North Carolina Wildfires | Update 6

Updated  7 PM PST

Fire Summary

Here is the newest update on the North Carolina wildfires all across their State.

Boteler Fire:  Start 10/25/2016.  8975 acres.  51% containment status.  Public Fire Info Meeting.  11/17/2016, Thursday @ 1900 hours.  1st Freewill Baptist, 259 Tusquittee Rd in Hayesville, NC.

Boteler Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Boteler Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Bullpen Fire:  NEW  Start 11/15/2016. S of Highlands / Bullpen Rd. 5 acres. Initial Attack efforts in effect.  Crews from Knob & Whitewater Fires moved to this fire.

Dicks Fire:  Start 10/23/2016. 728 acres, 95% containment status.

Knob Fire:  Start 11/2/2016. 1130 acres. 98% containment status.

Muskrat Fire:  Start 11/11/2016. 103 acres. 95% containment status.

Tellico Fire:  Start 11/3/2016. 13,679 acres, 74% containment status.

Fires in Monitor / Patrol Status

Boardtree Fire:  0.5 acres.

Buck Creek Fire:   8 acres.

Charley Creek Fire:  3 acres.

Cliffside Fire:  101 acres.

Falls Fire:  No data.

Grape Cove Fire:  35 acres.

Howard Gap Fire:   0.5 acres.

Jarrett Knob:  No data.

Jones Gap:  115 acres.

May Branch Fire:  175 acres.

Moses Creek Fire:  30 acres.

Moss Knob Fire:  7 acres.

Mulberry Fire:  No data.

Ridge Gap Fire:  2 acres.

Whitewater Fire:  23 acres.

Wine Spring Fire:  95 acres.


Chestnut Knob Fire:   4600 acres.205 personnel.  30%contained.

Fire Fact:  The North Carolina Forestry Service in North Carolina is currently investigating all fires for arson.  See something? Say something by calling 828-257-4200.

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