Another Disaster Hits State of Arkansas | 1

UPDATE 1 Р3/28/2020 Р1730  HOURS PST

Craighead County, Arkansas.

A tornado touched down early in the evening on Saturday, March 28th in Jonesboro, Arkansas, causing significant damage to homes, businesses, a shopping mall and utility infrastructure.

Video footage | AR DOT

Resources involved in the incident includes Volunteer Fire Departments, along with the Red Cross and the Arkansas Governor’s office.

Red Cross:  50 volunteers.

Governor Asa Hutchinson:  Monitoring situation. Wishing all are safe.

Lake City VFD:   Rescue, Brush, 7 personnel.

Caraway FD: 7 personnel, pumper truck.

Monette FD:  Unknown # of personnel & equipment on-scene.

Southridge : 12 personnel.

Valley View Fire Protection District:  Unknown # of personnel & equipment on-scene.

Cash FD:  # of personnel/equipment unknown.

Philadelphia Fire Protection District:  6 members.

Brookland Fire Protection District:  1 squad, 5 personnel.

Bono Fire Protection Dist:  Unknown # of personnel/equipment.

Operations quickly came together at the helm of the local Jonesboro Police Department, County Sheriffs and State Police in what appears to be Unified Command at the Turtle Creek Mall.  Emergency responders are working diligently to search, rescue and treat injured, as well as addressing potential hazardous conditions out in roadways, highways, homes and structures.

Photo Credit:  Jonesboro E911


Officials are asking all to stay home where you are safe and healthy.

Photo Credit:  City of Jonesboro, Arkansas


Current Alerts that are in effect currently are:

Citywide curfew has been issued by the Jonesboro Mayor, Harold Perrin for 1900 hours PST. No one should be on the streets.¬† (Mayor’s Office)

Damage reports coming in on Social Media, showing :

Caraway/Race intersection.  German auto, Aldi and Gateway Tire look like they took a direct hit.

A local meteoroligst says based upon some of the damage, this appears this could be the worst tornado to hit the area since the F3 on April 3, 1984 (36 years ago).

This tornado is said to be at a F4, which ripped through the heart of downtown Jonesboro.

More updates will be posted as information trickles through.  Please be safe, Arkansasians.

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Update 1 | 0010 EST | Troy, Ohio | Possible Tornado Touchdown


Around 2325 hours EST, scanner feed for the Miami County Police, Fire and EMS – Central area began broadcasting about a possible tornado that may have touched down in Troy, Ohio.


Lots of damage has been reported, along with many power lines down and gas leaks.

Debris and damaged to commercial buildings have shutdown the downtown corridor.

One report of a chimney into a house was called in with all occupants self-evacuated with no injuries reported.

Traffic collisions have also occurred with one vehicle reported as having a major fuel leak.

Northbound train in Troy is currently not running as power is out in the area.  Services are trying to get it back moving, may be blocking Market Street.


Both Fire and Police are out responding to calls for service and assisting with rescues.


First Responders are finding power outages in and around neighborhoods, business districts and impacts to their CAD/MDCs in their vehicles.

EYEWITNESS ACCOUNTS – Through the Eyes of Social Media

Tornados in Ohio in January… Yeah, the planet‚Äôs totally fine. Everything‚Äôs cool. Nothin‚Äô to see here.” – Social Media user.


“Tornado Warning in Troy / Saint Paris / Christiansburg, Ohio” Until 2245 EST – NWS Wilmington, OH

tornado just tore up my downtown so that’s cool, tornadoes in jan in ohio, totally normal” – Social Media user

Tornado warning in central Ohio with the convection developing and headed toward southern ON overnight. Not expecting any tornadoes here tonight!” – Weather media.

We are supposed to have snow storms in Ohio not tornadoes!” – Social Media.

Severe thunderstorms, including tornadoes, remain possible through tonight over portions of the South and northward into parts of the Ohio Valley and Mid Atlantic.” – NWS


1/4/2019:  50 tornadoes occurred from Iowa to Ohio on Memorial Day. РNews Media.

4/3/2019:  Tornado peak season runs from April through July. РNews Media.

1940 Р2018:  8  Tornadoes during this time period. РNews Media.


The City of Troy is the county seat of Miami and located about 19 miles north of Dayton.  Population was last recorded at 26,132 residents in the 2018 census. It is considered to be the 61st largest city in the State of Ohio.

