South King Firefighters Respond to Federal Way House Fire


South King Firefighters  and Valley Firefighters were dispatched around 1800 hours PT to a residential structure fire in the  800 block of 297th Place South in Federal Way, Washington.

First due firefighters reported heavy smoke and heat coming from the Delta side , a two-story side and smoke on the Charlie side, a single story. The two-story home ‘s three occupants were out of the home and away from the area.

Photo Credit | South King Fire & Rescue


Federal Way Police were summoned to respond to the home.

Primary search on floor one was completed with nothing found.

A staircase that led up to floor two was found to be compromised.  It was broadcasted that they needed to be careful.

Active fire was coming through the walls on the stairwell on Alpha side. Engine 365 was in the midst of using their hoseline to put water on the fire.   Fire appeared to be active on floor two with some of it possibly penetrating  through the floor joist.

At 1842 hours PT, the timer had reached 30 minutes at which time Command stated they were still in offensive operations.

Command appeared concerned with the Alpha/Delta corner but the Safety Officer deemed it to be okay  for now.

Primary search completed on floor two with nothing found. Firefighters were addressing hot spots. (1848 PT)

Later Alpha/Bravo overhead became a concern to Command, when then assigned an unit to put some water on the corner, as some fire was visible. Fire was not in the overhang but from floor one and reported as in the walls.

Secondary search of all floors completed; nothing found. (1852, 1858)

Fire  contained to the void space.  Some firefighters are exiting the building.

Some of the resources Resources:  Ladder 364. Engines 362, 364., 365, 367. MSO. A362 from South King Fire, Valley Fire and King County  Medic One.

Ladder 364 cut two holes in the roof to allow the smoke and heat to vent. They exited the roof and recycled. Others were sent to REHAB.

Firefighters remain on-scene.  This is an active and ongoing incident scene.

Floor on the Alpha/Bravo side was starting to feel spongy. Crews went to check the floor joist above the garage on the Alpha side.

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Update 1 – Sunday, April 26, 2020

A wildfire named the BAR FIRE ignited on Saturday, April 25th off Bar K Rd & Shady Creek Lane in Trinity County.

CAL FIRE Shasta-Trinity Unit is the lead Fire Agency.

45 acres have burned.

There is a 50% containment status.

The cause is unknown and CAL FIRE Investigators are investigating.


NOVEMBER 12, 2019

A 3-day RX fire burns and jumps its containment lines and scorches an additional 10 – 20 acres located on the BarM Ranch, south of Los Alamos (Santa Barbara County), California.

Photos Credit | Santa Barbara County Fire Department

Evacuations and road closures occurred.




SEPTEMBER 15, 2019

Firefighters respond to Mill Creek Drainage on the Salmon/Scott District., southwest of Bald Mountain and Klamath Bar in the Klamath National Forest in Skiskiyou County, California.

Evacuation orders were in effect for the Scott Bar area and residences in the Miller Creek Drainage. At this time, the fire has burned 30 acres of land.

AUGUST 24, 2016

Photo Courtesy | CAL FIRE


Fire reported near Highway 101 (above Refugio Beach) and Refugio in Santa Barbara County, Cailfornia. Mutliple structures threatened.

Evacuation orders for the Refugio area between Coal Canyon and Refinery were downgraded to shelter-in-place.  Farmers were seen moving horses out of areas to safer locations.

A C-130 makes a phoschek drop atop Venadito Canyon near Refugio South Beach.

Photo Credit | SBC Fire Info


Forward progression stopped at 20-25 acres burning in Venadito Canyon.

JUNE 12, 2016

Stanislaus National Forest fire burns.

AUGUST 3, 2010

A wildfire burns near Reno, NV.  Reports of heavily smokey skies.

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Wildland Fire Ignites in Grant County, Washington State

GRANT COUNTY, WASHINGTON  – A small wildfire has ignited near the 150 block of Wagon Road in the Palisades in Grant County Fire District 13’s  area.

