WILDFIRE: Guadalupe Fire | Coronado NF [AZ/NM] | SitRep 2

The Guadalupe Fire is located 30 miles East of Douglas, Arizona in the Coronado National Forest in Hildalgo County, New Mexico.

The fire was discovered on June 2, 2015, around 1000 Hours at about 50 acres burned. On June 3, around 1330 hours, it had grown to 2000 acres.  As of Friday, June 4, 2015, the fire has exploded into 3500 acres.

#FireImages by @inciweb

#FireImages by @USFS

Aeria mapping will be completed later today to determine exact acreage within the fire perimter.

The cause has now been determined by Fire Investigators to be from lightning.

Suppression objectives include protecting nearby private property, structures, and point protection of cultural and wildlife habitat resources. Mindful of fire crew and public safety, fire managers are continuing to focus fire suppression efforts on point protection and keeping the fire inside identified defensible terrain features south of Geronimo Trail, north and west of the Pendleton Ranch, and west of Forest Road 4333. The northwest side of the fire is being monitored but is mostly inactive.

#FireImages by @USFS

#FireImages by @USFS

Two additional crews are now assigned, bringing to 5 the number of crews working the fire with another ordered. In addition, 4 engines, a and type 1 heavy lift helicopter, have been requested for today to assist crews in keeping the blaze inside identified boundaries and provide additional firefighter safety. Aerial water drops will be used to slow fire spread to the south while crews work to build containment lines. With dry mid -day winds and low humidity continuing to challenge fire fighter efforts, the additional crews and aircraft will assist crews with on going suppression.

Local partners are continuing to advise and assist fire managers with on the ground terrain knowledge and identification of resources at risk. The fire continues to be locally managed by a Type 3 Incident Command System organization. Today the Incident Command Post will move to Animas High School in Animas New Mexico.

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