The Police Department is located at 124 East Main Street.  It has 38 Officers and three civilian employees, 3 divisions (Patrol, Detective and Administration).

The Fire Department was established in 1850 with the Troy Hook & Ladder Company and the Troy Bucket Company.

The Department formally organized in the Fall of 1857.  During current times, it now has three fire stations with 37 firefighter-paramedics, a one Training Lieutenant, two Assistant Chiefs and a Fire Chief.  They serve a 74.2 square miles within the city and in three townships.  They average about 5,000 incidents annually.

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City of Dallas (TX) Assesses Tornado Damage | 2


A destructive tornado hit the north side of the City of Dallas in Texas on Sunday evening and with more storm raising activities in early part of Monday morning.

Reports of roofs being blown off houses and structures, as well as collapsed structures and to infrastructure, the City of Dallas has a lot to be thankful for today.

Its First Responders took the bull by the horns and kept its citizens safe from being further harmed by the Fall destructive weather storms.


City of Dallas

There are currently no needs at this time.

If you wish to help those impacted by this storm, consider donating to the City of Dallas Emergency Assistance Fund.

Emergency Management staff will continue to monitor the respite center for those who sought shelter at the Bachman Rec Center. There are currently 12 evacuees in the shelter.

Sanitation Services is using 311 data to identify high-volume call areas for contractor pick-up. We encourage residents to dial 3-1-1 or use the Our Dallas app to report damage or downed trees.

Missing Pets | If you are missing your pet in the wake of the storm last night, please call 3-1-1 to report file a missing pet report.

Dallas (City) Fire & Rescue

The City of Dallas Fire & Rescue Station 41 suffered extensive damage to its building but no firefighters inside were injured or killed.

Firefighters will continue to assess damage across the City.  There were three persons transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.



DF&R Station 41. | Credit: DFD

Dallas Police

Police were going to neighbors homes in various areas doing doorknocks to check on residents.  They were also seen in busy intersections without traffic signals doing traffic control.  It was a very busy and dangerous time for all First Responders out in the storm and aftermath.

Oron Power

There were about 65,000 customers without power.  Some media outlets were reporting power out to about 140,000 Р150,000 customers in variations of storm coverage.

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Destructive Tornado Hits North Side of Dallas, Texas | 1


A destructive tornado hit the north side of the City of Dallas in Texas on Sunday evening causing roofs to be blown off of homes, ripping a shopping mall into pieces, collapsed structures and other major damage to infracture.

Some unconfirmed reports are stating the Tornado may have been as high as an EF-4, but it won’t be for another few hours to days to hear what the actual speed of this destructive tornado was.

The Dallas City Mayor states there are 65,000 without power. There were no deaths and no serious injuries.


Dallas (City) EOC

The City of Dallas Office of Emergency (EOC) was activated for this major incident across the City. They stated sirens were sounded for the tornado that hit the northwestern and northeastern areas of the City.


The many faces behnd the Dallas (City) EOC. Credit: Dallas City EOC

There are many volunteers along with government officials whom are staffing the EOC center. They will continue to be activated as long as this incident continues.

Dallas (City) Fire & Rescue

We heard the following responding to calls of service for this tornado ravaged area of the City.

The folllowing were dispatched/assigned to calls (the ones we could hear over Scanner Traffic) but may not be limited to:

  • Engines:¬† 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 17, 20, 23, 26, 27, 28, 29, 33, 34, 35, 38, 39, 41, 43, 55.
  • Battalion Chiefs:¬† 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8.
  • Rescue Units: 7, 20, 22, 42, 51, 57, 71, 72.
  • Command:¬† Safety Officer.
  • Brush Truck:¬† 47, 72.
  • Trucks:¬† 4, 11, 37, 40.
  • Additional Units:¬† 782, 807, 832.
  • Aid Units:¬† 12, 96, 97.

The Dallas FD began implementing their Search & Rescue protocols from street-to-street in looking for victims and reporting damage to homes and structures throughout the northern areas of Dallas.

Fire apparatus would find it difficult to go to the dispatched call due to large debris and downed power lines blocking their pathway.  Some would remain at their last known location and looking for victims in the area.  It sounded like there were several walking wounded and those who would be rescued from their damaged homes.

This tornado hit in a heavily populated area injuring many people.

Fires to homes and cars were also called into the Fire Department along with gas leaks. Though the incident has since slowed since the tornado hit the area on Sunday evening, there are still tornado and adverse weather warnings being sent out by various weather spotters and news media.

