Vantage, Washington | A wildfire ignited in the area of Silica Road and Old Vantage Highway/Road on Saturday, July 11, 2020 with local Fire District resources responding.  There was confusion with the name as local fire command was using VANTAGE COMMAND and DNR reporting under OLD VANTAGE ROAD FIRE to the SE WA IMT team calling it VANTAGE ROAD FIRE.

We have reached out to WA DNR to find out if this is a new fire or the same as their CAD is showing open but under a different fire name.  It appears to be the same as it was indicated a Task Force was on the ground before local fire units were going back into service. – Ed.

The fire was running east and bumping up against I-90.  Concerns were that the fire was going to jump the freeway and burn over on the overpass of the freeway. Some structures were threatened but local resources did a great job in protecting homes and other assets in the area.

Here is a timeline of how this incident has unfolded:

2201 PT | WA DNR resources were dispatched to the fire located on Old Vantage Road in Grant County.  IC:  Cawley-Murphee arrived on-scene on Sunday, July 12, 2020.  Additional resources deployed are:  BATT-602 BATT-603 CREW-6201 DIV-601 E-373 E-4102 E-4105 E-4202 E-4203 E-4205.   Fire is 100 acres of grass and brush scorched with an unknown containment status.

2203 PT | Fire reportedly burning in the area of Vantage Road near The Feathers. Multiple agencies responding. I-90 being impacted by smoke.  Fire behavior is active with wind-driven runs and threatening structures.  E4202 and SE Martin dispatched.

2222 PT | Structure protection in effect. Tenders 3621, 3121 refilled with water.

2226 PT | Vantage Command.  20 minutes on the incident clock.

================== Evacuations in effect ===================

2228 PT |  Level 1 evacuations in effect. Campers and climbers told to evacuate from Old Vantage Hwy, southwest of George due to impending fire in the area.


2233 PT | WA DNR fire assets and personnel dispatched at 2201 PT. E4202 and SE Martin. 50 acres. Grass and brush.  This is in Grant County, located on Silica Road.

2236 PT | Fire is pushing to the east towards structures and bumping up against I-90. Specialized tenders along with (2) Type 3’s are inbound.

2251 PT | I-90 and westbound Silica Rd shutting down by WSP.  Discussing detour routes.

2257 PT | East flank is now heading towards the North.  WSP asking for DOT to bring out VMS signs for I-90 road closures.

2358 PT | Fire is wind-driven, burning in light fuels and difficult terrain. WB I-90 at Silica Rd. was shutdown by the Washington State Patrol.

2301 PT | Firefighters working due diligently to get this fire under control.

2306 PT | Fire is located at I-90 milepost 143 at Silica Road.  Command Post is located inside the City limits of Vantage.

2309 PT | Fire near Old Vantage Highway on the Grant County side of the Columbia River. Not impacting the Town of Vantage which is further south on the opposite side of the river.  15-20 acres in heavy sage and is wind-driven. No structures lost.

2313 PT | Fire being called #OldVantageRoadFire by DNR. #VantageCommand by Fire Command. #VantageFire by us prior to fire incident being named.

2315 PT | Fire has burned up to the I-90 guardrail. Several units are patrolling. Federal resources are on-scene. No needs for state mobe yet. IC to assign a Division and have  Federal units being deployed.

2318 PT | North Flank: flames visible. Being assessed to see what the source is. Gates are now open. Wind has shifted from the west. This road was used in a previous fire but now it’s all thick growth and swampy.

2335 PT | Local units were going back into service with one rig on-scene. A task force was on the ground with a mix of USFS and WA DNR fire personnel.  They were assessing the scene.  As units were going back into service, another fire call came in. This was for an outside fire off of 262 East in Othello.

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