UNITED STATES – Wildfires seem to be igniting later in the Fire Season for some States while others have been prompting fire crews to run from one call to the next.

Here is a recap for Friday, June 15, 2018.


Door Mountains Fire | NEW! | 27 mi W of Lime Village

SW Area, AK DOF.  Timber and short grass. Extreme fire behavior with running and crowning.  Under fire suppression.  No Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned.  1,352 acres. 0% contained.  $1K CTD. #DoorMtnsFire

Dulby Hot Springs Fire | 61 mi NE of Galena

Timber. Active fire behavior.  26,865 acres. 0% contained.  8 personnel. $7K CTD.  No Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned.  #DulbyHotSpringsFire

Hather Creek Fire | 56 mi S of Kaltag

Galena Zone, AK Fire Service.  Timber.  active fire behavior.  256 acres. 0% contained. No Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned.  0 resources.  $1k CTD.  #HatherCreekFire

Little Melozitna River | 50 mi NW of Tanana

Tanana Zone, AK Fire Service.  Started in last 24 hours.  Timber. Active fire behavior with running and torching.  7,782 acres. 0% contained.  $5K CTD. #LittleMelozitnaRiverFire

Lynx Creek Fire | 50 mi NE of Minchumina

Tanana Zone, AK Fire Service.  Started on state land.  Timber and hardwood litter.  Active fire behavior with torching and running. 900 acres. 0% contained.  $5K CTD. #LynxCreekFire

Molybdenum Mountain Fire | 18 mi N of Chuathbaluk

SW Area Forestry, AK DOF.  Started on BLM land.  Timber and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. 650 acres.  65% containment.  63 personnel. 3 crews. $1K CTD  #MolybdenumMountainFire

Mooseheart Fire | 5 mi S of Manley

Tanana Zone. AK Fire Service.  Started on state land.  Timber.  Active fire behavior with running and group torching.   29,791 acres. 0% contained. 0 resources. $5K CTD.  No Type 1 or Type 2 IMT assigned. #MooseheartFire


377 Fire | 5 mi NE of Heber

Apache-Sigreaves NF, Timber and tall grass. Min fire behavior. Structures threatened.  4,833 acres. 90% contained.  37 personnel. 1 crew, 1 engine, 1 helicopter.  $1.3M CTD.  #377Fire

Judd Fire | 3 miles N of Bisbee

Bisbee County.  Brush and Tall grass. Unknown fire behavior. 4,214 acres. 100% contained.  4 personnel. 1 engine. $520K CTD #JuddFire

Tank Fire | NEW! | 12 mi SE of Happy Jack

Coconino NF.  Timber.  Min fire behavior.  170 acres. 75% contained.  123 personnel. 5 crews, 3 engines, 6 helos.  $200K CTD.  #TankFire


Beaver Fire | Off Coalinga Hwy and Airline Hwy, E of King City

215 acres. 70% containment. #BeaverFire

Boyer Fire | NEW! | Off Boyer Rd x Fox Hollow Lane, Bootjack 

Maricopa County.  CAL FIRE – Madera-Mariposa-Merced Unit. Start 6/15/2018 @ 1337 hours. 75 acres. 40% contained. 1 structure lost. All mandatory and advisory evacuations lifted. #BoyerFire

Bridle Fire | Crazy Horse Canyon Drive x Bridle Trail

Unified Command:  CAL FIRE, Riverside Co FD.  Started 6/14/2018 @ 1702 hours. 20 acres. 85% contained.  170 fire personnel, PD, 26 engines, 7 overhead personnel, 4 crews, 3 water tenders, PIO, Medic Squad, FIU Investigator, 2 bulldozers.  Incident Cooperators:  BLM, CAL FIRE/Riverside, CAL FIRE/San Diego, City of Hemet FD, Murrieta Fire Protection District, Riverside Co FD, Riverside Co SO, USFS/San Bernardino.  #BridleFire

Chrome Fire

CAL FIRE.  2,290 acres. 93% contained. #ChromeFire

Creston Fire | Off Creston Rd, E of Paso Robles

CAL FIRE. 60 acres. 100% contained on June 14, 2018.  #CrestonFire

Photo Credit | CAL FIRE SLO

Euclid Fire | Off Hwy 71, S of Ecluid Avenue in Chino

Started 6/12/2018 @ 1422 hours.  154 acres. 75% contained.  CAL FIRE. 244 Fire personnel, 31 engines, 30 overhead personnel, 6 fire crews, 4 water tenders, 2 bulldozers, PIO.  Incident Cooperators:  CAL FIRE/Riverside & San Bernardino, CA DOC, CHP, Chino valley Independent Fire District, City of Corona FD, Ontario FD, Orange Co Fire Authority (OCFA), Riverside City FD, Prado Regional Park and Prado Regional Shooting Range.  #EuclidFire

Planada Fire | Off Roads Doug x Bonner, N of Planada

CAL FIRE.  700 acres. 50% contained. #PlanadaFire

Raymond Fire | Off Roads 407 x 600, Raymond

60 acres. 50% contained. Madera County.  #RaymondFire


416 Fire | 13 mi N of Durango

San Juan National Forest. Timber and brush.  Structures are under direct threat, while evacuations, road, area and trail closures remain in effect. Active fire behavior is present with short crown runs, flanking and group torching. 32,076 acres. 18% contained.   1,137 personnel. 25 crews, 55 engines and 8 helicopters.   $13.6M CTD  #416Fire

Bocco Fire | 3 mi NW of Wolcott

Colorado River Valley Field Office on BLM lands.  Chaparral and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior.  476 acres. 90% containment.  9 personnel. 1 engine.  $650K CTD. #BoccoFire

