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FIRE FACT | The Northwest has been upgraded to a Preparedness Level 5, as of July 14, 2021. – NWCC

Oregon Wildfires

BOOTLEG FIRE – 23 miles east of Chiloquin; 11 miles northeast of Town of Sprague River

Division K Bootleg Fire July 16th
Bootleg Fire – Credit: USFS

Fremont-Winema NF (USFS). NW Team 2, an IMT Type 1 Team with ODF Team 10, an IMT Type 2 Team. Timber, brush and closed timber litter. Extreme fire behavior with crowning, running and spotting. Numerous structures, including energy infrastructure are threatened. Evacuation orders/notifications activated. Road and Area closures in effect.

RED FLAG WARNING > 7/16/2021 1400 PT to 7/17/2021 2000 PT > Expected very dry/unstable conditions, which will support extreme fire behavior with locally generated erratic and gusty winds. Spotting could be a big problem. Winds due to be sustained between 15-20 mph with gusts up to 30 mph. RH from 8-12%.

SMOKE IMPACTS > Drivers will be able to see large plumes of smoke from OR State Hwy 140, Sprague River Hwy, Chiloquin and surrounding areas.

FIRE FACT | There were five new wildfires reported for a total of 5,003 total acres, while Washington had 10 for a total of 91 acres. – NWCC

Started 7/6/2021 around 1342 hours PT. 241,496 acres. 7% contained. 1,921 total personnel 38 crews, 185 engines and 12 copters. 75 structures lost with a price tag of $13.6 Million for fire suppression and containment costs-to-date.

BRULER FIRE – 9 miles south of Detroit Lake

A photo of the Bruler Fire on July 12, 2021 in the evening
Bruler Fire – Credit: US FS

USFS – Willamette NF. NW Team 13, an IMT Type 2 team. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, flanking and short-range spotting. closed timber litter, timber litter and understory, as well as heavy logging slash. Burning near the Forest Service Road 11 (Straight Creek Road/Quartzville Rd) and FS Rd 1133. Area, road and trail closures in effect.

Started 7/12/2021 from an unknown cause around 1255 hours PT. 156 acres with a 0% containment status. 207 total personnel alongside three crews, 15 engines and one copter. $525,000 CTD.

DARLENE FIRE – 2 miles SE of La Pine

Photo of a man in fire clothes using a chainsaw to cut a smoldering tree.
Darlene Fire – Credit: BLM

BLM – Prineville District. NW Team 6, an IMT 2 team. Timber and brush. Moderate fire behavior with creeping, smoldering and backing. Structures are being threatened. Road closures in effect.

FIRE FACT | Nationally speaking, as of today – there are 70 wildfires that have been destroyed over one-million (1.061) acres across the US. – NIFC

LEVEL 2 Evacuations (previously Level 3 evacuations) > All homes south of La Line off of Darlene Way to to the Deschutes/Klamath county Line, including Old Ice Cave Road.

LEVEL 1 Evacuations (reduced from the previous Level 2 evacuations) > Areas south of the Deschutes/Klamath County line including most of township 23 east of Hwy 97. Also, includes Sun Forest Estates, Split Rail and Antelope Meadows.

EVACUATION maps > https://deschutes.org/emergency

SHELTER NEEDS > Call Red Cross if you need assistance, by calling them at 1-888-680-1455.

Started 7/13/2021 at 1330 hours PT. Reported 7/15/2021. Unknown cause. Under investigation. 686 acres with a 5% containment status. 201 total personnel with 5 crews, 11 engines. 15 structures have been lost. $500,000 CTD.

DELANCY FIRE – Unknown location, on the OK – WEN NF

Started 7/11/2021 from Lightning. NW Team 8 (IC Stock), an Type 2 IMT. 0% containment. Active fire behavior. Timber.

ELBOW CREEK FIRE – 26 miles northeast of Elgin

USFS – Umatilla NF. Timber and brush. Extreme fire behavior with torching, spotting and running. It is moving to the northeast from the Grande Ronde River drainage and about 31 miles southeast of Walla Walla, Washington. Structures under threat. Area closure in effect.

9,000 acres with a 0% containment status.

GAME HOG FIRE – 22 miles northwest of Forest Grove

Burning in the Tillamook State Forest. Timber and slash north of Hwy 6. Originally, sparked on July 3, 2021 from an unknown cause that is under investigation. All was quiet on 7/14/2021 but winds picked up and so did the fire behavior.

Incident cooperators include: ODF, Columbia city, Astoria, North Cascades, Forest Grove and the West OR District (Polk County), as well as Hampton and Stimson Lumber Companies. Known also as the Game Hog Creek Fire.

