SIT REP 1 | September 16, 2020

Foreground - a very black, charred drainage. Middle ground - homes and out buildings surrounded by a charred landscape. Background - a steep, rocky mountain rises and is very black with little unburned vegetation. Green conifers are scattered throughout.
Photo Credit: WA DNR

This is a newly reported incident for us as we have been working to catch up on wildfires burning in the Northwest, specifically in Washington and Oregon States.

This wildfire named the APPLE ACRES FIRE is burning about three miles northeast of Chelan, Washington State that ignited on September 7, 2020 from an unknown cause. It is currently under investigation.

This incident is currently under a Local IMT Type 4 which consists of personnel representing WA DNR, USFS, and BLM.  Command is based at the Chelan High School

The fire has destroyed 5,573 acres of grass, timber and brush with a 99%containment status.  As the fire nears containment, they will be mitigating unburned fuels inside the perimeter which may cause visible smoke to area communities. Mop-up operations near structures are also on effect.

A total of 10 total personnel are still assigned to this incident along with three engines.

Evacuation Information :

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