Fire crews have contained the fire to 10 acres and due to the steep terrain will have extensive mop-up to conduct.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Photo Credit | GCFD13 (stock photo)

Douglas County was also requested and will be working with GCFD13.

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Police Divers Still Searching for 2nd Occupant in Duwamish

Tukwila and Renton RFA firefighters and specialized  divers were dispatched on Thursday night just after 1800 hours PT to a car into the water.

The incident occurred in the area of 12400 Blk x 42nd Ave S in Tukwila, Washington.

Seattle Fire attempted to respond but due to the water level and a low bridge, they were unable to continue with their response so they returned to their quarters.

Divers continued throughout the night, even well into the darkness searching.

Photo Credit | Tukwila PD Instagram

One yellow patient was treated at the scene and  transported to the hospital.

Police divers continue to search for the missing person, a second occupant of the vehicle that veered into the Duwamish River.  They are using a submersible camera to help search for the reported missing victim.

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Water Rescue Turns to Recovery Mode For Victim Missing In River

Firefighters and specialized dive teams responded to a car into the river with multiple occupants in the area of 12400 Blk x 42nd Ave S in Tukwila, Washington, just after 1800 hours PT.

A yellow patient was located on the street level but divers were in about 15-feet of water in the Duwamish River near the boat launch looking for a reportedly missing occupant.  Divers searched the vehicle and found it to be empty.  At that point, they switched from a rescue to a recovery mode.

A TriMed ambulance was called to the scene to transport the patient.

Command requested a specialized rescue boat from the King County Sheriff’s Office and its ETA around 1910 hours PT.  Dispatch stated they were cancelled and a boat was available out of Federal Way but it was requested for the specialized KCSO motorized boat.

Downstream containment was established. Divers entered the water at the 15th Avenue bridge around 1920 hours PT. They were still in recovery mode at this point.

Victim was located and is being extricated from the water, while another diver entering the Duwamish River. Command requested from Dispatch to have REHAB for the Dive Team respond to the scene.

A Zone 3 REHAB Explorer was dispatched at 1924 hours and arrrived quickly on-scene. They were assigned to the Medical Group.

Seattle Fire Boat 5 was dispatched for mutual aid but they had a difficult getting to the scene due to the water level and a low bridge. They were released from the incident and returned to their quarters located at Station 5 on Alaskan Way (Seattle waterfront).

The incident started almost two hours ago.  This is an open and active ongoing incident.

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Out-of-Area * TEXAS * Wildfire | Update 2 | Holcombe Road Fire

UPDATE 2 – April 23, 2020


Photo Credit | Texas A&M Forest Service

Incident Summary | A wildfire is burning off of Holcombe Road near Ozona (Crockett County), iTexas.

It started from an unknown cause on Sunday, April 19, 2020.  Initial reports stated the fire was said to be at already 700 acres with an initial 0% containment status.

Resources |  Firefighters and personnel with Texas A&M, Livingston Fire District,  Crockett and Val Verde County Firefighters, St. Augustine District,

Current Status | 21,043 acres. 20% contained.  Reduced from 26,500 due to more accurate mapping.

Injuries | None have been reported to civilians or firefighters at this time.

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Bellevue Firefighters Respond to Thursday House Fire

Firefighters were dispatched to a residential structure fire on Thursday, April 23, 2020, just before noon today.

Light smoke billowed  from the eaves of the home as witnessed by many from the street above.  The home is located down a steep driveway.


The fire broke out at a home located in the 2600 block 169 Ave Southeast in Bellevue, Washington State.

Engine 102 was first due on-scene  and began immediately fighting fire.

Primary and secondary searches were conducted but no fire vicitms were found.

Firefighters checked the attic for any extensions.

No injuries to firefighters or to civilians were reported.


A preliminary cause of the fire was not immediately known at the time of this post.

