Multiple Earthquakes Shake Japan, Cause Widespread Death and Destruction


Three large earthquakes have rocked Japan causing widespread damage and major infrastructure ruin in the Kumamoto area and E of the city Uto.  Here are the facts:

Thursday, April 14, 2016.

  • 6.2M. 2126 Hours.  Located 4.3 miles of Ueki, near city of Kumamoto, Japan.

Friday, April 15, 2016.

  • 6.0M.  0003 Hours.  Located 37 miles E of the City Uto, Japan.

Saturday, April 16, 2016.

  • 7.0M.  0125 Hours.  Located 0.6 miles from Kumamoto-Shi.


  • 74 miles NE of nuclear plant in Kagoshima Prefecture.
  • Southern Japan.
  • Mostly in Kumamoto, Japan.

Historical Facts:

  •  Largest since 2011 [9.0M].
  • Japan has been shaking as far back as 2 yrs ago with quakes in the 4.2M – 5.8M range.
  • Larger Quakes in the 5.9M – 7.1M occurred on 11/13/2015 – 4/15/2016. Could this have been a sign of the upcoming BIG one?

Donation History

  • US poll shows giving almost to $750M for Japan’s 2011 Earthquake recovery.


Incident Cooperators

  • Japanese Law Enforcement
  • Japanese Fire Personnel
  • Self-Defense Force troops
  •  Military Personnel:  350
  • The Japanese Red Cross
  • USFJ to assist with Airlift Operations
  • Japanese Coast Guard
  • medical Units
  • The government states to provide 20,000 staffing levels

Mutual Aid Pending Deployment

  • U.S. Forces


  • Meals.  The Japanese Government is working to acquire 900,000 meals. 3 days worth of food supplies x the number of people evacuated.

Search & Rescue

  • Village of Minamiaso.  The focus has shifted to this village due to many may be entrapped under collapsed structures.
  • Rescue Operations.  Will continue 24/7 including during the evening/night as they are racing against time when they are expecting high winds and torrential rain.


  • Kumamoto airport.  Closed.  All Flights cancelled until April 17, 2016.
  • Hong Kong Flights. Also cancelled.
  • JR Kyushu Railway trains shut down, including Kyushu Shinkansen bullet trains.
  • Nuclear Reactor.  No abnormalities reported by Kyushu Electric Power Co’s Sendai Nuclear Plant in Kagoshima Prefecture. Only 1 operating in Country. All others in Fukushima shut down in 2011 due to tsunami that knocked off the plant’s cooling equipment.
  • Toyota Plant:  work suspended after earthquake.
  • Outages:  100,000 are without power.  105,000 are without gas.  420,000 are without water.  The Japanese chief Cabinet Secretary states water is their highest priority in getting restored.  They are distributing water and other supplies.


  • Nishihara.  Temporary Evacuations due to fear of dam collapse.
  • Japanese Government:  90,000 people evacuated in 681 evacuation centers inside Kumamoto Prefecture area.


  • Kumamoto Hospital.  45 admitted or treated with 5 serious injuries.
  • Social Media:  reporting from 968 – 1500-plus.
  • Japanese Government:  190 severely injured. 807 with minor injuries.


  • Thursday:  9.
  • Saturday:  32.
  • Sunday:  Updated to 35 confirmed by the Japanese government.


  • Uto:  Municipal Building partially destroyed.
  • Assohashi bridge collapsed.
  • ASO Shrine collapsed.
  • Mashiki:  Calls for Help and damage reports given.  Town approximately 800 miles SW of Tokyo.
  • Kumamoto:  90 homes destroyed.
  • Kumamoto: 775 homes destroyed.
  • Major Landslide:  has taken out a highway and communities as it has come down the mountain as images appear all over Social media.
  • Volcano Eruption:  Mount Aso has erupted after Saturday’s earthquake.  No word on if any evacuations are happening in this area or the status of the eruption.


  • Current:  18C degrees. Light rain.


  • No Tsunami alerts, warnings or occurrences have been broadcasted.


