Update 4 | Skibo Fire | Superior NF

Updated 5/11/2016 2200 PDT


8-10 fires were strung along several miles from Hoyt Lakes to W of Skibo Road (FS Rd 120) with some speculating that a train had passed through the area just before the fires broke out.  However, our sources say that US Forest Law Enforcement Officers are currently investigating for the exact cause.

Firefighters are waiting near helicopter

Firefighter with Chopper. Courtesy: Superior NF

As of this post, Law Enforcement agencies are still investigating and searching for the original cause of this fire.

Date / Time:   

  • 5/6/2016


  • 2 miles E of Hoyt Lakes, MN
  • N of St Louis County Hwy 110 aka Forest Highway
You can see the smokes in the background

Fire burns on both sides of the tracks. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Acreage:  973, adjusted down.


  • Unknown
  • Under investigation
railroad tracks with smoke in background

Smoke hangs in the background near RR tracks. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Fire Fuels:  

  • Timber
  • Tall grass
  • Light logging slash


The following events have occurred on this fire.


  • Fire Started

Mapping of fire area. Courtesy: Superior National Forest


  • Minimal fire growth
  • Command turned over to MNICS IMT2 Team B.
  • Improved mapping.


  • Focusing fire suppression efforts on areas SW of Allen Junction and near town of Skibo
  • Crews will strengthen fire lines, check hotspots and provide structure protection
  • Air and ground supports units will be used
  • Weather consists of critically low humidity in the low 20’s but sunny with temps in the high 60’s.  Winds forecast with light winds from NW 4-7 mph with gusts up to 12 mph.
  • 12% containment status.
Fire spreading in the forest

Courtesy:  Inciweb


  • Fire behavior is very calm.
  • Weather has improved:  Winds died down. Higher humidity.
  • Structure protection continues.
  • Fire is strung out with segments stretching nearly 8 miles E of Hoyt Lake to West of Skibo Road. (Forest Service Rd 120)
  • Previous closures have now been listed.
  • 84% containment status.



  • 185 Personnel
Helicopter flying over fire with water

Courtesy: Superior National Forest


  • 2 – Type 2 Engines
  • 2 – Type 1 crews
  • 10-Dozers
  • 1 – Helicopter

Mutual Aid:

  • USDA Forest Service
  • MN DNR
  • Aurora VFD
  • Hoyt Lakes FD
  • Palo FD
  • St. Louis Co Sheriff’s Office
  • N. St. Louis Co. Rescue Squad
  • East Range PD
  • Palo VFD
  • City of Hoyt Lakes
  • DNR Conservation Officers
  • USFS Law Enforcement
Fire in ground litter

Fire behavior is too obvious in where it is headed with a mind of its own. (Courtesy: Inciweb)



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