Update 1 | 0010 EST | Troy, Ohio | Possible Tornado Touchdown


Around 2325 hours EST, scanner feed for the Miami County Police, Fire and EMS – Central area began broadcasting about a possible tornado that may have touched down in Troy, Ohio.


Lots of damage has been reported, along with many power lines down and gas leaks.

Debris and damaged to commercial buildings have shutdown the downtown corridor.

One report of a chimney into a house was called in with all occupants self-evacuated with no injuries reported.

Traffic collisions have also occurred with one vehicle reported as having a major fuel leak.

Northbound train in Troy is currently not running as power is out in the area.  Services are trying to get it back moving, may be blocking Market Street.


Both Fire and Police are out responding to calls for service and assisting with rescues.


First Responders are finding power outages in and around neighborhoods, business districts and impacts to their CAD/MDCs in their vehicles.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS – Through the Eyes of Social Media

Tornados in Ohio in January… Yeah, the planet’s totally fine. Everything’s cool. Nothin’ to see here.” – Social Media user.


“Tornado Warning in Troy / Saint Paris / Christiansburg, Ohio” Until 2245 EST – NWS Wilmington, OH

tornado just tore up my downtown so that’s cool, tornadoes in jan in ohio, totally normal” – Social Media user

Tornado warning in central Ohio with the convection developing and headed toward southern ON overnight. Not expecting any tornadoes here tonight!” – Weather media.

We are supposed to have snow storms in Ohio not tornadoes!” – Social Media.

Severe thunderstorms, including tornadoes, remain possible through tonight over portions of the South and northward into parts of the Ohio Valley and Mid Atlantic.” – NWS


1/4/2019:  50 tornadoes occurred from Iowa to Ohio on Memorial Day. – News Media.

4/3/2019:  Tornado peak season runs from April through July. – News Media.

1940 – 2018:  8  Tornadoes during this time period. – News Media.


The City of Troy is the county seat of Miami and located about 19 miles north of Dayton.  Population was last recorded at 26,132 residents in the 2018 census. It is considered to be the 61st largest city in the State of Ohio.

The Police Department is located at 124 East Main Street.  It has 38 Officers and three civilian employees, 3 divisions (Patrol, Detective and Administration).

The Fire Department was established in 1850 with the Troy Hook & Ladder Company and the Troy Bucket Company.

The Department formally organized in the Fall of 1857.  During current times, it now has three fire stations with 37 firefighter-paramedics, a one Training Lieutenant, two Assistant Chiefs and a Fire Chief.  They serve a 74.2 square miles within the city and in three townships.  They average about 5,000 incidents annually.

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Tornado Damage in Canton, TX | 1

Canton, TX | Storm spotters are reporting significant structural damage to the I-20 Dodge and  Jeep dealership located on FM17, where cars were tossed.  This is about two miles N of Canton in van Zandt County.

Multiple Tornado warnings by the National Weather Service inside of Texas are ongoing and those should take cover at the time when the alerts have been given.

Here are some of the most recent warnings:

  • Sulphur Springs TX, Cumby TX, Como TX until 8:15 PM CDT
  • Canton TX, Tundra TX until 8:15 PM CDT
  • Alba TX, Yantis TX, Golden TX until 8:00 PM CDT
  • Emory TX until 7:30 PM CDT
  • Grand Saline TX, Edgewood TX, Emory TX until 7:30 PM CDT
  • Wills Point TX, Edgewood TX, Myrtle Springs TX until 7:30 PM CDT

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#Breaking | Dallas – Forth Worth TX Being Pounded by Strong Winds

Updated 5/11/2016 2112 PDT


Winds in excess of 50 mph are pounding various area in Texas.

Winds are hitting various Cities

There are many reports showing winds are blowing from 50 – 70 mph in some areas and Emergency Management personnel are warning those of impending damage.


  • Dallas:  50 mph is currently heading towards Downtown
  • Conway & Claude:  Reported 60-70mph
  • Grapevine:  Moving eastern 40 mph with 60 mph gusts


  • Dallas County, TX:  Severe Thunderstorm until 2315 CDT.
  • Colin:  Same warning and for the same duration

Courtesy: Dallas OEM

In Other News…


  • Tornado Warnings:

Courtesy: NWS Norman OK.

Updates will come as we receive them.


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Update 1 | Hail Storm Hits Lamar County TX

Updated 5/9/2016 – Monday – 2039 PDT / 2239 CDT



Several tornado warnings were issued by the National Weather Service – Ft. Worth in the Paris and near Sumner this evening.

Reports of large hail the size of 1.7″ around 2120 CDT and 2.75% around 1756 CDT hit the area of Paris, Texas – a City of approximately 24,895 (2014 Census) and a high population of 1800 Vets (2010-2014).




  • Paris Fire Department


  • TX State Troopers
  • Lamar Co Sheriffs Dept



Fire and Police are running from one dispatched call to the next.  Here are some of the calls they are responding to:

Downed Trees

  • 82E @ Blossom:  Trees in the Street.

Flooding Calls

  • Tinker Street: water up to the front steps of homes. (2210 CDT)
  • Ash & Cedar Closed:  Roadway impassable (2209 CDT)
  • 22500:  Flooded
  • 22900: Now cleared.
  • 271 South:  Past Cobb Ranch Rd. under water. Passable. (2217 CDT)
  • SE 26th Street:  Furniture washed down roadway.
  • Center:  High water on both East and West sides.

Power Outages

  • Abbott Lane:  Medical call + power outage. (2212 CDT)

Welfare Check

  • Main Street:  House on corner. Fire being sent to check condition of residents. (2211 CDT)




  • 5/9/2016:  Paris, Lamar County, TX
  • 5/1/2016:  Paris, Lamar County, TX
  • 4/29/2016:  Paris, Lamar County, TX



Current Conditions

  • Temp: 67-degrees
  • Precipitation: 15%
  • Humidity:  75%
  • Wind:  11 mph

2-Day Forecast

  • 5/9/2016 – Monday:  67-degrees. Partly cloudy w/20% precip. Winds from S at 6 mph and 82% humidity.
  • 5/10/2016 – Tuesday:  High 89/ Low 67.  Cloudy in the AM, Sun in the evening.  20% precip.  Winds from SSW 15 mph with 67% humidity.



Amateur Radio 

Law Enforcement




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SEVERE WEATHER THREAT: 43 Counties Across 4 States

Arkansas | The National Weather Service released a “Severe Weather Threat” at 1811 CDT for portions of Arkansas; Sern, Missouri; Western Tennessee and Northern Missippi.

Scattered strong to severe thunderstorms will continue across portions of these locations with the potential for a few large hail reports and damaging winds across the region.

One exits with Pre-Frontal confluence in the Nern, TX and South Central Arkansas. Additionally, as the front continues to move East towards the Mississippi River, a downstream watch or two will be necessary.

Note:  Seek shelter if you are in these areas or if you know loved ones, encourage them to seek shelter.  Be informed.  You can check warnings and alerts through the National Weather Service for your area by going to their website at http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/md/md0260.html

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