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KITSAP COUNTY, WASHINGTON | A late night fire hit the County on Friday, March 30th said to be located on the Point in the Kingston area.  Fire Officials stated response was delayed due to the fire not being reported until it was fully engulfed by flames.

Resources | Fire crews from North Kitsap Fire and Rescue responded with multiple tenders.  One civilian reported that it was a tanker that responded but fire officials quickly provided the Public with the correct information.

Details of the initial fire being reported via the Public on Social Media brought the fire to light.  Eyewitness counts were also uploaded to various Twitter and Facebook pages.  The Fire agency did not appear to have a PIO assigned to the incident nor an immediate report as to what was happening until around 2200 hours PDT.

Cause | The cause is unknown at this time and we are unsure if there is a FIU Investigator for this Agency or if it through the County or if there has one that has been assigned yet.

Current Fire Conditions | It was stated on the Fire Agency’s Social Media pages that the fire was under control and that there were some obstacles with suppression and containment efforts.  Some of those included narrow roadways, poor access to the fire ground and water supply issues due to the lack of fire hydrants in the area.   Locals have stated fire crews have told them they will be doing fire watch throughout the night and address any potential hot spots that may flare up.

Evacuations |  Neighbors self-evacuated as a precaution.  Others were told to evacuate when friends/family members could see flames across the water in nearby Edmonds, about ten-plus miles away.

(Video Credit | Wayne Marshall ) Reposted with written permission.

Damage Assessments | The Kingston home was completely destroyed and is a loss to the homeowner.  Reports from locals state this was an older cabin that had many additions built on to it over the years and was said to be unoccupied possible summer cabin due to the owners living in Seattle.

There were no reports of casualties/injuries to civilians or firefighters.

How to Be Fire Smart |  Having a fire hydrant near your home, whether a summer home or a permanent residence can reduce your insurance rating which helps with lower insurance premiums and assists Firefighters to getting water on the structure more quickly.  Currently, businesses and residences that are located within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant reap the benefits of a rating of a insurance rating of 5.

Check with your Insurance company to see how you and your neighbors can tell you what Fire/Wildfire Prevention tips can help drastically reduce your insurance costs, assist Firefighters and protect your home against fire.  Become #FireSmart today.


North Kitsap Fire & Rescue is made up of 33 paid career,12 volunteer-intern and 6 home volunteer(respond from home) firefighters.  They provide fire service to about 19,935 residents in an approximate 46-square mile area that includes Kingston, Suquamish, Hansville, Indianola and Miller Bay.

They have a total of five stations that are fully staffed.

Firefighters responded to about 3,052 incidents with approximately 64% of them being dispatched as EMS calls.

(Details are based upon 2017 stats)

To find out more about this County Fire Agency, check them out on their website here –>

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