Bellevue, Washington | Firefighters were dispatched to 1655 on Monday to a fully engulfed garage fire in the 16100 block of SE 45th Street [Lakemont].

Responding Firefighters reportedly seeing a thermal column rising into the sky from a distance out and heavy fire conditions upon arriving on scene with  Engine 2 as first due in.

Battalion Chief’s Car [Photo Credit: LR Swenson]

Firefighters attacked the garage fire from the exterior sides of the home, while additional fire resources were en route from other parts of the Eastside.  Bellevue’s Engines 1, 2, 4, 6, 8; Ladders 1 & 3; Medic 2; Aid 2; Air Unit 1; MSO 5; and Battalion 1 were assisted through Mutual Aid  resources from Mercer Island’s Engine 91 and Battalion 91 along with Eastside Fire and Rescue’s Engine 71.

Bellevue Fire working at another fire [Photo Credit: LR Swenson]
Bellevue Fire working at another fire [Photo Credit: LR Swenson]
Firefighters aggressively used fire suppression tactics to stop the fire from spreading to the rest of the house or to nearby exposure structures saving the home’s valuables and the residents of the home.  The family dog, “Kate” had escaped on her home but was found to be missing after the fire had been extinguished.  Though an intense fire, the best news of all was reuniting “Kate” with her beloved family.  This is truly a remarkable story.

No injuries were reported.

Cause is unknown at this time.

Damage to the garage is estimated to be $200,000 in damages.

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