Dallas Police and the Fire Department members are working tirelessly throughout the night and into the next day to conduct damage assessments to homes, buildings and infrastructure.


Downed Street Lights

There are 35 signals reported that are inoperable. Residents should call 3-1-1 to report a non-working signal.

Downed Power Lines

If you’re in an area with storm damage, stay indoors and safe if possible. There are trees and power lines down along with other debris in the area. Please use caution if you have to be out.¬† City of Dallas EOC

Power Outages

Cities of Plano and Dallas are both experiencing power outages.  Contact Oncor РCity of Plano (TX).


If you don’t have a reason to travel in north Dallas, specifically near Dallas Love Field, Preston Hollow, and near the High-Five interchange, it is best to avoid. Lots of debris and power lines down. Significant damage to homes & businesses. – Local Scanner User

School Closures

The following school classes have been cancelled for Monday, October 21st according to the Dallas School District (@dallasschools):

  • Cary Middle School
  • Cigarroa Elementary School
  • Pershing Elementary School
  • Thomas Jefferson High School
  • Walnut Hill High School

Follow @ dallasschools for more updates.


I-35 in north Dallas, Texas is littered with vehicle debris.” – Media

Multiple buildings collapsed south of Walnut Hill in north Dallas.” – Media

“A lot of damage off Royal near St. Michaels.” – Media

“Multiple scanner reports of strong damage in northern Dallas. Generally along Walnut Hill near Preston Hollow.” – Local Scanner coverage

“The local Home Depot has been literally destroyed.” – Media

“On I-35…Texas is littered with vehicle debris following the suspected tornado that touched down tonight.” – Eyewitness account

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Disaster News | Wilkes-Barre Township, PA Struck by Tornado | 1

WILKES-BARRE TOWNSHIP, Penn.  РA tornado warning went into effect around 2100 hours EDT until 2300  on Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

An expected tornado hit a shopping district (one of the largest in NE PA or NEPA) near the Mohegan Sun Arena causing building structural collapses, significant damage, overturned vehicles and entrapment in building and vehicles.

A regional amount of resources descended upon the area and worked through the night and early morning hours to search for survivors.   There is no word on the count of injuries or if there are any deaths reported.

Tornado Warning for Luzerne/Lackawana Counties. Strongest rotation over Wilkes-Barre. | Photo Credit – Weather Media


There are several fire, EMS and other Agencies involved with this incident which include:

Photo Credit | Red Cross of Eastern PA

  • Luzerne County Fire Companies
  • Luzerne County EOC (activated/opened at 2254 EDT)
  • Avoca Fire Department
  • Mountain Top Hose Company 1
  • Naniticoke City Fire Rescue
  • Fairmount Township Vol Fire and Ambulance Co
  • Sweet Valley Volunteer Fire Company
  • Sweet Valley Ambulance Association
  • Slocum Township Volunteer Fire & Ambulance Company
  • Township Police Department
  • Red Cross Eastern PA
  • Nanticoke City Fire Department

All regional units were released from this incident at 0049 EDT on Wednesday.  Local units are still on-scene.


There are many eyewitness damage assessments being reported across Social Media and verifiable/reliable sources.

Image may contain: outdoor

Photo Credit | Nanticoke City FD

U-Haul Rentals

  • Vehicles turned upside in the parking lot
Image may contain: night and outdoor

Photo Credit | Nanticoke City FD

Panera Bread

No automatic alt text available.

Photo Credit | Nanticoke City FD

  • 3750 Wilkes Barre Township Commons
  • Building collapsed.
  • Fire crews are doing a deep SAR search for possible entrapped victims.

Smokey Bones Bar & Fire Grill

  • 265 Mund Street
  • Light poles on vehicles
  • A search by M9Alpha is in effect.

Township Road – Pine Tree x Loyalville Roads

  • Mud slide in roadway

Wilkes-Barre Township – Olive Garden Plaza

  • Unknown structure damage report

Photo Credit | NWS Binghampton

El Rey Azteca

  • Significant structural damage
  • Windows broken out
  • Roof appears to have caved in
Image may contain: one or more people

Photo Credit | El Rey Azteca


  • Significant structural damage

Mundy Street

  • Multiple collapsed/damaged buildings
  • AVOID Mundy Street around the Wyoming Valley Mall

Barnes & Noble Books

  • Part of the building has been destroyed
  • Appears Tornado hit the side of the building
Image may contain: night and outdoor

Photo Credit | El Rey Azteca


  • Building completely destroyed on the interior
  • Roofing has littered the parking lot
Image may contain: outdoor and water

Photo Credit | Nanticoke City FD


  • Some say it is rare due to being at nighttime and usually at night, the instability is low causing storms to weaken.¬† Saying between EF3-EF4.


