Wildfires Starting to Dwindle Down | North Carolina | Update 10

Updated  10:30 PM PST

North Carolina Wildfires

Camp Branch Fire – 7 miles W of Franklin

The Camp Branch Fire started on November 23rd, East of Wayah Bald from an unknown cause that is under investigation.

Currently, 1,483 acres of hardwood timber and grass litter have been consumed.  Two (2) structures have been lost.

There are 51 personnel along with 3 crews and 6 engines assigned to this incident.

Cost-to-date:  $100,000

Fire Managers reported one new brush fire which started on private property in the Hickory Knoll community but it was quickly contained by crews.  They would like to remind all residents that outdoor burning is banned until further notice.

The Camp Branch wildfire behavior is active, flanking and backing.  Residents may see smoke from the Rock Mountain Fire in Southern Maco County and Camp Branch Fire on Saturday and Sunday.  Some may even see flames in various areas.  The fire is being monitored.


Boteler Fire – 6 mles E of Hayesville, S of Boteler Peak ( Clay County )

The Boteler Fire started on October 25th in the Shooting Creek community ( Clay County ).

Currently, 9,043 acres have been scorched but crews have reached a  77% containment status.  0 structures have been lost.

Fire behavior has changed from moderate, creeping and smoldering to minimal.

Personnel also has dropped from 334 personnel being assigned to 186 with 4 crews, 19 engines and 2 helicopters.

The cost-to-date has been increased from $8.64 to $10.5 Million.


Cathey Gap Fire – 3 mi NE of Wolf Creek Lane

The Cathey Gap Fire started on November 17th from an unknown cause that is being investigated.

The Fire has destroyed 123 acres of forest lands and has not increased.  Crews have successfully reached a containment of 99% from yesterday’s 90% status.

From having a staff of 13, personnel has been reduced to 1 person with no additional resources on-scene.

The fire’s cost-to-date has increased from $216,000 up to $342,000.


Maple Springs Fire – 8 mi SW of Franklin

The Maple Springs Fire currently has a fire behavior of minimum but has consumed 7,788 acres of hardwood litter and timber.

At this time, there are 100 personnel with 2 crews, 6 engines and 5 helicopters that have reached a containment status of 78%.

Cost-to-date is $6.3 Million.


Telico Fire – 3 mi S of Almond

The Telico Fire is currently has a minimum fire behavior but has destroyed a path of burned 13,874 acres of hardwood litter, timber and short grass.

At this time, there are only 67 personnel assisting with this wildfire along with 4 engines.

1 structure has been destroyed.

The fire cost-to-date is $5.2 Million.


Clear Creek Fire – 5 mi W of Marion

The Clear Creek Fire has a moderate fire behavior that is currently backing and flanking, as well as 2,423 acres of hardwood litter with a 30% containment status.

There are 457 personnel along with 13 crews, 25 engines and 2 helicopters.

Cost-to-date is $1.6 Million.


Party Rock Fire – 1 mi N of Lake Lure

This Lake Lure fire called the Party Rock Fire, has a fire behavior that is minimal but has consumed 7,171 acres of hardwood litter and timber.  An 80% containment status has been reached.

There are 290 personnel assigned along with 6 crews, 23 engines and 1 helicopter.

3 structures have been lost.

Cost-to-date is $6.9 Million.


Highway 151 Fire – 30 mi SE of Ashville

This Fire is in the National Forests in North Carolina and is reported having a minimal fire behavior that has eaten through 245 acres of hardwood litter.  It currently has a 30% containment status.

There are 51 personnel assigned along with 1 crew, 7 engines and 1 helicopter.

Cost-to-date is $100,000.

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