Napa Valley, CA – A fairly large earthquake rolled through the wine-country area injuring several hundred with three serious and wide-spread damage to many buildings earlier this morning.

Here’s a timeline of how this major disaster unfolded:

0340:  6.1 Earthquake interrupts quiet town.

0411:  City of Napa begins to update its website reporting an earthquake took place. No injuries reported, damage is being assessed.

0543-0600:  The City of Napa begins to receive damage reports.

–  Unreinforced masonary buildings suffer serious damages in the downtown area.
– The Historic Courthouse and Goodman Library are also listed as receiving major damages.
– Fires are reported along with several water line breaks in various locations.
– Many damaged windows and building interiors damaged. No injuries are listed at this time.

First Light. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]
0630-0700:  New updates are being received at this time.

– 87 patients being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. 3 are major.
– 12 are running with 10 more going in service.
– 4 mobile homes are destroyed. 2 are on fire in Napa Mobile Home Park on Orchard Ave in N Napa.
– 50 gas Leak reports are being responded to by crews.
– 30 water main breaks. Water safe to drink at this point.
– 3 Historic building severely damaged: Sam Kee Laundry, Goodman Library, Napa County Courthouse.
– 2 other Commercial buildings severly damaged
– 1 Shelter setup by Red Cross at Napa H.S. Gym
– 1 Drop box for debris will be setup at the H.S.
– City Crews are assessing infrastructure, homes and other building damages.

Bricks falling off on to someone’s car. Not a good way to start the morning. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]
0930-0949: City Provides New Update.

– 87 patients have been or are being treated by the Queen of the Valley Hospital. Still reporting 3 major injuries but doesn’t give their conditions.
– 4 mobile homes destroyed. 2 still on fire.
– 30 water main breaks reported. Both water treatments have no damage, are still in operation.
– Some communities have no running water or have lower pressure due to the water line breaks.
– Closures: First, Second, Third closed from Jefferson to Soscol. Main Street is closed from Third to Pearl.
– Red Cross Shelter has moved to a new location: Crosswalk Community Church, 2590 First Street.
– A drop box will be placed at all Public Schools.

1040-1100: Newest Sit Rep.

– The USGS downgraded the Earthquake from 6.1 to 6.0.
– The City of Napa declared a local emergency at 0759.
– The Governor declared a State of Emergency
– 4 Mobile Homes were destroyed. 2 were extinguished by Firefighters. Located in the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park in N Napa.
– Public reminded to stay out of the areas where roads closed on First, Second, Third from Jefferson to Soscol. Main Street is closed at Third to Pearl.
– Reports of buckled streets, sidewalks in the Browns Valley and S towards Cameros.
– 60 water line leaks and being responded to. Water is safe to drink at this time.
– Buildings in the downtown area appear to be severly damaged.

1300:  Afternoon SitRep.

– USGS Earthquake Numbers change again. It is increased up to 6.1.
– 120 patients have either been treated or are being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. 3 Major injuries include 2 adults and 1 child.
– Old Sonoma Road is closed from Buhman Avenue to Congress Valley Road. No other streets are reportedly closed.
– 15 or 16 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable due to damage from the earthquake. One of these buildings is the Senior Center. This has been closed until further notice.
– PG & E is responding to 100 gas leak or odor complaints.
– 60 water main leaks have been reported.
– Red Cross Shelter is open at Crosswalks Community Church 2590 First Streets.
– Pets Shelter is located at Napa County Animal Shelter on Hartle Court.
– All Napa Unified SD campuses and Justin Siena H.S. are all closed on Monday, August 25, 2014.

1800: List of Red-tagged buildings and an evening SitRep.

– USGS believes quake happened on the West Napa Fault aka “The South Napa Quake”.
– 125 injuries have been or are being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital.
– 8 have been treated at St Helena Hospital
– 3 major injuries: 2 adults, 1 child
– 6 mobile homes destroyed at Napa Valley Mobile Home Park on Orchard in N Napa. 2 homes were damaged by fire.
– PG & E checked out over 100 gas leak and ordor of gas calls, all resolved. 0 open calls at this time.
– 11K-15K customers are without power, will have restored this evening or tomorrow. Call to advise need power restored at 800-743-5002.
– 33 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable.. One of these is the Napa Senior Center which will be closed until further notice. The list of these structures is posted below. If you believe a City inspector should come by your property to inspect for safety concerns call 707-258-7829 and follow the instructions.

