Elderly Man Shoots Man on Metro Transit Bus

Seattle, WA. | An 88-year old male shot a 51-year old man on a King County Metro transit bus on Saturday, January 26, 2019, around 1115 hours PST this morning, Seattle Police say.  It appears there was some kind of disturbance between the two individuals on a bus located on 4th Avenue South and South Walker in Seattle.

Eyewitness Accounts

Eyewitnesses reported seeing the younger man push the older gentleman as he attempted to board the bus, prompting the elderly man to present a gun and shoot the other man.  The older man did fall striking his head on the stairwell as he attempted to exit the bus.

Suspects Detained

Both were held by Seattle Police until Seattle Fire arrived to take both persons to Seattle’s Harborview Medical Center.

Police Looking for Tips

Detectives were dispatched to the crime scene and are currently investigating.  The Seattle Police Violent Crimes unit is looking for anyone who has information to aid them with their ongoing case to contact them at 206-233-5000.

Suspects Conditions

Both injuries are considered to be of serious in nature.


No other passengers on the bus were injured.

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#SeaTac | Protest Shuts Down Airport

SeaTac, Washington


SeaTac Airport was invaded this evening around 1800 hours PST when those claiming to be Muslim Ban Protesters turned violent.  The event was kicked off with the detainment of those in major airports, but mainly in the Brooklyn airport of Terminal 4.

Protesters were seen blocking exits so passengers and employees were trapped inside with Police Officers, while chanting, screaming, shouting and interfering with airport operations.  The airport was eventually shutdown. Employees had to be escorted out by Police.

Other airports in Portland (OR), Denver (CO), San Francisco (CA), O’Hare (Chicago, IL), JFK (NY), DFW (TX), Brooklyn (NY) and among others were also targeted.

Those whom were most impacted was a male who went into a Diabetic episode who had to be protected from the hoards of protesters; a male who had a bump on his head but refused aid; to one of the suspects who had a cut on his hand.

It was very difficult for Police Officers to get the Fire Department into the area where those needed it most.


The protest was said to have over 2-3,000 protesters in the many terminals eventually shutting down the entire airport facility altogether.

After those who had been detained at U.S. airports were said not to be deported, were still being detained and some were moved to another location.  Some media outlets had indicated several detainees had been released but were waiting for court dates. The ACLU was working to represent the many people who had come through the airport on Saturday, January 25, 2017.

The POTUS along with the Speaker of the House, both released statements that the order was not an “order to ban all Muslim people”. However, not many people around the world were believing what Government officials were saying.


Officers from mutual aid Agencies were called to help with manpower, crowd control and assisting with arrests.  During multiple times, Officers requested a fast back-up or also known as “Officers needs assistance”.  Law Enforcement Officers arrived from the Port of Seattle PD (Seatac Airport), Seattle PD, Bellevue PD, Kent PD, Tukwila PD, King County Sheriff Office (KCSO), Normandy Park PD and Washington State Patrol (WSP).

“”If you aren’t willing to risk arrest, this may be time for you to leave.” Police prepping zip cuffs on periphery of protest.” – Media

We saw on numerous images that possibly up to 10 people were arrested but only heard four had been arrested on scanner feeds and via other sources.

The Incident Commander discussed plans of releasing some outside resources around 1230 PST. Seattle Police Department secondary assets were being released first as they are said to be dealing with protests on Sunday.


Around midnight, Protesters were openly discussing their strategy for the evening to either 1) to join a larger group on the property or 2) to leave 100-200 protesters at the airport for the night and bring in more people in the morning.

About 30-40 protesters remained in certain areas, while about 300 were said to be in the largest part of the airport.


At the time of this post, protesters were still in full force at the airport causing problems for passengers, airlines, their staff and for Fire and Police Officers.

“I’m stuck on a tarmac just landed at and we are not allowed off the plane due to protesters. I’m fine with that.” – Arriving Passenger


Hashtags – #SeaTac #MuslimBanProtest #OccupyAirports

From the moment, protesters descended on all major airports, here is what they were saying about SeaTac Airport in SeaTac, Washington near Seattle.

“Officers, some wearing riot gear, have detained several protesters.” – Media

“The unity shown across all major city airports throughout the US is heartwarming.” – Twitter user

“Attention: Protests appear to be getting out of hand.” – Twitter user

“Police using pepper spray on protesters to push them back from the terminal. Using bikes as barriers.” – Media

“Watching police back away from protesters with cameras is a powerful sight.” – Media

“This airport is closed. Seattle shutting Trump down.” – Media

“Seattle District Court Judge grants Emergency Stay on Motion of Removal. Great work by -WA and .” – Washington State Gov. Jay Inslee


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REMEMBERING 4 HEROES IN BLUE | Gone But Never Forgotten

Lakewood, Washington | On Sunday, November 29, 2009, four Lakewood Police Officers were enjoying a nice cup of coffee, using their laptops and preparing for their shift to begin – when the unthinkable happened.  A lone gunman walked into the former Forza Coffee Company in  Parkland and opened fire then fled the scene. All four Officers were murdered.

A two-day manhunt took place searching for the male suspect spanning over several cities in Washington State.  The murder suspect who arrived in Seattle would later be shot and killed by a Seattle Police Officer after orders for him to stop were ignored.

lakewood 4 01

The incident would come one month after Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was ambushed while he and a new Officer sat in their patrol car, putting many and those who support them on edge.

The story of the Lakewood Four was plastered all over the news, papers, online and all over Social Media.  Watching in horror of something like this happening affected all of us.  A memorial quickly grew remembering the slain Officers.  To this day, 9th year anniversary – we still will not forget nor can we ever.

This is article is dedicated to their memory and all of the Fallen Officers in the History of Law Enforcement.

Please take a moment and remember these great Heroes In Blue, for their Bravery and Courage to Serve, Dedication and Service to their communities and their Legacy they left behind.

lakewood 4 0

Tomorrow, we ask that you please remember the 4 Officers and their brothers and sisters that continue to Service all over Washington State, their brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement all over the United States and around the Globe and to the Officers’ families, friends, colleagues and those who were touched by this senseless tragedy.

“May you all know that we are SO sorry for their lives being taken away all too soon.  GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. We will remember their Lives and everything they stood for.” –  LR Swenson

lakewood 4

When you see a Police Officer, please let them know how much you appreciate them.  Though we know they don’t serve to be recognized but because they feel they are making an impact in this world and giving thanks to them is the least we can do in recognizing their Courage, Bravery, Dedication and Service.

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