WILDFIRE #WestForkFire: Custer National Park in Billings Montana

Near Red Lodge, MT [in the Billings, MT area]

Fire Summary | Located 2 miles SW of Red Lodge, Montana [MT]. 600 acres. Started 3/28/15 1230 MT.   Cause is Unknown/Under Investigation.  0% containment.

Weather Conditions | 80 degrees. Dry. Windy.

Command Staff | To transition over to Type 3 IMT on Sunday.

Resources On Scene | 60 personnel.  Red Lodge Fire Rescue & Custer Gallatin NF. Additional 2 Type11 Initial Attack Crews ordered.  The fire event will transition over to a Type 3 Incident on Sunday morning.

Equipment | 13 Engines. 3 Tactical Water Tenders.  3 Graders | 2 TypeII Initial Attack Crews ordered.  Communications team on scene and at the Repeater site.

Challenges | Command Post was delayed due to an inoperable generator.  Logistics Team was able to locate additional replacements.

Current Hazards | Power lines down on Lonesome Pine across the roadway, approximately 150-200 feet from the first residence on this street.  Utility company requested to shut off power to this residence.  | Fire truck drove over it with their engine and was shaken up a bit, but all are doing fine.

Potential Exposures | 30 structures threatened. Evacuations currently lifted. Were evacuated as precautionary but no longer. | Charlie Yeagan’s home on Lonesome Pine Rd has been under structure protection, as of 1752 Hours PST, more resources are being dispatched to protect his house. Previous reports indicated 500 yards E of his home were charred and the fire running up the hillside near the NE side of his home.

Traffic Alerts | At Junction West Fork Rd & Ski Run Rd is closed. | Locals can go beyond closure but with permission/escort. |  Ski Run Rd is open. | Ski Area is anticipated to be open on Sunday. | Westbound/Eastbound Hwy10 has a roadblock.

Twitter Feed [ours] | In Pacific Daylight Team [PDT]

  • 1556 | 50-100 ac. Wind-driven fire, burning timber, grass, sagebrush
  • 1557 | 0 Structures threatened. | To do a relief/rotation at 1700PST
  • 1558 | Command Trailer has arrived @ Westbound Rest area
  • 1559 | Radio communications team arrived, setting up at Repeater site
  • 1603 | 20 personnel, 100 ac, started early afternoon
  • 1607 | MT DOT just shut down 78 & 421 / road block #TrafficAlert
  • 1610 |Columbus Command to Stillwater Dispatch: Fire crowning at Tulley | Residents are not leaving, though have advised staying
  • 1614 | W Fork Rock Crk, along Nicholas Crk | | Current Courtesy

Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


Photo Courtesy: Inciweb


Photo Courtesy: Inciweb

  •  1616 | Delay in getting the Command Trailer due to inoperable generator.
  • 1624 | PineCrest & Hwy10 | | Fire is heading S to E towards Prarie Dog town, 1 mi away.
  • 1625 | Fire has surrounded the Yeagan place at the end of Lonesome Pine Rd,   + 1 road grader are being dispatched to house on Lonesome Pine Rd
  • 1626 | Relief unit [32-6] to rotate at roadblk @ Pine Creek & Hwy10
  • 1627 | PineCrest & Hwy10 | | 2 road graders are @ Pinecrest Rd/ in staging, other 1 being redeployed
  • 1631 | On Lonesome Pine Rd prop is charred in places, fire going up hillside on NE side of property
  • 1632 | Yeagan’s house/Lonesome Pine Rd | to try to help save home, wrkng w/Homeowner | CP/IC located at: Westbound Rest area |
  • 1634 | Fire heading towards the Highway [10 ]. resources being redeployed.
  • 1644 | Fire at [Springtime?] is kicking back up, flames visible
  • 1647 | 2nd Fire called “Springtime” is at Hwy10. E210: “Fire pushing hard into trees, doesnt know if can stop from crossing highway.
  • 1653 |  2nd Fire called “Springtime” is at Hwy10. | Doesnt think can stop from going over the roadway.
  • 1654 | 2nd Fire called “Springtime” is at Hwy10. E210 at the , E246 at the
  • 1655 | Flames at the East exit, 3 power poles down. | A unit is checking it now
  • 1656 | Res @ 199 Pinecrest Rd refusing to leave residence. Command will let him “be”.
  • 1706 | Red Lodge Ski area was evac’d earlier as precautionary, is now reopened to local residents
  • 1707 | DOT and Fire seem to be sparring about issues in the area. DOT says needs to do it, Fire says Hazard
  • 1707 | MT DOT demanding Hwy 510 Westbound be open, Eastbound closed. says Ok
  • 1708 | 10feet only between the east/westbound lanes. Fire says will be issue @ Pike/9th
  • 1710   being flamed by high winds in the area 1710 PST
  • 1712 now mopped up. Homeowner to watch the area
  • 1715 Fire access South of 603 & Hwy 10
  • 1717 | Billings, MT | holding traffic at Westbound Hwy510. rep on Frontage Rd heading to Columbus. Rd still clsd
  • 1721 | Report from off-duty Fire/Police member reporting all clear E/Wbound Hwy10 to ParkCity.
  • 1827 | Eastbound Hwy10 closed. Westbound, open.
  • 1828 | Command trying to obtain 50+ lunches for crews.

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Photo Credit: Custer Gallatin NF [via Facebook page]

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HAVE YOU SEEN ME? I am Missing from Washington State

A friend of mine posted through her Facebook Page that her son was missing and of course we were concerned for his safety and need to get the word out through all Social Media sites.  We are hoping to plaster his photo and information all over the internet to bring him back to his loving families who desperately miss and love him.