This is located southwest of Scranton and  situated in Luzerne County, PA.  It has approximately a population of 40,569 residents.  It has industrial roots that is located along the Susquehanna River. The City is approximately two hours away from NYC and Philadelphia.

It is about 2.9 square land miles.  It is crossed from the northeast to the southwest by I-81, PA RT 309 and Business RT 309 (Wilkes-Barre Township Blvd).  Recognizable roadways are Kidder Street, Mundy Street, Highland Park Boulevard, Coal Street, Northampton Street and Blackman Street.

The downtown business district is host to about 11,000 employees, the 4th largest downtown workforce in Pennsylvania.

Some of the major shopping districts are the Mohegan Sn Area at Casey Plaza (formerly Wachovia Arena), Arena Hub Plaza, Wilkes-Barre Township Commons, Highland Park Boulevard Plaza and the Wyoming Valley Mall (rebuilt after Hurricane Agnes destroyed it in the 1970’s).

The Wilkes-Barre City Fire Department consists of 3 Fire/EMS Stations (HQ, South Station and Hollenback Station) located on Ross Street, High Street and Washington Street. This is a paid career Fire Agency.

The Wilkes-Barre Township Police Department is made up of both Patrol and Detective Divisions.  There are 40 Police Officers and 1 Civilian personnel. The Agency has its own K-9 unit, Directed Enforcement Unit, Narcotics & Gang Unit and a Traffic and Parking Enforcement unit.

Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza in Wilkes-Barre Township

Mohegan Sun Arena at Casey Plaza. Photo Credit | Wikipedia

Their substations are located at the Wyoming Valley Mall, the largest shopping facility in Northeastern part of the State and at Wegman’s Food Market on HIghland Park Boulevard.


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Canton, Texas: At Least 5 Tornadoes Hit Area

Canton, Texas (Van Zandt County)

Disaster Incident Summary | Sources are saying that there were at least 5 tornadoes that touched down in Van Zandt County, hitting Canton the hardest.  One tornado destroyed I-20 Jeep Dodge dealership tosses its cars into the air and leaving a path of its aftermath.

Other parts of Texas were also hit hard like Fruitvale, TX and others.  We are working on getting additional reports on these towns and cities.

Damage Assessments | The NWS Fort Worth team is out today surveying the damage and will have a preliminary damage rating on Sunday.

“4 Confirmed Tornadoes: Latest preliminary map of likely tracks and other damage. Our storm survey will take days!” – NWS Ft. Worth

“Emergency Management reporting homes destroyed near Emory with injuries.”

“Emergency management reports multiple homes with major damage around Highway 69 and FM779 from earlier tornado.”

“I-20 east of Canton TX. Dozens of cars flipped; severe damage.”

(Image above is from last night’s Tornado activities – Courtesy: ¬†Internet)

Life Impacts | 5 deaths.  50 injuries.


Shelters | American Red Cross, First Methodist Church Life Center, USAR, ITDRC,  NWS Ft. Worth, TX Task Force 2 (DFW), Dallas Fire with 1 Type III US&R Team 2, Texas Game Wardens (including search and rescue and K-9 teams),


Here are some of the postings from Spotters, Weather sources and others talking about the Tornadoes and what they were seeing.

Storm Chasers | Weather 

“Observed damage on TX Hwy 64, including one vehicle tossed approx 200 ft off the road. 1 confirmed fatality in that vehicle.”

“Emergency management report plywood falling from the sky near FM 779 and US69 near Golden. Folks – that debris is from ~25 miles away.” 1853 CDT

“Tornado 5 miles south of Canton has debris signature up to 13,000 feet. This is a MAJOR TORNADO heading right into Canton!” 1756 CDT

“Very strong tornado now 2-3 miles west of Tundra, 5 miles south of Canton – moving north at 30 MPH. Life-Threatening Situation!” 1755 CDT

“Significant Tornado 4 miles southwest of Tundra, moving north at 30 MPH toward Canton. Wrapped in rain and may be strong! ”¬†1752 CDT

” Confirmed Tornado Moving toward Tundra and Canton!” 1749 CDT

“Circulation near Canton has weakened while one approaching Eustace quite strong. Both remain capable of producing tornadoes.” 1719 CDT

“5 miles E of CANTON, TX @ 22:12 UTC Funnel>-Cone funnel half way to ground.”

