This is the July 17, 2021, Sit Rep for all Washington and Oregon wildfires.

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1. Bootleg Fire

May be an image of fire and outdoors
Bootleg Fire | Credit: Klamath County

The BOOTLEG FIRE is located 23 miles east of Chiloquin, 11 miles northeast of the Town of Sprague and 28 miles northeast of Klamath Falls, Oregon in the Fremont-Winema National Forest.

With dry and drought conditions, this fire was sparked by an unknown ignition on July 6th around 1342 hours in the afternoon, which is currently under investigation. Fire behavior continues to be extreme with crowning, running, spotting and more significant in other locations inside the fire perimeter. At night, poor RH recovery is causing the fire the spread even greater.

Fire management of this fire is under Joe Hessel, Lance Lightly and Rob Allen, that represent the following teams IMT 1 (NW Team 2), IMT 1 (ODF Team 1) and IMT 2 (NW Team 10). There are 2,106 personnel assigned to this incident along with resources, which include 44 crews, 195 engines,

There has been 281,208 acres of timber, brush and closed timber litter destroyed, along with 75 structures.

Evacuations >

Lake County Emergency Alerts >

Klamath County Emergency Alerts >

Cost-to-date has reached a whopping $15.8 Million Dollars.

2. Bruler Fire

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Bruler Fire | Credit: USFS

The BRULER FIRE is located nine miles south of Detroit in between the Detroit and Sweet Home Ranger Districts in Oregon. Fire is burning near the junction of Forest Service Road 11 (Straight Creek Road/Quartzville Road) and Forest Service Road 1133, near Detroit Lake. This wildfire made it presence, when it ignited on July 12, 2021, from an unknown cause.

It is being managed by a Type 2 Northwest IMT, Team 13. More resources are on order and are expected to arrive in the next few days. There are currently 182 total personnel assigned along with three crews, 11 engines and one aircraft.

Today, it has burned 156 acres and has a zero-percent containment status. Fire behavior remains moderate with creeping, flanking and short-range spotting.

Fire officials have projected to have this incident contained by Saturday, July 24, 2021.

Cost-to-date: $910,000.

3. Log Fire

The LOG FIRE is located about 21 miles northwest of Paisley, Oregon, on the Fremont-Winema National Forest. This fire started on July 12, 2021, from an unknown cause.

There has been 7,626 acres of timber and brush burned. there is a zero-percent containment status. Fire behavior remains active with running, torching and spotting.

Fire suppression and containment efforts have reached a total to date of $600,000.

4. Chuweah Creek Fire

Chuweah Creek Fire view from north of Keller Butte
Chuweah Fire | Credit: Colville Agency

About four miles north of Nespelem, Washington, the CHUWEAH CREEK FIRE is burning on Bureau of Indian Affairs lands managed by the Colville Agency. This incident broke out on July 12, 2021 from an unknown cause.

There has been 34,694 acres of tall grass and timber consumed. Fire behavior is active with single-tree torching, flanking and backing. There is a 25% containment status reached.

There are 275 total personnel on the fire line along with six hand crews, 19 engines, five dozers, seven water tenders, two copters and one fixed wing aircraft.

Numerous structures are threatened.

Evacuations > Town of Nespelem, Keller, buffalo Lake, McGinnis Lake communities; San Poil Valley/Hwy 21 corridor from South Nanamkin to the Keller Ferry >> LEVEL 1

Evacuations > Owhi Flats; east of Owhi Lake; residents along Cache Creek Road > LEVEL 2.

Closed > Cache Creek Rd; Buffalo Lake Rd between Manilla and Cache Creek Road; Cache Creek (Agency) Cut Off Road.

11 structures have been destroyed.

Cost-to-date: $2 Million.

5. Red Apple Fire

The RED APPLE FIRE was originally called the IRISH LANE FIRE as listed in WA DNR’s system and would later have the fire name changed for its location. It is located about two miles southeast of Cashmere (Chelan County), Washington.

It ignited on July 13, 2021 from an unknown cause and reported to RIVERCOM at 1855 hours PT.

Cashmere on 7/16 Credit: Celeste Prescott
Red Apple Fire | Credit: WA DNR – SE Region

There has been 11,111 acres of tall grass, sage and brush destroyed. There is a 51% containment status reached.

About 300 fire personnel are still actively working on this incident under the command of the CA Interagency Incident Team 1.

The IC at the helm is Jerry McGowan, CIIMT1. They assumed command on Friday, July 16, 2021, at 1800 hours PT. Additionally, there are three crews and 35 engines.

Fire behavior has considerably been reduced from extreme down to its current state of minimal with backing and smoldering. This is a great achievement completed by ground and air firefighting resources and equipment.

Law Enforcement Officials served a warrant on a Chelan County home believed to be the origin where the fire started.

Cost-to-Date: $520,000.

6. Darlene Fire

Photo of a man in fire clothes using a chainsaw to cut a smoldering tree.
Darlene Fire | Credit: Prineville District – BLM

DARLENE FIRE is burning about two miles southeast of La Pine, Oregon, on BLM lands in the Prineville District. This fire started on private lands on July 13, 2021 from an unknown cause.

It is under the management of a Type 2 IMT Team, NW Team #6 with IC Shawn Sheldon.

There are 220 total personnel assigned to this incident, along with six crews.

About 686 acres of timber and brush have been consumed. Crews have reached a 61% containment status.

Fire behavior has been reduced to minimal with smoldering.

15 structures have been destroyed.

Cost-to-Date: $800,000.

7. Jack Fire

Fire back burning to road for anchor point
Jack Fire | Credit: UNF

About 31 miles east of Roseburg, Oregon, the JACK FIRE continues to burn on USFS managed/owned territory in the Umpqua National Forest, where numerous structures and energy infrastructure are threatened.