GRANDVIEW FIRE – 10 miles northeast of Sisters

Dozers working through the night on the Grandview Fire, trees torching
Grandview Fire – Credit: ODF

ODF – Sisters Unit. ODF Team 2, an IMT Type 1 team. Timber and brush. Minimal fire behavior with backing, creeping and smoldering. Structures threatened. Evacuations are in effect, along with area and road closures.

FIRE FACT | There are more than 17,70 wildland firefighters and support personnel and 32 Type 1 and Type 2 IMT teams deployed nationally. – NIFC

Started 7/11/2021 around 1300 hours PT from an unknown cause (under investigation). 5,971 acres with a 20% containment status. 822 total personnel with 23 crews, 58 engines. $5.4 Million CTD.

GREEN RIDGE FIRE – 31 miles east of Walla Walla, on the OR side

USFS – Umatilla NF. NW Team 7, an IMT Type 2 team. IC: Jason Loomis. Short grass, hardwood and timber. Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs, group torching and short-range spotting. Structures under threat. Area, road and trail closures in effect.

595 acres with 15% containment status. 280 total personnel with seven crews, one helicopter, six engines, one dozer and three water tenders. $7.5 Million CTD.

JACK FIRE – 31 miles east of Roseburg

Jack Fire 7-9-21
Jack Fire – Credit: USFS

USFS – Umpqua NF. NW Team 9, an IMT Type 2 team. Timber, closed timber litter and brush. Active fire behavior with short-range spotting, isolated torching and flanking. Structures and energy infrastructure under direct threat. Evacuation orders/notifications activated. 243 structures are still under threat. Area, road and trail closures are in effect.

FIRE FACT | There are 32 Type 1 and 2 IMT teams that are working tirelessly managing wildfire incidents. – NIFC

LEVEL 2 (GET SET) > All homes and businesses located between MP 43 and 51 on Hwy 138E and the Dry Creek Community.

LEVEL 1 (BE READY) > All homes and businesses between MP 38 and 43 on Hwy 138E, including Steamboat Inn and all residents on Brindle Bug Road and Steelhead Caddis Road.

LEVEL 0 (No longer under evac notifications/orders) > All businesses and homes between MP 55 and 60 on Hwy 138E, Slide Creek Village, Toketee Village and Clearwater Villages.

EVACUATION MAPS > http://www.dcso.com/evacuations

Started 7/5/20201. Cause unknown and under investigation. 16,667 acres with 25% containment status. 745 total personnel with 18 crews, Five aircraft, six dozers and 33 engines. $8.5 Million CTD. Four injuries were reported.

LEWIS ROCK FIRE – 4 miles south of Mitchel

ODF – John Day Unit. Short grass and timber. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.

368 acres. 95% contained. 58 total personnel Two crews and four engines. $3.5 Million CTD.

LICK CREEK FIRE – 15 miles southeast of Pomeroy, on the OR side

Lick Creek Fire
Lick Creek Fire – Credit: USFS

USFS – Umatilla NF. PNW Team 3, an IMT Type 1 team. Timber and closed timber litter. Active fire behavior with short crown runs, flanking and torching. Structures threatened. Evacuations orders/notices are activated. Area, road and trail closures in effect.

FIRE FACT | There are currently 70 wildfires burning across the Nation in ID, MT, OR, AZ, CA, AK, WA, WY, NM, CO, UT and MN. – NIFC

Started around 7/10/2021 at 0800 hours PT. Caused by lightning. 64,792 acres. 30% contained. 686 total personnel with 13 crews, 58 engines and six copters. Six structures have been lost. $7.5 Million CTD.

LOG FIRE – 23 miles northwest of Paisley

Fremont-Winema NF (USFS). Timber and brush. Active fire behavior with running, torching and spotting. Area and road closures in effect.

4,830 acres with a 0% containment status. 0 personnel showing assigned. $200,000 CTD.

FIRE FACT | Nationally speaking, there have been a total of 34,596 wildfires to date burning, over 2.36 Million acres. This is more wildfires we have had in 2012! – NIFC

Washington Wildfires

BADGER GULCH FIRE – Unknown exact location in Klickitat County

Per Wildcad.net — Dispatched E4402, E4403, E4404, E4405 and KLICK26 were dispatched 7/16/2021 at 1359 PT to a Lat/Long of 45 51.990, -120 39.696. 25 acres of grass, shrub and timber have been destroyed. IC Barthlow in command.

CEDAR CREEK FIRE – 15 miles northwest of Winthrop

photo taken by air attack- overview of Delancy and Varden Fires
Cedar Creek Fire – Credit: USFS

USFS – Okanogan-Wenatchee NF. NW Team 8, an Type 2 IMT. Varden Fire has merged with the Cedar Creek Fire but is also listed under this fire name only. Timber, medium slash and short grass. Active fire behavior with short crown runs, backing and short-range spotting. Residences are under threat. Area, road and trail closures are in effect.