” Possible tornado very near Highway 19 and Highway 64 just southeast of Canton. Very strong rotation indicated by radar.” 1707 CDT

“Damage from Canton, TX tornado is extensive. We are actively searching for people in the wreckage just south of town.”

Damage in Jackson Community in SW Canton, TX. Photo Credit: NWS Ft. Worth

“These are V E R Y powerful high-end tornadoes.”

“Significant tornado-caused damage southwest of Canton, TX”

“This is not what you want to see at night, radar confirmed tornado just NW of Cameron, OK. Debris signature evident.”

“Blizzard in Texas on April 30….How rare is this for Texas?”

” Search and Rescue continues in Canton and other communities.”


“Second tornado warning here in Canton TX. Taking cover with my boys. Hunkering down in the hallway way.”

“Tornado ripped through a Farm in Canton, TX trapping a pony in the debris. Owners frantically saved their baby!”


“From 45 (5pm central) minutes ago near Canton, TX. Probable tornado touchdown due to damage spotted.”

“Just observed rain-wrapped tornado just E of Canton, TX. Lots of trees down, one barn had minor damage so far.”

“Wedge Tornado causes widespread damage in NE Texas south of Canton.”

“4:45 pm we crammed into bathroom shelter as first of many tornadoes went over us in Canton Tx. We were at the Trade Days.”

“Snowing sideways in Amarillo!! Yes it’s still April 29th!”

Media Coverage

“Damage at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Emory. No injuries, but there were people in parish hall when tornado hit.”


“Texas Task Force 2 has been sent to help the Canton & Van Zandt areas respond to weather.” – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott


Red Cross Shelter(s)

  • First Methodist Church Life Center, 600 S Buffalo, Canton, TX.

Mobile Feeding Station(s)

  • Salvation Army.

Tech Assistance

  • The ITDRC is on site identifying and assisting unmet tech needs in the community.

TX Resources

TX Disaster Recovery Group page created by the Texas Storm Chasers communities  to offer help to each other after natural disasters in Texas. Examples include returning lost/lofted personal items to victims, offering volunteer assistance, etc.   Requires approved membership but is a Public Group.

Lost & Found Pets (Including Injured)


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Tornado News | San Antonio Texas | Update 1


A tornado has struck the San Antonio area after an Alert was issued to its residents in the area about one hour ago (2253 Hours CST) has occurred around (2340 Hours CST).

About 40 houses in a neighborhood has suffered major damage.


The following are collaborating for this incident and information listed below is for both Officials and disaster victims.

Bastrop County OEM (

  • T-Storm Alert: ¬†Severe Thunderstorm Warning from 2/20/2017 12:22 AM to 1:15 AM CST for Bastrop County.
  • Flood Warning:¬†¬†Areal Flood Advisory from 2/20/2017 12:19 AM to 2:15 AM CST for Bastrop County.

San Antonio Fire and EMS (

  • Search & Rescue Operations:¬†¬†Firefighters were out searching door-to-door looking for survivors and dealing with unsecured damaged gas lines that had been their lines severed.
  • Tornado Path: ¬†Tornado path as far as we can determine: Includes structures on Linda Drive and 7707 Broadway.
  • Damage Assessments (preliminary):¬†Tornado path as far as we can determine: North Central San Antonio, North of Olmos Park & Alamo Heights, South of San Antonio Airport.
  • Incident Command: ¬†Command for EMS and Fire is on Shadywood Lane in San Antonio. (2352 CST)

San Antonio Office of Emergency Management (San Antonio EOC)  (

  • Assistance: ¬†If anyone needs assistance with storm related damage call 911.
  • Property Damage: ¬†If any damage is seen in the morning, please report it to 311.
  • Damage Calls:¬†The city has begun logging and assessing damage from the storm.

