This is the Official report of Wildfires that are currently burning or have been put out on Tuesday, July 14, 2020, for the State of Arizona.

========== CURRENT WILDFIRES ==========

BIGHORN FIRE.  USFS – Coronado NF.  Start 7/5/2020. Lightning caused. IMT 2 (SW Team 4) transferred back control to local unit on 7/13/2020. 5 miles NE of Tucson.

Photo Credit | Tonto NF

119,541 acres.  89% contained.   Timber, brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior.  Creeping and smoldering.  Road and trail closures.

59 total personnel. 5 engines.  2 structures lost.  $44.1Million CTD.  — Cooperators:  Pima County, BAER, NWS Tucson, Chochise Co Emergency Alerts and Public Alerts, Chochise Co Sheriff’s Office, USGS Landslides Hazards Program, NWS Monsoon Tracker.

BLOSSOM FIRE.  I-10, mile marker 216. 0.1 acre. Dispatched 1314 MST.  AZ Dispatch Center. Open CAD call.

BLUE RIVER 2 FIRE.  BIA – San Carlos Agency.  IMT2 (SW Team 4). 15 miles NE of San Carlos.  2,800 acres.  0% contained.  Brush and short grass. Active fire behavior.  Running. Structures are under threat.

38 total personnel. 2 crews, 2 engines and 1 helicopter. $50,000 CTD.

BRINGHAM FIRE.  USFS – Apache-Sitgreaves NF. 22 miles N of Morenci.  Started 7/6/2020. Lightning caused.

Daytime photo of a desert landscape. Blue sky and clouds. Brown hills covered in green shrubs with a mountain in the background with a large column of white smoke billowing up into the sky, expanding as it rises, filling the air with smoke.

23,142 acres.  89% contained.

Timber, brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior.  Smoldering.  Structures threatened. Road, trail and area closures.

2 structures lost. $9.4Million CTD.  59 total personnel.  IC:  SW Team 4, IC: Schwope

Photo Credit | USFS – Apache – Sitgreaves National Forest

CHILTEPINES FIRE.  AZ DOF – Tucson District.  46 miles SW of Tucson.  334 acres. 0% contained.  Brush and tall grass. Moderate fire behavior.  Wind-driven runs, creeping and smoldering.

36 total personnel.  1 crew and 3 engines. $48,000 CTD.

JACKSON FIRE. BLM – Gila NF. 18 miles W of Pima.  North Santa Teresa Wilderness. Start 7/11/2020 1800 MST. Lightning caused.

Photo Credit | Gila NF

Jackson Fire-morning of 7-14-2020

2,143 acres. 0% contained. Brush and short grass. Moderate fire behavior. Flanking, backing and creeping.

15 Total personnel. 2 crews, 2 engines.  Under control of SEZ Type 3 IMT. $250,000 CTD.

MANGUM FIRE.  USFS – Kaibab NF. 24 miles SE of Fredonia.  Start 6/8/2020. 1500 MST.  Cause unknown; under investigation.

71,450 acres. 95% contained. Timber, brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior.  Creeping and smoldering.  Residences threatened.  Road, trail and area closures.

117 total personnel. 2 engines.  4 structures lost. $21.1Million CTD.

MONUMENT FIRE.  AZ DOF – Northern District. 30 miles NW of Ash Fork.  Started 7/5/2020. Lightning caused.

Photo Credit | AZ DOF

1,785 acres. 20% contained. Brush and short grass. Minimal fire behavior. Creeping, isolated torching and smoldering.

68 total personnel. 2 crews and 3 engines. $345,000 CTD.

NAVARRO FIRE.  AZ DOF-Tucson District. 13 miles W of Sahuarita.  Cooperators:  AZ DOF, AZ State Forestry.   Started Saturday by lightning near the Navarro Ranch. Fire had previously flared up on the west side overnight on July 13th but firefighters were able to stop and contain it.

Photo Credit | AZ DOF, AZ State Forestry


Yesterday, firefighters continued with structure protections and established a fire line. Evening thunderstorms were expected to impact the area and concerns for more sparked wildfires were on Fire Managers’ minds.

Only July 12, some precip fell over the fireline helping descrease activit but winds would pick up some smoldering areas causing new spot fires.

There were no evacuation orders issued at that time.

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On July 12th, there were 150 total personnel at the height of the fire from AZ DOF and AZ State Fire agencies.

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It was said that the fire was burning at one time in very heavy fuels and winds were a challenge to crews trying to contain it.  The fire was observed burning within the Sierrita Mountains with poor access to the fire line by arriving fire crews.

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2,306 acres. 75% contained.  Brush and grass.  115 total personnel 3 crews, 10 engines.  Minimal fire behavior observed within the interior of the fire.  Smoldering. Structures threatened.  $1Million CTD.

POLLES FIRE.  USFS – Tonto NF. IMT 1 (SW Team 2). 13 miles W of Payson. Start 7/3/2020. Lightning caused.

Photo Credit | Tonto NF

Light clouds of smoke rise from the Polles Fire the morning of July 6. The view is from the air and the smoke drifts to the right edge of frame.

628 acres. 85% contained.  Brush, short grass and slash. Minimal fire behavior. Creeping and smoldering. Area trail, road closures.

212 total personnel. 4 crews, 11 helicopters.  $4.3M CTD.

YANKEE JOE FIRE.  USFS – Tonto NF.  22 miles N of Globe in the Yankeejoe Canyon area.   Start 7/14/2020. Lightning caused.

Photo Credit | USFS – Tonto NF

300 acres.  Brush and tall grass. Minimal fire behavior.

22 total personnel. 3 engines. $20,000 CTD.

========== PAST WILDFIRES ==========

RODEO GROUNDS FIRE.  Hwy 60, milepost 383. Dispatched 1642 MST. Contained/controlled/out 1745 MST.  AZ Dispatch Center.


Photo Credit | AZ DOT


“Arizona DOT and others are helping AZ State Forestry spread the Fire Prevention message like wildfire.  Use Caution!” 

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