This fire started on July 5, 2021, from an unknown cause, which ignited on July 5, 2021 around 1700 hours PT and is burning along Jack Creek on Highway 138 E.

There are about 760 total personnel with 18 crews, 33 engines and seven copters.

It has burned about 16,667 acres but crews have reached a 35% containment status. The fire behavior is currently active with short-range spotting and backing.

Cost-to-Date: $9.6 Million.

8. Cedar Creek Fire

View of fires from Winthrop on 7/13
Cedar Creek Fire | Credit: USFS

In the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest, lies the CEDAR CREEK FIRE burning about 15 miles northwest of Winthrop, Washington, also is managing the DELANCY FIRE. Varden Fire merged in with the Cedar Creek Fire and all three are being managed together by the NW Team 8, an IMT Type 2. This fire started on July 8, 2021 from lightning, along with multiple in the Methow Valley area.

There are about 386 total firefighters assigned under the command of IC Kevin Stock, NWIMT Team 8.

There has been 3,696 acres of timber, medium slash and short grass burned.

Active fire behavior continues with short crown runs, flanking and short-range spotting.

Evacuation notices are in effect.

Cost-to-Date: $2.8 Million.

9. Grandview Fire

Tanker dropping retardant on the Grandview Fire_July 11
Grandview Fire | Credit: ODF

The GRANDVIEW FIRE is located about 10 miles northeast of Sisters, Oregon. This Oregon wildfire ignited on July 11, 2021, around 1300 hours PT from an unknown cause.

There are about 719 total fire/support personnel attached to this incident along with 23 crews and 38 engines.

There has been 6,013 acres of timber and brush scorched.

Fire behavior is minimal with backing, creeping and smoldering. There is a 31% containment status at this time.

Cost-to-Date: $6.4 Million.

10. Lick Creek Fire

Lick Creek Fire
Lick Creek Fire | Credit: UNF

The LICK CREEK FIRE is located about two miles southwest of Asotin, Washington which broke out on July 7, 2021, from lightning. It was formerly known as the DRY GULCH FIRE, as the two merged together on July 8, 2021.

About 68,153 acres of timber have been consumed, but there is a 30% containment status reached.

Active fire behavior remains to be the key challenge for fire crews.

There are about 611 total personnel assigned under direction of the PNW team 3, a Type 1 IMT, along with 12 crews, 58 engines and four helos.

Structures are threatened, prompting evacuation orders in effect.

Evacuations > Evacuation zones, and fire perimeter maps are posted on InciWeb at

Six structures have been lost.

Cost-to-Date: $8.5 Million..

11. Green Ridge Fire

this photo shows the spike camp and staging area in a mountain meadow at Godman Guard Station
Green Ridge Fire | Credit: USFS

Lightning caused this wildfire to be ignited about 30 miles east of Walla Walla, Washington on July 7, 2021.

About 292 total personnel are assigned, along with seven crews, six engines and seven copters.

Approximately, 1,067 acres of brush and timber have been destroyed.

There is a 15% containment status for this incident.

Active fire behavior remains.

Evacuations > LEVEL 1 >…/pict20210617-193112-0.pdf

Cost-to-Date: $2.7 Million.

12. Summit Trail Fire

SUMMIT TRAIL FIRE broke out on July 13, 2021 from lightning moved through the area, about 12 miles west of Inchelium, Washington. An IMT2, CA IMT Team 10 assumed fire command today at 0600 hours PT.

There are 59 total personnel along with one crew and seven engines.

Fire has destroyed 2,500 acres of timber. Behavior remains being active. Structures are threatened.

Cost-to-Date: $30,000.

13. Elbow Creek Fire

Elbow Creek Fire | Credit: USFS

This incident is located in the Grande Ronde River drainage near Mud Springs, approximately 31 miles southeast of Walla Walla, Washington.

An increase of 5,000 acres since yesterday, has made a name for itself as it continues to exhibit active fire behavior with spotting and torching. An increase in acreage of a total of 10,000 additionally is one of many significant events as of today’s update. It continues to spread from the northeast. There is no containment status at this time.

About 154 total personnel are assigned along with two crews, 24 engines and two copters. Incident Command is a Type 3 NE OR IMT with IC Joby Sciarrino.

Structures are threatened and evacuations are in effect.

On structure has been reportedly as lost.

Cost-to-Date: $1 Million.

14. Goddard Road Fire

Goddard Road Fire | Credit: WA DNR – NE Region

About two miles north of Rice (Stevens County), Washington, the GODDARD ROAD FIRE is burning. The fire started from an unknown cause on Friday, July 16, 2021. This is being managed by a Type 3 IMT, effective July 17, 2021 at 0600 hours.

There are about 235 total personnel that are still assigned to this incident, along with one crew, 16 engines and one helicopter.

Approximately, 300 acres of timber have been destroyed, as well as one structure.

There is a zero-percent containment status.

Structures are under threat. Evacuations are in effect and remain so according to the Fire Incident Command and Fire District 12.

Cost-to-Date: $300,000.

15. Cub Creek 2 Fire

Cub Creek 2 Fire | Credit: USFS

The CUB CREEK 2 FIRE is located five miles north of Winthrop, Washington, when it was reported on Friday, July 16, 2021, around 1327 hours PT from an unknown cause.

Fire management is under an ICT 3 team.

Fire has destroyed 2,000 acres of brush and grass with a zero-containment status. Fire behavior remains active.

Evacuations are in effect.

Evacuations > Current Evacuation Map for the Cedar Creek, Delancy, and Cub Creek Fires: 

Emergency Alerts > For Okanogan County Emergency Management information and to sign up for text alerts:

Cost-to-Date: $300,000.

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