Multiple wildfires ignited from wildfre within the boundaries of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. Started by lightning. 2,899 acres with a 0% containment status. 363 total personnel with 9 crews, 22 engines and three copters. $2.1 Million CTD.

CLOSED. SR 20 closed until further notice from the WSDOT and/or WA DNR. Use alternate: US2 at I-90 due to no local detours in the area.

CHOPAKA GREEN FIRE – Chopaka in Okanogan County

Wildcad.net — Call dispatched 1403 hours PT for the following resources: E692, HI7106, HI7110, HI7112 arrived on-scene at 1430 hours PT. 1 acre. No new updates.

CHUWEAH CREEK FIRE – 4 miles north of Nespelem

Chuweah Creek Fire view from north of Keller Butte
Chuewah Creek Fire – Credit: USFS

Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) – Colville Agency. NW Team 12, an IMT Type 2. Tal grass and timber. Active fire behavior with group torching, spotting and flanking. Structures are under threat. Area and road closures are in effect.

Started on July 12, 2021 around 1700 hours PT. 34,694 acres with a 20% containment status. 174 total personnel with 2 crews, 14 engines and one copter. Seven structures have been destroyed. $1.8 Million CTD.

CUB CREEK 2 FIRE – Cub Creek, North of Winthrop in Okanogan County

Fast-moving wildfire north of Winthrop. Evacuations are in progress.

Per Wildcad.net — Resources BATT-41 CREW-43 E-7202 E-7205 E-7206 E-7208 E-7209 E-7210 E-7211 SO-25 were dispatched on Friday, July 16, 2021 at 1327 hours to the CUB CREEK 2 FIRE incident, where 2,000 acres of grass, shrub and timber have been consumed. B41 is the IC of this incident.

LEVEL 3 EVACUATIONS IN EFFECT > GO NOW! > Eastside Chewuch Road; North of the West Chewuch Road towards Eight Mile; River Bend Drive; Cottonwood Lane; South Heaton Road.

LEVEL 2 EVACUATIONS IN PROGRESS > Diamond T Road; Old Cabin Road; Fiddlers Road; Bear Flight Road; Three Seasons Road; Lonesome Grouse Road; Eklund Road.

SHELTER > Liberty Bell Elementary School – Eagle Gym.

FISH LAKE FIRE – Fish Lake, Spokane County

Per Wildcad.net – call dispatched 1641 hours PT. 0.3 acres of timber and understory. Fire has been 100% lined as of 1753 hours PT and about 25% mopped up. Resources include: AR7403 and AR7404 assigned to this incident.

GODDARD ROAD FIRE – Goddard Road in Stevens County

Wildcad.net — Call dispatched 7/16/2021 at 1343 hours PT. Resources include: AA4TS/653 C 101 Capt 11 E 11 E Zone 10 FB 201 FB 202 FB 206 FB 207 FB 210 FB 212 FB 244 H 341 LOA 15 NC 26 NC 30 NC 62 NC 7301 NC 7303 NC 7305 NC 7306 NCR Crew NE 10 NE 18 NE 22 T 152. Resources arrived on-scene at 1415 hours PT. Ground and air resources working fire. A type 3 IMT is on order. 300 acres. 0% contained.

LYLE HILL FIRE – Just outside out of the town of Lyle

Started on 7/12/2021 around 1930 hours PT, about 3,000 feet northeast of Lyle. Total 46 personnel. IC is Leonard Johnson. Turned back command to local WA DNR Type 4 IMT. About 135 acres. 90% contained. Tall grass, timber, dormant brush and hardwood slash. Fire behavior is minimal with smoldering.

RED APPLE FIRE – 2 miles southeast of Cashmere

May be an image of fire and outdoors
Red Apple Fire – Credit: WSDOT

WA DNR – SE Region. OSC Team 1, an Type 1 IMT. Tall grass and brush. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs, torching and smoldering, Evacuation orders/notices are in effect. On July 14, 2021, the WA Department of Transportation stated there were about 10 different brush fires that were burning on northbound I-5 from Lewis into Thurston Counties and up along US 101 to the Mason County line. On the same date, there were three fires between MP 165-170.

11,000 acres. 10% contained. 182 total personnel with three crews and 35 engines. $480,000 CTD.

Credit: Media

SUMMIT TRAIL FIRE – 17 miles west of Inchelium

BIA – Colville Agency. NO Team 10, an Type 2 IMT team. Medium slash, timber and brush. Active fire behavior with wind-driven runs, spotting and group torching. Structures are under direct threat.

2,260 acres. 0% containment. Total of six personnel. Two engines. $5,000 CTD.

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