This is the Official report of Wildfires that are currently burning or have been put out on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, for the State of Washington.

========== CURRENT WILDFIRES ==========

GREEN MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Green Mountain.  AR 27, 61, E11, E74, E Zone 10, H339, NC26, 62, 7302, 7305, 7306 and 7307.  Dispatched 7/14/2020 1430 PT. On-scene 1517 PT. 9 acres. Open CAD Call.

LITTLE BUCK FIRE.  Little Buck Creek. Skamania County.  E4404, 4408, 4409 SE Miller dispatched 7/14/2020.  1906 Pt.  0.5 acres. Slash. IC: Field. Open CAD call.  Central Washington Communications Center.

MILEPOST 87 FIRE.  Thurston County. E8203, 8207, 8310, PC-E2402. Dispatched 1643 PT.  On-Scene. Open CAD Call. South Puget Sound Dispatch Center.

ROAD 11 FIRE.  Start 7/11/2020 1250 PT.  3-alarm Brush fire.  Burned west of SR172 near Road 11 moving northward. A change in the wind direction that day pushed the fire east towards the Town of Mansfield.

Photo Credit:  WSP Sgt. Moore

Level 2 evacuations were issued on 7/11/2020 and then lifted on 7/13/2020.

The fire went State Mobe.  The SE WA IMT Team 3 assumed control on 7/12/2020 at 0800 PT. It  transitioned control of the fire back over to the local Fire District on 7/15/2020 at 0800 PT.

There will be no night operations this evening. Fire is 90% contained.  Some internal flare-ups have been observed.

Photo(s) Credit: SE WA Interagency Incident Management Team

Total 9,330 acres burned.

Cause is under investigation.

Several structures were damanged.

Resources included:  20 engines, 1 excavator, 5 water tenders and 1 medical unit still on-scene.

========== PAST WILDFIRES ==========

DALTON FIRE.  Dalton Road.  Spokane County.  7/14/2020. Dispatched 1745 PT.  .01 acre. Patrol status.  Northeast Washington Communications Center.

FALLS FIRE.  Elliott Drive.  Spokane Conty. 7/14/2020.   Dispatched 1457 PT. AR 7403 (IC).  0.05 acre. Grass, brush, timber, duff.  Contained 7/14/2020 1615 PT.  Controlled 7/14/2020 1720 PT.  Patrol status.  Northeast Washington Communications Center.

WALDRICK FIRE.  Rainer.  Thurston County. 7/14/2020. Dispatched 1524 PT.  0.5 acre. Grass, brush.  IC: Happe.  Patrol Status.  South Puget Sound Communications Center.


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“Before heading out to building a campfire and roast s’mores, campers should check for burn restrictions in the area. 

Burn restrictions are placed locally to reduce the risk of wildfires, based on wind conditions, humidity levels, fuel loads and available resources.” 

~ Washington Fire Marshal

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