SIT REP 3 | SEPTEMBER 16, 2020


The ARCHIE CREEK FIRE is burning 20 miles east of Glide and just east of Roseburg in the north Umpqua drainage on the west slope of the Cascades.

The fire broke out and quickly spread to state, private and federal lands in the State of Oregon on September 8, 2020 from an unknown cause. It is currently under investigation.

Forecasted weather is expected to push smoke from the west to the east for some relief for residents and firefighters alike.


Fire behavior is moderate with group torching, short-range spotting and flanking.  The fire has destroyed 125,489 acres of timber.  There is a 20% containment status that has been reached as of today.


Management of this fire will transfer to the SA Red Team, an Type 1 IMT on September 18, 2020.

About 773 total personnel are assigned to this incident along with 11 crews, 26 engines and 3 helicopters.  This increased by 125 additional personnel this morning, as Officials received an extra boost from the Oregon National Guard which are helping to hold containment lines among other tasked responsibilities.

Firefighters will continue to work in the Little River area constructing and holding containment lines.

Repopulation Info –>IDLEYLD residents have been approved by the Douglas County Sheriff’s office to return to their homes on Thursday, 9/17/2020 from 12 noon to 7pm.  Fire Managers and the Sheriff’s Department urge residents to be careful when driving in the area and for falling hazards such as trees and debris.

Eastern area:  The fire is being allowed to slowly burn by backing down the hill towards Panther Creek to enable crews to use the road as a fire break.

Northern area:  From Hwy 138E, crews are scouting, constructing both primary and secondary containment lines from Canton Creek into Upper Rock Creek area.

Southern area:  Containment lines from South Calapooya Creek down to Glide are holding.

Structure protection is in place for Little River Road.

Four helicopters and two SEATs were grounded for another day due to heavy smoke hanging in the air and making it unsafe for them to fly.  They are readily available once the smoke clears.


As of date, there has been 112 structures lost with 1,545 homes still threatened. 7 other structures were damaged.

The breakdown on the acreage destroyed is as follows:

  • 62,623 acres – Private lands
  • 38,536 acres – BLM lands
  • 24,300 acres – USFS lands
  • 39 acres – OR State owned land

The total cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached $4.7 Million Dollars.


Evacuation Shelter –> Douglas Co Sheriff Office

Air Quality –> OR DOEQ

Road Closures –>

Umpqua NF Closures –>


Disclaimer | All organizations have been deemed per the original poster, a government agency.  If you wish to donate funds, please always check to make sure they are legitimate before providing your personal or financial information. We do not take responsibility for any discrepancies as we do our best to report information gleaned from legitimate sources.

Glide Helping Hands  – Food and Clothing Distribution Center

  • Call 541.733.6860.
  • Leave message on how you wish to help them.

Greater Douglas United Way – Human Services Organization

Douglas Timber Operators / Umpqua Fisheries Enhancement Derby

  • Provides direct relief to communities and individuals
  • Provides financial assistance for food and supplies, etc.
  • Specifically for those impacted by the Archie Creek Fire
  • www://

Saving Grace – Human Services organization

Red Cross – National/International Disaster Relief Organization

  • Staged at the Douglas County Fairgrounds
  • Check for needs


  • Donations can be dropped off at the Roseburg DHS building
  • 738 W Harvard, Roseburg, OR
  • Taking donations until 9/18/2020
  • Accepting donations at 9am – 4pm

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