North Carolina Wildfires: Update 2

Updated 3:40 PM PST

Multiple Wildfires have broken out on the National Forests of National with dozens burning in the extremely drought-ridden areas.  The State of North Carolina has several Counties with Fire restrictions in effect.

Since our last update – there is a new wildfire Tellico that has been added to our list of North Carolina Wildfires.  Here is a list of each wildfire alphabetically.


Pumpkins are used to provide a water source for hose lays when space or accessibility limit engine access.

Pumpkins, a necessary tool for your water supply for when the space or accessibility is limited in getting an engine into the area. (Credit: USFS)

The Boteler Fire ignited from an unknown cause on October 25th around 9 AM.  It is South of Boteler Peak. 972 acres of timber and brush.  Fire activity is currently minimal with backing and smoldering. 10% containment status. 171 personnel are assigned to this incident.


The Cliffside Fire began on November 3rd around 10:30 PM and deemed to be started by human(s). There is no exact location known presently but it is on the National Forests of North Carolina along with the other wildfires burning in the same vicinity.  It is said to be an 100-acre wildfire. The IC Type 4 Fire managers are still working on setting up a Fire Command structure.  There is no mention of the number of personnel assigned to this incident as of yet. No new update as of 11/6/2016.


Dick’s Creek Fire ignited on October 23rd around 2:15 AM from an unknown human caused occurrence.  It is located in Dick’s Creek drainage. The USFS are the Fire Managers of this incident.  As of today’s post, the fire’s consumption from 425 to 532 acres.   The number of personnel has increased from 13 to 45 and are reporting in with an 80%  containment status.


Boteler and Nantahala Fire

The Knob Fire broke out on November 2nd around 3:45 PM from an human-caused ignition (but authorities have not released what the exact source was).  It is located 9 miles SW of Franklin near the entrance of Standing Indian campground. The Southern Area Red team is Fire Command.   The number of land consumed has increased to 330 acres, however, fire crews have reached a 28% containment status.  There are 25 personnel assigned to this incident.


This fire was started on November 3rd around 5 PM located just west of Nanatahala Lake.  It is said to be at a 50% containment status with 175 acres burned. Fire behavior is active, flanking, backing and creeping.  Planned fire activities include monitor and patrolling. Concerns of low RH and drought are on Fire Mangers’ minds.  There are 35 personnel assigned to this wildfire incident.


0 acres noted. Limited info on this fire.  No update as of 11/6/2016.


The Tellico Fire is said to have started on November 3rd around 3:00 pm and the ignition the work of a human, though the exact source has not been released through any USFS pressers.  This fire is located 3 miles South of Almond, NC.   The fire has eaten up 712 acres of forest land and fire crews have reached a 25% containment status.  There are 54 personnel attached to this incident.

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