Photo Images Credit | Bellevue Fire Department

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Firefighters Respond to 2-Alarm Under Construction Building Fire

Firefighters and assets were dispatched to a commercial fire located on N 45th Street and 1st Avenue NE in Seattle, Washington early Thursday morning at 0606 hours PT.  This  was a multiple story building under construction.

At 0642 hours PT, the Deputy Chief requested  the incident to be escalated to a 2nd alarm bringing out additonal units and equipment.  Concerns of exposure buildings catching aflame due to the structure had fire on all four sides.

Units dispatched for this incident were:

A25 AIR10 B4 B6 DEP1 E16 E17 E22 E31 E9 L10 L8 L9 M17 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 AIR 240-260 B2 E18 E21 E25 E38 L1 L4 PIO AIR260

Eyewitnesses reported a smoke column could be seen as far away from the  Greenlake area at 0700 hours PT.

No reports of injuries to civilians or to firefighters were known at the time of this post.

No preliminary cause was released.

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Out-of-Area * TEXAS * Wildfire | Update 1 | Holcombe Road Fire

UPDATE 1 – April 20, 2020 – Monday

photo credit: Cody Lambert

Incident Summary | A wildfire ignited on Sunday, April 19, 2020, off of Holcombe Road in Crockett County.

At the time, when local firefighters arrived on-scene estimated the raging fire already at an alarming 700 acres with a 0% containment status.

Fire behavior is considered extreme with short runs and isoldated torching of juniper.

photo credit: Cody Lambert

Resources | Firefighters and equipment are from the Crockett County VFD, Val Verde Counties, along with mutual aid from Texas A & M Forest Service.  Crockett and Texas A&M are in Unified Command.   At around 1300 hours CDT, there were 27 firefighters, three dozers, 15 engines (TFS), four (4) Val Verde engines with a command unit, one Crockett county engine with a command unit and one large tankers.

video credit: Nolan Parry

Current Status |  Currently, there has been 10,000 acres scorched and a 5% containment status reached. Fire has been extreme with spotting throughout the day on ridgelines out to 300-400 yards.

Structures are still under threat but crews have been able to save three structures so far.  Point protection around the buildings is showing it is starting to make a difference.

Temps in the low 90’s during the day increased the fire behavior to be more erratic.  However, it is due to be more of the same on Tuesday, as reportedly by Fire Managers prompting more resources to be on deck.

Damage Assessment | 2 RVs and 2 vehicles have been scorched.

Injuries | None have been reported to civilians or firefighters at this time.

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REKINDLE WA WILDFIRE | Stanwood Bryant Fire | 1


April 19, 2020 – Sunday


April 19th Fire

A wildfire call has been received through the 9-1-1 Dispatch center for a possible rekindle of the April 15th wildfire.  It is being reported that it is burning in the 5400 block of 257th Street NE in Arlington, Washington State.

The Reporting party stated they could see fire burning again in timber and up in the trees.

April 15th Original Fire

This fire previously ignited sometime on April 15th in the 5000 block of Stanwood Bryant Road in Arlington.

The fast-moving fire was deep seeded in the heavily forested trees where it would take almost two days for wildfire crews to put out.

Reports by local Media states, someone was burning a stump on private farmland that become an out-of-control fire, prompting about 100 firefighters from multiple fire agencies to respond to the April 15th wildfire call.

It was originally a two-acre burning but would turn into a 70-acre incident.   It was 100% contained on April 17, 2020.


April 15, 2020 wildfire. Credit: WSDOT Traffic


We are waiting to hear what is being seen and reported by first due crews.

For now, scanner feed from various sources are not reporting anything.  Nothing on fire department Social Media channels either.  WA DNR crews are not showing dispatched may be still in the works or nothing found?


June 16, 2011

  • Brush fire blocking SR9 SB lane near Stanwood.

March 21 ,2019

  • SR9 NB closed due to emergency crews respond to a fire.

August 10, 2019

  • 3rd Ave NE x Stanwood Bryant Road, Arlington.  Brush Fire.  1818 hours PST. Newly cleared land. One of its giant piles of debris is smoking.


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