Kaine Moody, 15, was last seen at his father’s house in Mt. Vernon, Washington State and is believed to have runaway.  He is described as 5ft 5″, weighing 100 pounds with brown eyes, brown hair with mustache and slender build.

The above photo was taken of Kaine last year.

His mom believes her son may North of Seattle in the Marysville, Camano Island areas or further up North in Washington State.

We are asking you to share this post with your friends, family, co-workers and anyone else who can help spread the word like wildfire to help this family bring home their son safely.

We are unsure what Law Enforcement agencies may be working this case, so we are asking everyone to get involved in helping bring him home.


Thank you,

Lisa Swenson, Editor/Blogger

Using SOCIAL MEDIA in the Public Safety World. Part 1: “The Basics”


After many years of writing, we decided to create an online publication through WordPress, a platform creating blogs and websites.  This blog is specific to sharing, covering, broadcasting, recognizing stories, events, happenings, opportunities and photographic images with our readers whom are in Public Safety, about Public Safety and those whom support Public Safety altogether.

We use Social Media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, LinkedIn and other platforms to share with you on many levels of information. Based upon the social media sites, we have been successful in broadcasting our many “posts” or “messages” locally, as well as around the world.

Using Social Media responsibly can reap many rewards from posting information about a Missing Person to an emergency alert broadcasted to citizens when an EOC has been activated and providing vital details to its citizens.

social media header for article

Definition of SOCIAL MEDIA

When you type in these two simple words, “Social Media” you will find a vast array of many definitions.  When this form of communication is used properly, you can reap the benefits.  Generally speaking, Social Media is defined as “Websites, Internet-based applications and other online means of communications used by large groups of people to share information.”


Here are some examples why many users are implementing Social Media into their lives.

  • A fire has occurred in a certain location and a Fire Photographer has taken photos of the incident.  He or she wants to share the information with the media, colleagues, friends or let the general public know about the event that is happening at that moment or has already occurred.
  • An Emergency Preparedness Manager is offering classes to the general public to learn about Disaster Preparedness and needs to announce course details and information.
  • A large Fire Department has promoted several and takes photos of the event showing who has received this special recognition.
  • A reporter covering a story on a crime, writes an article about the event on their website.

This is just a tiny amount of examples, but there is a whole array of them with the easy possibility of filling pages and pages without too much brainstorming.

Available SOCIAL MEDIA Sites

We will discuss a few available Social Media Sites you can access, the type of website it is and other statistical information.  This will only be the “tip-of-the-iceberg” list as there are hundreds, possibly thousands out there.  You can access these sites at wikipedia.com/List of Social Media Sites.

  • Academia.edu – Platform for sharing research papers, monitor their impact and follow research in a specific field.  16 million users. Launched in September 2008 by Founder Richard Price.
  • About.me – Personal web-hosting service offering registered users to a simple platform to link Facebook, Flickr, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube.  Founded by Tony Conrad, Ryan Freitas and Tim Young. Launched October 2009.  5M users.
  • Blogster – A Blogging Community that features specific-interest blogs. Registration is required.  Founded by Blogster Team. Launched in November 2005. 85,000+ registered users.
  • CaringBridge – A 501[c][3] providing free personalized websites to people facing various medical conditions, hospitalization, medical treatment and/or recovering from a significant accident, injury, illness or procedure.  The service allows family and friends to receive information.  Visitors are provided a URL and a password for access.  Website:  http://www.caringbridge.org/. Founded in 1997 by Sona Mehring.  Health Crisis Support field. 9.5M users.
  • Classmates.com aka Memory Lane – Originally created to assist members to finding friends and classmates from Kindergarten, primary school, high school, college and the military has now changed to appeal to older users.  Content is now focused to include music tracks, movie trailers, high school yearbooks and photographic images.  Created in 1995 by Randy Conrads and later taken over by CEO Mark Goldston.  50M users.
  • delicious.com – Online Social bookmarking storing, sharing and discovering web bookmarks.  Optional registration.  Joshua Schachter, creator of GeoURL, and co-creator of Memepool in September of 2003.  8.8M users.
  • Facebook – General: Sharing photos, videos, blogs, apps and groups.  www.facebook.com.  Launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg with college roommates Eduardo Severin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes. For ages over 13 years old. 1.3B registered users.
  • Flickr – http://www.flickr.com.  Photo sharing, commenting, photography related networking, worldwide.  Launched in February 2004. 32M users.
  • Google+ – Social networking and identity service owned strictly by Google. It is described as a “social layer” as an authorship tool that associates web-contact with its owner/author.  Launched in June 2011. 548M users.
  • Instagram – Photo and video sharing site. Launched in October 2010. 150M users.
  • LinkedIn – Business and professional networking site. Launched March 2003. 200M users.
  • Pinterest – Online pinboard for organizing and sharing things you love. Launched March 2010.  Founded by Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silbermann.
  • Twitter – General.  Microblogging. RSS, Updates. Immediate messages posted to US and around the World. 645M users.

These are some of the Social Media basics that have touched upon and as we move along, you may discover a whole another realm of ways to reach out to your “Followers”, “Fans” and “Supporters” than you could ever imagine.

In the next article, we will talk about the Social Media sites more in-depth, the advantages and disadvantages to this highly discussed topic.

[Sources: Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, WordPress]

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Social Media Is Our Gig

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