Burro Fire | 14 mi S of Rico

San Juan National Forest.   Active fire behavior with short crown runs, torching and short-range spotting.  3,408 acres. 0% contained.  174 personnel. 4 crews. 2 engines. $500K CTD #BurroFire

Buffalo Fire | 1 mi W of Silverthorn

White River NF.  Closed timber litter, medium logging slash and tall grass.  Min fire behavior. 81 acres. 45% containment. 249 personnel. 5 crews, 16 engines and 3 helicopters. $550K CTD  #BuffaloFire


Coldwater Fire | NEW! | 15 mi SW of American Falls

Power County. Started on private land. Brush and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with running and spotting. 800 acres. 0% contained.  32 personnel. 1 helicopter. $20K CTD  #ColdwaterFire


Apple Fire | NEW! | 30 mi SE of Folsom

Cimarron District and New Mexico State Forestry.  Brush and grass.  4,083 acres. 0% contained.  93 personnel. 1 crew. 20 engines. $200K CTD #AppleFireNM

Buzzard Fire | 10 mi E of Reserve

Gila NF.  Min fire behavior. Rain fell over the fire line on Thursday, June 14, 2018 44,402 acres. 74% containment. 362 personnel. 7 crews, 8 engines, 3 helos. $11.6M CTD. #BuzzardFire

Cottonwood Fire | Vermejo Ranch area, Raton (private property)

Started 6/14/2018. Cause is unknown/under investigation. 12 miles N of Cimarron.  4 crews, 1 helicopter, 4 engines and 4 overhead team personnel. Began burning on private land. Colfax County. No risks to structures.

A Type 1 Blackhawk helo helped with water drops on the fire on Thursday and was due to return today.  Temporary Flight Restriction or TFR is in effect which states no aircraft including UAVs or Drones are allowed to fly over the fire scene. #CottonwoodFire

Crooked Fire | Crooked Canyon

In remote location in remote location on the northern portion of Guadalupe Ranger District. Approximately 3 acres. Detected 6/15/2018 @ 1116 hours MDT. #CrookedCanyonFire

San Antonio Fire | Valles Caldera National Preserve

NW area of preserve between Valle San Antonio and norther boundary.  425 acres. 100 fire personnel. Albuquerque Zone IMT Team 3 to take command 0800 on Saturday.  Started by lightning. 0% containment. #SanAntonioFire

Scraper Fire | Panama Ranch

Detected 6/15/2018 2 1036 hours.  Remote area of the Panama Ranch on the Guadalupe Ranger District on the Lincoln NF. 10 acres approximated. USFS fire personnel on fire line.  No risks to structures. #ScraperFire

Soldier Canyon Fire | 1 mi NE of Mescalero, New Mexico

Mescalero Agency (BIA).  Timber, brush and medium logging slash. Min fire behavior. 1,270 acres. 95% containment. 271 personnel. 7 crews, 10 engines, 2 helicopters. $3.5M CTD  #SoldierCanyonFire

Ute Park Fire | 1 mile east of Ute Park

Cimarron District/New Mexico State Forestry.  Timber, brush and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior.  36,740 acres. 95% contained.  68 personnel. 2 crews.  14 structures lost. $9M CTD #UteParkFire


Porter Fire | 2 mi S of Kenton

Oklahoma DOF.  Brush and short grass. Moderate fire behavior with creeping and single-tree torching. 5,036 acres. 60% contained. 36 personnel. 11 engines. $190K CTD. #PorterFire


Trail Mountain Fire | 15 mi NW of Orangeville

Manti-Lasal NF.  Timber and brush. Active fire behavior with uphill runs, group torching and short-range spotting.    9,554 acres. 10% containment.  620 personnel. 16 crews, 22 engines, 6 helicopters. 4 structure lost.  $3.8M CTD. #TrailMtnFire

Willow Creek Fire | 20 mi SE of Heber

Uinta-Wasatch Cache NF. 1,301 acres. 33% contained. 91 personnel. 2 crews, 3 engines, 1 helo.  $270K CTD  #WillowCreekFire


South Jameson Lake Fire | Sulphur Spring

Douglas County. Grass and brush. IC effective 1715. Dispatched @ 1233 hours PDT.  Showing as an open incident. 47.5 acres. Unknown status. #SouthJamesonLakeFire

Smith Canyon Number Two Fire | Smith Canyon Creek

Dispatched at 1451 thru Central WA Interagency Comm Center. IC effective 1925. Lumber, timber, brush and slash. 1 acre. Still showing as an open incident. #SmithCanyonCreekFire

Soap Lake Fire | 100% contained on 6/14/2018

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Photo Credit | Grant Co Fire District 13

Grant County.  Fire mobe resources were sent from across the State.  The Fire Marshal has been unable to determine the cause of the wildfire.  Contact the Grant County Fire Marshal if you have any information. 509-754-2011 ext. 3001. #SoapLakeFire #Milepost81Fire


Badger Creek Fire | 2 mi NW of Mountain Home

Medicine Bow-Routt NF.  Timber.  Active fire behavior with short crown runs, spotting and wind-drive runs. 11,192 acres. 0% contained. 349 personnel. 8 crews, 26 engines, 7 helicopters. 3 structures lost. $2.4M CTD  #BadgerCreekFire

Weintz Fire | NEW! | 5 mi SW of Hyattville

Bighorn County.  Brush and short grass.  Brush/short grass. Active fire behavior with running, flanking, spotting. Sage-grouse habitat threatened.  500 acres. 0% containment.  37 personnel. 10 engines. $10K CTD #WeintzFire

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