There are multitudes of wildfires burning in the State of Washington with several in the Okanogan County, as well as others.  Here is a recap of both new and on-going wildfire incidents for Tuesday, July 28, 2020.


Badger Fire

Badger Canyon Road. Start 7/24/2020. Dispatched 1755 PT.  250 acres. Grass and Brush. IC: Ahshpanek as of 7/26/2020 1315 PT. Incident # SPD-371/PD NA8L/221-CSS. Dispatch Center. CWC.

Photo Credit | Benton Co Sheriff’s Office

Possible cause of the fire is from an individual target practice shooting. Residents say it is legal in this area.   BLM issued fire restrictions order on July 3rd for those in Eastern Washington stating that target shooting with the use of exploding targes is prohibited. – however, it is legal and gives tips on fire prevention.  It does say explicitly if target shooters start wildfires, they may be responsible for the cost of fire suppression.

Photo Credit | Benton Co PUD

“Fire Danger Forecast: 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙔 𝙃𝙄𝙂𝙃/𝙀𝙓𝙏𝙍𝙀𝙈𝙀……

When the fire danger is 𝙑𝙀𝙍𝙔 𝙃𝙄𝙂𝙃, fires will start easily from most causes. The fires will spread rapidly and have a quick increase in intensity, right after ignition. Small fires can quickly become large fires and exhibit extreme fire intensity, such as long-distance spotting and fire whirls. These fires can be difficult to control and will often become much larger and longer-lasting fires.
When the fire danger is 𝙀𝙓𝙏𝙍𝙀𝙈𝙀, fires of all types start quickly and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious and can spread very quickly with intense burning. Small fires become big fires much faster than at the “very high” level. Spot fires are probable, with long-distance spotting likely. These fires are very difficult to fight and may become very dangerous and often last for several days.” – Benton County FD#1

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Colockum Fire

Start 7/24/2020. Dispatched 1755 PT. Kingsbury Road. 2,967 acres. Grass and brush.  90% contained.  Mop-up operations in effect. IC: SE WA IMT Escobar has turned the fire operations back over to the local Type 4 IC.

Photo Credit | Lincoln County Fire District #1

NE WA ICC, Team 2. WA DNR. Wenatchee Community and Chelan County Fire District 1, along with State and Federal agencies.  Resources originally dispatched were E-4202 and SE-Burris. Incident #: SES-370/PN NA7W/CBG-221.  Dispatch Center:  CWC.



WILDFIRE.  3rd Alarm Brush fire. US 2, mile post 151, near Waterville. Dispatched 1758 PT. Incident #DGEN-394/CSU-221.

Incident Cooperators:  SE WA Interagency IMT.  DCSO.

Photo Credit | Douglas County Sheriff’s Office

LEVEL 3 EVACUATIONS ” Lifted” for –> 1275 Road 2 NW; Road 2 NW from Hwy 2 to Road L NW; Road 3 NW from Road O to Road L NW.

ROAD CLOSURES —> Road 2 NW from Hwy 2 to Road K NW; Road 3 NW from Road O to Road K NW.


Granite Lake Fire

NEW!  Granite Lake Road. AR63 (IC), AR25, 7403, 7404, 7406 C6201, E531. Dispatched 1813 PT. 1 acre grass, brush, reproduction. Resources on-scene 1830 PT. Incident #NES-1734/ADU-221. Dispatch Center: NEC.



SMOKE CHECK.  Springdale.  Dispatched 2108 PT. AR61 and 7412 en route 2136 PT.

Nine Mine Fire

NEW!  Nine Mine Road. 7302 (IC) as of 1100 PT. E12, NC26, 62, 7302 on-scene at 1727 P. 0.1 acre. Incident #NES-173/ADT-221. Dispatch Center; NEC.


“Effective immediately, Washington State DNR has banned all outdoor burning, with the exception of recreational fires in approved fire pits due to the rapidly increasing fire danger and high temperatures. There are currently multiple wildfires in Okanagan County which is stretching available resources.

As Stevens County’s burn rules mirrors the DNR criteria, the same now applies to Stevens County areas. Please keep in mind if your recreational fire escapes, you are liable for all damage and restitution.” – Stevens County Sheriff’s Office.
“As Stevens county mirrors DNR, this is now effective in throughout Stevens county as well per the Stevens county Sheriffs Office.  Please keep in mind if your recreational fire escapes, you are liable for all damage and restitution.” – Stevens Co FD#5

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Fox Ridge Fire

ON-GOING FIRE.   East Olympia.  0.5 acre grass, brush and slash.  IC brunton. Dispatched 7/21/2020 1716 PT. Out 7/28/2020 1140 PT. Incident #SPS-96/221-FAZ. Dispatch Center:  SPS.

