Washington Wildfires Scorch in the last 24 Hours | July 5, 2018

WASHINGTON STATE –  We do not have enough fingers to count all of the wildfires igniting all over the State but we do have this single post to bring to you what is burning out there.

WA DNR:  “We responded to 31 wildfire starts (human-caused fires) were very thankful to the public about being so cautious.  Extremely happy fires were small.”

Photo Credit | WA DNR


Little Camas Fire | Outside of Cashmere

Little Camas.  Timber and Slash. 300 acres (at last report).  BAT 21 (IC), BAT-22, CREW-15, CREW-52, CREW-74, E-672, FUELS-34, H-1MR, H-341, SE-140, SE-146. Dispatched @ 1201 hours. (Central WA Interagency Comm Center)


Salmon Hole | China Bar

Grass and brush. 7 acres.  BLM-13 E-6695, BLM E-842. IC Dave Patterson. Dispatched @ 1659 hours. (Central WA Interagency Comm Center)


South Bank Fire | Grays Harbor

Grass, brush and duff.  Dispatched @ 1405 hours.  Resources were reportedly en route. .5 acres. (Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center)


Fisherman Harbor Fire | Fisherman’s Harbor, Quilcene

Dispatched @ 1033 hours.  Controlled at 1311 hours.  Timber.  IC TJ Clavin.  (Olympic Region Dispatch)


Boise Creek Starburst | Enumclaw

Grass and slash.  IC WOHLMAN @ 0830 hours. Dispatched @ -0145 hours.  Controlled/Contained @ 0830 hours. (South Puget Sound Dispatch)


Riverside Cutoff Fire | Riverside Cutoff

Dispatched @ 0650 hours. 14.3 acres. Contained/controlled at 0907 hours.


Landing Camp | Elbe Hills

Timber and slash.  Dispatched at 1019 hours.  Contained/controlled @ 1020 hours. Fire is out.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch)


Alger Hill Fire |  Alger Mountain Rd  from Skarrup

Grass, brush.   .25 acres.  Dispatched @ 1656 hours.  Contained/Controlled at 1700 hours. 4 engines o/s with 1 overhead. 40-50% contained and mop-up initiated as listed.


Cape Horn Fire | Cape Horn.  Dispatched @ 0726 hours.  IC Omar Flores as of 0847 hours. .25 ac. (Columbia Cascade Comm Center)


Idaho Road Fire  | Liberty Lake County Park – Off Road Park

Spokane Co Fire District 8 fire crews (from Station 85)were dispatched @ 1300 hours along with Spokane Valley Firefighters. Grass, brush, reproduction, light and heavy timber. AR-28, AR-32 (IC as of 1655 hours) , AR-414, AR-422, HT-44, LOA-16, LOA-21, NC 40-CREW, NC 41-CREW and NE-12.  (DNR), plus SFCD8 and Spokane Valley FD. Resources on-scene @ 1447 hours. 8 acres.  Dispatched @ 1403 hours PDT.  (NE WA Interagency Comm Center)

Hog Lake  Fire, Hog Canyon Fire | Hog Lake

Grass, brush, and light timber.  AR-25, AR-31, AR-441, AR-445, AR-446, AR-450, BLM-21, C-6201, HT-41. IC (Turnbull) as of 1900 hours. Dispatched @ 1327 hours. Resources arrived on-scene @ 1405 hours.  (NE WA Interagency Comm Center)

Cedar Spot Fire | North Cedar Road

Slash.  AR-414 (IC). Slash fire fuels.  0.01 acre.  Dispatched @ 1051 hours. Contained at 1115 hours. Controlled @ 1133 hours. In patrol status.  (NE WA Interagency Comm Center)


Dry Gulch Fire | Dry Gulch.

E-12, NC-324, NC-326, IC (REIPE). Dispatched @ 1547 hours.  Resources o/s @ 1637 hours. PDT (NE WA Interagency Comm Center)

Virgil Way Fire | Nine Mile

Grasses, brush, reproduction and light timber.  Resources included 8 engines, 20-hand crew as AR-26C (IC), AR-26B, AR-442, AR-443, AR-447, AR-448, AR-449, AR-63, HT-42. Dispatched @ 1316 hours.  Resources on-scene include Stevens County Fire District 1 and WA DNR. 4.5 acres.  (NE WA Interagency Comm Center)

Cotton Trail Fire | Quartzite Mountain

Grass, brush and duff. 0.1 acre. Dispatched at 0959 hours.


Martin Way Fire | Martin Way, Lacey

Dispatched @ 1426 hours.  In Patrol status. Limited information

Runyon Fire | Rainier

Dispatched at 1230 hours PDT.  Grass, brush, timber.  IC EDWARDS. Resources o/s.  Contained @ 1800 hours. Controlled at 1845 hours. .5 acres.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch)


Haxton Way Fire | Near Silver River Casino

Dispatched at 1353 hours PDT.  Contained at 1500 hours.  Controlled at 1530 hours.  Grass and brush.  0.5 acre.  IC Richardson @ 1511 hours.  In Patrol status. (NW Region DNR Dispatch Center)

Lake Samish Fire | Lake Samish

Dispatched at 0001 hours. Grass, brush and slash.  PARKS ICT5 effective @ 1130 hours.   0.5 acres. In patrol status @ 1617 hours.  (NW Region DNR Dispatch Center)

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