This is the Official report of Wildfires that are currently burning or have been put out on Wednesday, July 15, 2020, for the State of Washington.

========== CURRENT WILDFIRES ==========

GREEN MOUNTAIN FIRE.  Green Mountain. Stevens County.  9 acres. Slash, light to heavy timber.  IC: AR 61 as of 7/15/2020 0758 PT.  Resources assigned:  AR27, AR61, HI 40+crew, HI 41+crew, HI 42+crew, HI 43+crew.  Contained 7/15/2020 1745 PT. 30% mopped up.

GRANDVIEW FIRE.  Grandview Lane and Summit View Drive, Benton County.  Natural cover fire.  Dispatched 1455 PT.

Photo(s) Credit | BCFD1

60 acres. Grass and brush. IC:  Benton Co Fire District 1 Nichols.

Cooperators:  BCFD1, BCFD2, Franklin Co FD3, West Benton Fire & Rescue, Franklin County FD5, Kennewick FD and Richland FD.  Dispatched 7/15/2020 1455 PT.  Open CAD call.

========== PAST WILDFIRE INCIDENTS ==========

TEANS.  False alarmWatson Drive.  Okanogan County.  BR1522, SO25, SO7206.  0.1 acre. Dispatched 1726 PT. On improved property, no DNR jurisdiction. False Alarm.  Northwest Washington Dispatch Center.

FALSE VALLEY.   False alarm. Whitley Road. Douglas County.  Dispatched 1724 PT. On improved property, no DNR jurisdiction.  Northeast Washington Dispatch Center.

MCKENZIE STUMP FIRE.  NW Newman Lake Drive.  Spokane County. 0.01 acre. Grass and timber.   IC: 7401.  Dispatched 1723 PT.  Contained 1820 PT. Controlled 1840 PT.  Northeast Washington Dispatch Center.

FLINT FIRE.  Sunset Hwy.  Spokane County.  0.5 acre. Grass and brush.  IC:  7403.  Dispatched 1358 PT.  Contained 1452 PT. Controlled 1545 PT.  Northeast Washington Dispatch Center.

PARTY ROCK FIRE.  French Cabin Creek.  Kittitas County.  0.1 acre. brush, light timber.  Dispatched 1130 PT.  Contained/controlled 1425 PT.  (2nd Fire)  FRENCH CABIN FIRE.  Same location and acreage.  Dispatched 0934 PT. IC  Jeremy Johnson.  Contained/Controlled 1129 PT. (1st Fire).  Central Washington Communications Center.

LOWER RIVER II FIRE.  Lower River Road.  Clark County.  0.1 acre. Grass, brush and fuff. IC:  Rosander.  E2201 Dispatched 1511 PT.  Contained 1550 PT. Controlled 1700 PT.   Puget Sound Interagency Communications Center.


“Campfires are a significant cause of wildfires around the State.  Don’t start campfires in windy weather or dry conditions, keep fires small and manageable at all times.  Never leave a campfire unattended.” – WA Fire Marshal

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