Update 2 | Skibo Fire | Superior NF


8-10 fires were found to be burning along the Railroad tracks.  Those fires have merged into 3-4 larger fires.

The larger fires have been pushed to the N to the SE due to extreme windy conditions.

No word from Officials on the cause of the fire.  It is still under investigation.

The fire started on May 6, 2016 around 1430 hours.


The Skibo Fire is located in the following areas:

  • 3 miles E of Hoyt Lakes to W of Skibo Road
  • N of St Louis County Hwy 110 & Forest hwy 11
  • 2 miles E of Hoyt Lakes
  • in Duluth, MN – Northern part of the state


It is key to have all Agencies work together when major incidents occur.  Here are the agencies that have teamed up for this these large fires.

  • USDA Forest Service
  • Hoyt Lakes VFD
  • Aurora VFD
  • Palo VFD
  • Brimson VFD
  • St. Louis Co Sheriffs Office
  • St. Louis Co Rescue Squad
  • City of Hoyt Lakes
  • Forest Service LE Agencies
  • Local EMS units
  • East Range PD


Due to heavy smoke from both this incident and Canadian fires, Fire Managers are unable to gain intel on the number of acres this fire has consumed.


Many activities have occurred since yesterday and here is the breakdown on how Fire crews and managers are working to try to stop these fires.

  • Helicopters:  Grounded on 5/6/2016 in later afternoon due to high winds.
  • Heavy Smoke:  Smoke is heavy from this fire and from Canada creating poor visibility and stopping personnel to determine the full burned acres.  They are hoping to have those numbers by today.
  • Intial Attack:  completed by USDA Forest Service, MN DNR and Hoyt Lakes FD.
  • Tireless Efforts:  Crews and air resources are working 24/7


The following areas or communities have been evacuated with the assistance of the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office and North St. Louis County Rescue Squad.

  • Permanent Residences:  2-3
  • Seasonal Cabins:  6-8
  • Northland Village Assisted Living facility:  18 residents from E side of Hoyt Lake, but have since returned later last night.


Currently assigned to the incident are the following resources:

  • USDA FS:  7 engines & crews
  • Type 1 Air Tankers:  2
  • SEATs:  4


The following have been closed.  Please remember to heed to Emergency traffic in the area.

  • County Roads:  565 and 569
  • Forest Service Roads:  120, 420, 795, 113


The weather has been ferocious to those who wish to stop the Fire Monster.

  • High winds
  • Increased high temps
  • Low humidity


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