One of the seriously damaged buildings. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

Red-Tagged Buildings

1 Second Street (Post Office) Unsafe building
2,3,4,5 810-822 Brown Street Unsafe buildings (4)
6 Old Courthouse (Brown Street) East side unsafe
7 1002 Second Street (Alexandria Square) Unsafe building
8 888 Brown Street (Wells Fargo Mrtg/Alexandria Square) Adjacent to unsafe building
9 First Street (Goodman Library) Unsafe building
10 1202 First (Register Building/Sushi Mambo) Unsafe building
11 First Street (Bounty Hunter) Unsafe building
12 Randolph Street (Methodist Church) Unsafe building
13 First Street  (Andaz Hotel) Falling materials
14 Main Street (Kyser-Lui Building) Parapet damage
15 2132 West Park Drive Garage collapse
16 2629 First Street SFR foundation
17 1251 Jefferson Street SFR foundation
18, 19, 20 1610, 1245 & 1201 Main Street (3 buildings) Façade failing
21 903 Vallejo Street Foundation
22 929 Jackson Street (Sunsweet Building) Roof collapse
23 849 Jackson Street Information not available
24 2400 Clay Street Columns failing
25 1235 Walnut Street Carport collapse
26 1428 Fourth Street Foundation
27 1738 Oak Street Foundation
28 2320 Oak Street Collapsed structure
29 1540 Laurel Street House fire
30 2350 Pine Street Foundation
31 493 Walnut Street, Unit 900 Partial collapse
32 1063 Stonybrook Drive Chimney through roof
33 1709 F Street Collapsed structure

– 60 known water line breaks affecting 600 homes at this time.
– For those in need of water, water dispensing stations are in operation at 3 locations:
– Napa High School Stadium parking lot
– Las Flores Community Center
– North side [parking lot] of Pearl Street west of Main.
Residents should bring their own water containers. Water line repairs are set to begin tonight and will continue 24/7 for the next 3-4 days.

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Sam Kee Laundry Building. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]
2000: Evening SitRep.

– Residents who lost water supply today are being advised to do one of the following for drinking, cooking:
1. Boil water for one minute.
2. Use bottled water.
3. Pick up water at station set-up by City, on Pearl St, one block West of Main or at the Las Flores Center on Linda Vista Avenue.
– Street Closures: Remain in force until overnight, into Monday, August 25th includes:
– First, Second and Third Streets from Seminary to Soscol
– Main Street from Third to Clinton Streets
– The City reminds Residents to stay out of these areas to enable Contractors to begin immediate repairs.
– City bridges have been inspected and are deemed to be safe.
– 10k customers are currently without power. Should be restored this evening into early Monday afternoon.

About the City of Napa.

The City of Napa is known for Wine, Food and Lifestyle and located in Northern California. It is home to more than 74,000 residents and is listed as the 100th Largest City in California.  Surrounded by vineyards and the Napa River, its beauty is quite breathtaking.

It’s weather is quite comfortable and warm, perfect for making great wine and beckoning visitors to enjoy remarkable exquisite food combination that we delight any palate.

Some of the largest employers in the City are:  Queen of the Valley Hospital, Wells Fargo Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Walmart, The Doctors Company, Napa Valley Mariott Hotel and Spa just to name a few.

Find out more about this beautiful and enriched City, go to their website at:

We’d like to Thank DJ Rotten Robbie [aka Rob Doughty, a DJ for the last 20 years and Napa Native] for giving us Permission to use your photos and hear about your Quake experience.  We are glad to hear you are OK.

 We will be reporting as more information is received along with Tips on “What To Do After a Quake Occurs”, etc.

“We are thinking of you Napa survivors and your Families.  We thank the Emergency First Responders for their courage, strength and for your amazing emergency preparedness skills. Keep up the great work you all are doing.

Remember, if it feels too overwhelming or stressful, please reach out and talk it out with a friend, colleague, professional or a loved one. We care about your mental heath as well.” – –  – LR Swenson, Editor

Sources: Wikipedia [City of Napa] ; City of Napa Website

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