U.S. National Wildfire Activity Log | March 3, 2018

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA | Wildfire activity has picked up nationally and we are here to share what’s happening in the Fire World.  The National Preparedness Level remains at a Level 1.

According to the records kept by the National Interagency Fire Center as of March 2, 2018, there have been 6,547 wildfires for a total of 138,478 acres compared to 2017’s 7,542 wildfires and a total of 215,677 acres.

SOUTHERN AREA (TX, FL, GA) | 257 wildfires were reported as new fires with six of them as a new large incidents and one of them remaining as an uncontained incident.

Active Fire:

#ShotFire | Burning in the Texas A&M Forest Service area, which started on private land about nine miles east of Silverton.  There has been 315 acres of tall grass that has been scorched.  Currently, there is minimal fire behavior displayed but it is still threatening structures.  Fire crews have successfully gained a 99% containment status with only one fire resource on-scene.  The fire’s cost-to-date is $1,000.00.  No word on the cause was listed.

Previous Fires in the area:  

#NewellFire | Texas A&M Forest Service (TXS). 4,022 acres. 100% contained. $1,000.00 cost-to-date.

#57NorthFire | Texas A&M Forest Service (TXS).  336 acres. 100% contained.  $1,000.00 CTD.

#Head2Fire | Texas A&M Forest Service (TXS).  300 acres.  100% contained.  $1,000.00 CTD.

#BigPondFire | Georgia – GAS.  311 acres.  100% contained. 3 personnel still assigned to incident. $1,000.00 CTD.

#JuniperCreekEastFire | Florida – FLS.  300 acres. 100% contained.  2 personnel assigned.  $3,000.00 CTD.

SOUTHWEST AREA (NM) | There were 19 new wildfires and two  of them were new large incidents with one uncontained large fire burning in the area.

Active Wildfire:

#AndersonRanchFire | The fire is burning in the Captain District in the area of the New Mexico State Forestry area.  This fire started on private land about 20 miles northweset of Lovington, New Mexico.   There has been 1,000 acres of tall grass and brush that has been consumed.  Fire behavior is extreme with running.  Structures are  currently being threatened.  There are 18 personnel assigned along with six engines.  Crews have successfully reached an 85% containment status.  Costs-to-Date are $15,000.00.

ROCKY MOUNTAIN AREA (CO, NE, SD))  | There were six new wildfires and one new large incident reported.

Active Wildfire:

#ApacheComplexFire | This Complex fire consists of separate wildfires burning on the Fort Carson Army Base that started on County land.  It located 22 miles southwest of Colorado Springs in Colorado.  Type 3 IC (Wolf). There has been 2,611 acres of short grass and brush consumed by the fire but there is a 90% containment status that has been reached.  Currently, there are 15 personnel assigned along with four engines.  A total of $1,000.00 in firefighting suppression and containment expenses has been reached.

Previous Fires in the Area:

#SilverMountainFire | Silver Mountain, SD.  Great Plains Interagency Dispatch Center dispatched resources at 1210 hours.  2.9 acres were burned.  Limited Info.

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA AREA (CA) | There were 15 new wildfires reported in the area with none of them being listed as a new large incident or as not being contained.

Previous Fires in the Area:

#PleasantFire | A fire that previously burned in the area was called the Pleasant Fire that was listed in CALFIRE – San Bernardino Unit’s area.  2,070 acres were destroyed but crews were able to reach a 100% containment status.  There are still five personnel on the fireground with all resources showing as being released.  The total cost-to-date for suppression and containment costs was a whopping $2.3 Million!

Sources | WildCAD, NIFC

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