North Carolina Wildfires | Update 9

Updated  5:30 PM PST

North Carolina Wildfires

Here is the newest update on the North Carolina wildfires all across their State.

Boteler Fire:  Start 10/25/2016. In the Shooting Creek community, 6 miles east of

Smokey Bear sign Nov 11

Smokey Bear signage shows the Fire Level in North Carolina. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

Hayesville and S of Boteler Peak (Clay County).  A Type 1 IMT is in command. 9,043 acres. 77% contained. Fire behavior is moderate, creeping and smoldering.  334 personnel assigned. 4 crews. 23 engines. 6 helicopters. 0 structures lost, but 46 are threatened.  $8.64 Million cost-to-date.

Cathey Gap Fire:  3 miles NE of Wolf Creek Lane.  Start 11/17/2016.  Unknown cause. 123 acres. 90% contained.  13 personnel.  2 crews. 2 engines. 0 helicopters. 0 structures lost. $216,000 cost-to-date.

Chestnut Knob Fire:   South Mountain  State Park; 10 miles South of Morganton. 6435

Chestnut Knob Trail

Chestnut Knob Trail (Courtesy: Inciweb)

acres.  65% contained.  Minimal fire behavior with creeping, backing, and smoldering. Crews to mop-up and hold in all divisions. 257 personnel.   $2.1 Million cost-to-date.

Clear Creek Fire:  NEW! Start 11/20/2016.  5 miles NW of Marion (McDowell County). 1,187 acres. 0% contained. 150 personnel. Command is under the Eastern Montana Type II Incident Management Team. IMT working with the US Forest Service, NC Forest Service, and McDowell County partners. Cause unknown & under investigation. Nebo Crossing Church for residents affected by the smoke from the Clear Creek Fire. Transportation is available by calling 652-3241 or 652-3982.

Dicks Creek Fire:  Start 10/23/2016. Dicks Creek Drainage, 2 miles NW of Sylva.

With hundreds of men and women in the camp, aliments can spread through the population like wildfire (pun intended). Macon County gives Firefighters an opportunity to see a doctor on site, without an appointment.

Human caused. 729 acres. 99% contained. 33 personnel. 1 crew. 2 engines 0 helicopters assigned or structures lost. $813,000 cost-to-date.

Dobson 3 Fire:  Start on 11/2/2016.  15 total fires.  Unknown cause. 71 personnel. 9

Home near Eastern Cherokee Complex - 2 of 2

Home near the Eastern Cherokee Complex Fire (Credit: Rob Wood)

engines, 5 engines and 1 handcrew. 756 acres. 90% contained. 5 structures threatened.

 “The Bureau of Indian Affairs is seeking information regarding arson fires on Indian Lands through the WeTip Program. Up to $10,000 is being offered through this anonymous program. WeTip can be contacted through their website: or by calling their hotline at 1-800-47-ARSON.”

East Cherokee Complex:  756 acres. 85% contained.  80 personnel. 2 crews.  6 engines.  0 helicopters. 0 structures lost.  $1.2 Million cost-to-date.

Knob Fire:  Start 11/2/2016. 8 miles W of Franklin (Macon County); on Rocky Knob.

Known as a burn operation, using fire to fight fire is one of the most effective tactics at the firefighters disposal.

A burnout operation. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

1130 acres. 98% containment status. 5 personnel assigned.  Fire behavior is minimal and smoldering.

Maple Springs Fire:  Start 11/4/2016. Human caused. Located North of Santeetlah

Burn out operation along Highway 129

Arroyo Grande Interagency Hotshot Crew use a drip torch to ignite a burn out operation along Highway 129 and the Cheoah River on Sunday, Nov. 13. (Credit: Chris Colt via Inciweb)

Lake. 7,788 acres.  69% contained.  276 personnel.  3 crews. 24 engines. 7 helicopters. 0 structures lost. $5.1 Million cost-to-date.  The only uncontained line on the fire is in the Joyce Kilmer-Slickrock Wilderness. Fire crews are removing hazard trees to prevent further fire spreading into the area.

Muskrat Valley Fire:  Start 11/11/2016. 7.5 miles SW of Franklin. Unknown cause.  104 acres.  99% contained. 1 personnel. No equipment or additional resources assigned to this incident.  $255,000 cost-to-date. TFR still in effect.

Party Rock Fire:  Chimney Rock State Park (Rutherford County); 1 mile North of Lake

A heavy helicopter makes a drop in the Grey Rock area during the Party Rock Fire.

Heavy helicopter dropping water (Credit: Stuart Bedke)

Lure.  Cause under investigation.  7,172 acres of hardwood litter. 54% contained. 651 personnel. 18 crews. 131 engines. 2 helicopters. 0 structures lost. $5.7 Million cost.

Tellico Fire:  Start 11/3/2016. 3 miles south of Almond (Swain County)   Human caused.

U.S. Forest Service blasting team will remove hazardous hemlocks on the northern edge of the Boteler Fire in the area of Chunky Girl Trail, Bruce Ridge, and Nelson Ridge Road. No blasting will occur near homes.

USFS crews blasting team removing hazard trees. (Courtesy: Inciweb)

13,874 acres, 91% containment status.  Fire behavior is moderate, backing and creeping. 294 personnel assigned. 4 crews. 28 engines. 0 crews. 1 engine. 1 helicopter. 5 structures destroyed. $5.4 Million cost-to-date.

The Southern Area Blue Team is managing the fire along with the Boteler, Cathey Gap and Dick’s Creek wildfires.



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