/21268

Air Quality

Skies across the northern part of the Key Peninsula including Key Center is filled with a smokey and the KPN FD believes it is coming out of the Southern portion of Canada. Additionally, smoke can be seen East of the Olympics.

Other reports from nearby county, Kitsap is also receiving information smoke is flowing into their area.


If you see fire apparatus, please avoid the area.

Additionally, please keep your drones out of the fire zone or air craft will have no choice but to be grounded until the airspace is cleared.

Those with smoke sensitivities should stay inside with closed windows and vents.  Try to keep fans circulating.  If this does not work, leave the area and wait for the smoke in the air to dissipate.

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Become “WinterWise” Event Hosted by Puyallup’s McLendon Hardware and Pierce County Utilities, DEM

Pierce County is gearing up to respond to winter weather, and community members are encouraged to do the same.

Residents can learn about Pierce County’s response efforts and how they can prepare for winter weather at the WinterWise Kickoff Event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 25 at McLendon Hardware at 11307 Canyon Road E. in Puyallup.

County staff from Public Works and Utilities and the Department of Emergency Management will provide information about county services during winter weather, as well as tips on how to make a family plan for emergencies and build an emergency kit. Children will be able to paint a snow plow that will be used on local roads during snow and ice events. Adults can pick up a list of recommended emergency kit items, and McLendon’s will offer a discount for shoppers that stop by the WinterWise and other vendor booths.

“Public Works and Utilities plays an important role in responding to winter weather, and we encourage people to become familiar with our programs so they know what to expect and who to contact if they need assistance,” said Brian Ziegler, Public Works and Utilities director. “Our WinterWise website also has resources on ways to be sustainable during winter celebrations, such as treecycling, and information on ways to keep sewer pipes functioning properly, such as not flushing wipes and keeping grease from holiday meals out of drains.”

The WinterWise Kickoff Event is part of Public Works and Utilities’ WinterWise outreach program to educate the community about the services the department provides during winter. Those services include response to urban and river flooding, windstorms, and snow and ice events, as well as information on storm cleanup and sustainable winter celebrations. Public Works and Utilities partnered with the Department of Emergency Management this year to help promote emergency preparedness.

“Creating an emergency kit and a family plan are crucial steps we all should take to be ready for winter weather,” said Lowell Porter, Department of Emergency Management director. “At the event, we’ll have the key information you need to get started.”

For more information on Pierce County’s winter services, visitwww.piercecountywa.org/winterwise.

Sheryl Rhinehart, Public Works and Utilities outreach coordinator
(253) 798-4655

Sheri Badger, Department of Emergency Management
(253) 798-2204


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