National Weather Service РSan Antonio (

  • Alert! ¬†Another tornado warning coming for circulation south of San Marcos. Circulation denoted by bright red colors S of Redwood. Moving northeast. (2145 CST)
  • Alert! ¬†Two tornado warnings remain in effect, but we are not seeing any tight circulations at this point. (2140 CST)
  • Wind Speeds: ¬†56 mph wind gust at Austin Bergstrom International Airport just now. (0001 CST)
  • Threat Area: ¬†Threat area now located across southeastern Travis County, far northern Caldwell County and entering into western Bastrop County. (0002 CST)
  • Possible Touchdown:¬†There may have been a tornado touchdown earlier near US 281 just northwest of the Quarry Market area.
  • Alert! ¬†New tornado warning coming out for Williamson County. Circulation located south of Taylor. Moving NE. (0007 CST)

Photo Credit: NWS San Antonio

  • Alert! ¬†Strong rotation southeast of Taylor. Circulation is denoted by circled region. (0028 CST)

Photo Credit: NWS San Antonio



  • Old Fredericksburg Rd/Kendall-Bexar County line.¬†PD manning barricades on flooded streets.


San Antonio Fire & EMS:

  • Fire/EMS scanner from San Antonio reporting homes with much roof damage, collapsed carport, 11:47pm CST Possible Tornado

San Antonio Police Dispatch:

Kendall County Fire & EMS:



  • NOT DFW – Powerful storms and potential tornadoes hitting central Texas hard. Tornado warnings between San Antonio & Austin.
  • Alerts: ¬†Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays and Travis County in TX until 12:30am CST.


  • Sirens: ¬†First time I’ve heard the Tornado Sirens in Hollywood Park go off. Crazy, Tornado Warning in San Antonio.



  • * Public Works Building – Courtesy: NWS Corpus Christi

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Update 1 | Hail Storm Hits Lamar County TX

Updated 5/9/2016 – Monday – 2039 PDT / 2239 CDT



Several tornado warnings were issued by the National Weather Service – Ft. Worth in the Paris and near Sumner this evening.

Reports of large hail the size of 1.7″ around 2120 CDT and 2.75% around 1756 CDT hit the area of Paris, Texas – a City of approximately 24,895 (2014 Census) and a high population of 1800 Vets (2010-2014).




  • Paris Fire Department


  • TX State Troopers
  • Lamar Co Sheriffs Dept



Fire and Police are running from one dispatched call to the next.  Here are some of the calls they are responding to:

Downed Trees

  • 82E @ Blossom: ¬†Trees in the Street.

Flooding Calls

  • Tinker Street:¬†water up to the front steps of homes. (2210 CDT)
  • Ash & Cedar Closed: ¬†Roadway impassable (2209 CDT)
  • 22500: ¬†Flooded
  • 22900:¬†Now cleared.
  • 271 South: ¬†Past Cobb Ranch Rd. under water. Passable. (2217 CDT)
  • SE 26th Street: ¬†Furniture washed down roadway.
  • Center: ¬†High water on both East and West sides.

Power Outages

  • Abbott Lane: ¬†Medical call + power outage. (2212 CDT)

Welfare Check

  • Main Street: ¬†House on corner. Fire being sent to check condition of residents. (2211 CDT)




  • 5/9/2016: ¬†Paris, Lamar County, TX
  • 5/1/2016: ¬†Paris, Lamar County, TX
  • 4/29/2016: ¬†Paris, Lamar County, TX



Current Conditions

  • Temp:¬†67-degrees
  • Precipitation:¬†15%
  • Humidity: ¬†75%
  • Wind: ¬†11 mph

2-Day Forecast

  • 5/9/2016 – Monday: ¬†67-degrees. Partly cloudy w/20% precip. Winds from S at 6 mph and 82% humidity.
  • 5/10/2016 – Tuesday: ¬†High 89/ Low 67. ¬†Cloudy in the AM, Sun in the evening. ¬†20% precip. ¬†Winds from SSW 15 mph with 67% humidity.



Amateur Radio 

Law Enforcement




  • #ParisTXFloods2016
  • #ParisTX
  • #LamarCoTX
  • #smem


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TX TORNADO WATCH | Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The National Weather Service [NWS] has issued a #TornadoWatch for 8 counties until 2200 CDT hours this evening:

  • Eastland
  • Palopinto
  • Wise
  • Jack
  • Parker
  • Young
  • Montague
  • Stephens

And for several Cities:

  • Bowie
  • Breckenridge
  • Briar
  • Bridgeport
  • Cisco
  • Decatur
  • Eastland
  • Gorman
  • Graham
  • Jacksboro
  • Mineral wells
  • Nocona
  • Olney
  • Ranger
  • Weaterford

Remember, to heed ALL Alerts and to Take Shelter when told to. This is because WE all care about you and your family’s safety.

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