Milepost 102 Fire

NEW!  I-5. 1 acre. Grass, brush and timber. IC Hanley. DNR 32,  E8203, 8310 and 8312. On-scene. Dispatched 1804 PT. Incident #SPS-113/221-FBM.  Dispatch Center:  SPS.

Milespost 98 Fire

NEW!  I-5 at milepost 97-98. 0.5 acre. Grass, brush and light timber. IC Brunton. Dispatched 1330 PT. Incident #SPS-112/221-FBL. Dispatch Center: SPS.

Rainier Road 2 Fire

NEW!  Rainier Road SE.  0.1 acre. Grass, brush. IC Sheets. Dispatched 1240 PT. In patrol status. Incident #SPS-111/FBK-221. Dispatch Center: SPS.

183rd Fire

ON-GOING FIRE.  Rochester. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush. IC: Sheets. Start 7/21/2020. Dispatched: 1404 PT. Contained/controlled 7/21/2020 1450 PT. Out 7/28/2020 1225 PT. Incident #SPS-93/FAW-221. Dispatch Center; SPS.


Anglin / Green Fires

Both the ANGLIN and GREEN FIRES are under the single control of a NE WA Interagency IMT Type 3, Team 3 IC Dean Kiefer.  There are approximately 300 total personnel for both fire incidents.

ICP is located at the Tonasket HS in Tonasket.  Incident Cooperators:  WA DNR, Okanogan County Sheriff Office, Okanogan County Emergency Management Agency, NE WA Type 3 IMT, Team 2, Tonasket HS, Red Cross, Okanogan County PUD. Lincoln County Fire District #1.

Anglin Fire

Started 7/27/2020, Monday.

Resources today include IC Dean Kiefer, a Type 3 IMT managing fire operations.  Fire is 80% lined. 1,000 acres.

ROAD CLOSURES —> Rehmke Road at Siwash Road.  North siwash Creek road at Havillah Road, except for residents who live on these roads.

LEVEL 3 EVACUATIONS —> Cayuse and Island Mountain areas, all of Rehmke Road.

RED CROSS SHELTER LINE —-> Call 509-670-5331 if you need shelter. Due to COVID, you will need to make an appointment.

Green Fire

The GREEN FIRE also started yesterday and it is burning off of Tunk Creek Road and about 12 miles NE of Riverside.  It is about 1 mile NW of Synarep. The fire started on 7/27/2020 around 1600 hours PT and it too was picked up by winds, high temps and low RH.  Crews were able to get a full line around the fire and will continue with mop-up operations.

The fire has burned 700 acres. 100% lined.  There is the NC 40+ crew on-scene.

ROAD CLOSURES —>   JH Green Road is closed due to heavy fire traffic and poor road conditions.  Those who live on this road will be allowed in.

LEVEL 1 EVACUATIONS —> Chewiliken Road, JH Green Road and surrounding areas.

Cause is due to a traffic collision that caused a car fire which spread quickly into the wildland interface.  This occurred in the 1200 block of Tunk Creek Road, near JH Green Road.


Report Fires on DNR-owned/managed Lands


Okanogan Emergency Alert System

“Opting IN will enable Okanogan County Emergency Management to provide residents with critical information when it is needed to give you an opportunity to take action and be in the know.” – Okanogan County Emergency Management.

“Put campfires out before leaving the US National Forest! . Keep campfires small. Never leave fires unattended. Put them DEAD OUT and cold to the touch before leaving.” – USFS

Image may contain: text that says 'SMOKEY HOW TO COMPLETELY EXTINGUISH A CAMPEIRE Drown and stir the coals with metal shovel and drown again Feel with the back of your hand to ensure it's not smoldering Turn wood and coals to wet all sides Shovel on some dirt and mix fully smother it ONLY YOU CAN PREVENT WILDFIRES SMOKEYBEAR.COM'

https://www.okanogandem.org/opt-in-page?fbclid=IwAR3t8sVjHtO7pIm7J8OhqQjRD4mZYl25miQfUYvfKFQj871Z4FQITzi4tOM (link to Alert System)

https://www.facebook.com/Okanogan.County.Emergency.Management (County’s Facebook page).

Okanogan Animal Shelter

For those who need temporary animal shelter, call the Okanogan Fairgrounds Manager at 509-322-1621 to make arrangements.  An alternative are the Tonasket Rodeo grounds. Call  Roger Sawyer at 509-429-8036.

Be Alert!  Fire Weather

“Heads up! In addition to the heat today, there is a Red Flag Warning in effect for the western slopes of the central Cascades. With warmer temperatures, it is equally as important to be careful with any sources of ignition, especially around dry fuel! #wawx” – NWS Seattle


Fire Prevention Tips

“Are you smoke ready? Wildfires and smoke are a natural part of living in the fire adapted landscapes of the West. Be safe this #wildfire season by preparing your family before smoke is in the air. Visit epa.gov/smoke-ready-to for resources. #SmokeReady #FireAdapted “- WA DNR


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