Published Wednesday, August 17, 2022, 1812 PT

There is a brush fire that is burning in the 31000 block of Charlie Canyon Road, eastbound of the 5 Freeway and Lake Hughes in Castaic in Santa Clarita Valley, California.

The fire was reported at 1738 hours PT.

Credit: ALERTCalifornia

Some Socials are reporting the LA County Animal Shelter may be in the path of the fire and some are calling for an immediate Animal Evacuation Rescue plan to be implemented as soon as possible.

The fire has been escalated to a 2nd alarm brush fire and reporting between 5-10 acres with a 0% containment status.

The Angeles National Forest is reporting fire behavior is very active, running and spotting. It has moved into the bottom of the canyon & working its way up the other side.

Additionally, structures are being threatened.

Fire Aviation watchers are reporting the following aircraft assisting with the fire: Air Attack 112, T73, and T107. LACoFD Copters 15, 22, Helitanker 55. LAFD FIRE 5. Helitanker 3AC, and Copter 532. Fixed-wing aircraft are on order.

At 1740 hours, there was an unconfirmed report of the Los Angeles County Animal Shelter being about 250 yards from where the fire is located. Structure protection was in effect for this structure. It is unknown if there are others, that firefighters are currently protecting in this area.

This was reported by several people on Social Media.

We have reached out to the Sheriff’s Office for confirmation of in the path has been released by those on Social Media. We have reached out to local law enforcement for confirmation and if there are evacuations currently in effect.

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