  • IFRC Asia Pacific. Red Cross Response Media inquiries.  Rena Igarash. Phone: 818096491577.


  • Safe & Well. American Red Cross. Register at this site to let Friends and Family know you are safe and well, or if you are searching for a Loved One.  Website:
  •  Five Zero Japan.  Free Wi-Fi access point regardless of carrier.  Code:  “00000JAPAN”
  • Airbnb.  Offering accommodations to those affected by the Japan earthquake. All fees have been waived.  Website:


  • IFRC Asia Pacific.  Red Cross.
  • AAR Japan.  Association for Aid & Relief Japan. Works with countries around the globe in disaster relief.  If you wish the funds to be donated specifically to this 2016 quake, indicate “Kumamoto Earthquake”.  Website:
  • Peace Winds America, a disaster preparation and response organization.  focuses on the Asia Pacific.  If donating on this site, make sure to indicate “2016 Kumamoto Earthquake” as the Japan Recovery fund on this site is for the 2011 Quake recovery.  Website:


  • #JAPANEarthquake
  • #Kumamoto


Japan is an island Country in East Asia that is located in the Pacific Ocean that lies East of the Sea of Japan, the East China Sea, China, North Korea,  South Korea and Russia.  It stretches from the Sea of Okhotsk in the North of the East China Sea and Taiwan in the South.

Japan is a stratovolcano group of 6,852 islands.   The four largest are Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyunshu and Shikoku, which make up about 97% of Japan’s land mass.   The Country is divided into 47 prefectures in 8 regions with a total population of 126 million people.  It is considered as the 10th largest world group.  They are considered to make up 95.8% of the population.  Tokyo is home to over 9M people.

Kumamoto is listed as Japan’s 18th largest City with a population of 734,294 people per the 2010 Census stats.

Disclaimer:  All information has been verified to the best of our ability.  Organizations mentioned in this post are not being endorsed by us nor have they been verified as to those we would donated too.  They are simply part of the equation and assisting with recovery and aid to the earthquake victims.  Please verify you are giving to a legitimate organization prior to making a donation.

Sources:  USGS, PM Office of Japan, Earthquakes Japan, Red Cross Japan, Wikipedia Japan, Census and other multitudes of Social Media sources.

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Around 1354 PDT, a M8.3 Earthquake shook Chile with enough force that emergency tsunami warnings began being sounded to neighboring Countries, including the United States coastal communities.

The earthquake is said to be 8 miles deep and located at coordinates 31.6 South, 71.8 West along the Coast near Central Chile.


Alert to West Coasts @ 1601PDT 9/16/15

Public Tsunami Info Statement #1 broadcasted by the NWS located in Palmer AK for AK/ BC/ WA /OR and CA.

  • M7.9 earthquake
  • Occurred 1554 PDT or 3:54pm West Coast Time
  • Coordinates: 31.6 S, 71.9 W
  • Depth: 21 miles
  • Location:  Coast near Central Chile

States per their evaluation, these events can occur:

  • Earthquakes of this size can produce large tsunamis outside of the source area.
  • Can be dangerous to coastal areas.
  • The U.S. National Tsunami Center is evaluating the event.
  • The earthquake can produce large Tsunamis causing major damage to areas in the source location.

Reports from Hawaii – 9/16/15 @ 1924 Hours

The NWS from Ewa, Hawaii sends out an alert showing the earthquake has been upgraded to a M8.3

Activity Happening on Coastal areas in CALI – 9/16/15 @ 2245 Hours

An Alert was just broadcasted by Social Media sources that the LAFD will be in Unified Command at 0330 Hours beginning on 9/17/15 with Law Enforcement partners.  Command Post will be at Angels Gate Park in San Pedro.  This is due to the Tsunami Advisory.


Red Cross

Update your information on the American Red Cross website under “Safe and Well” letting your friends and family know you are safe. This is a great site especially now that a major disaster has occurred.  Check out the site at


  • California Closures:  All marinas, beaches and harbors will close at 0400 hours PDT on Thursday, 9/17/15.
  • President Bachelet: “call people evacuated to stay in higher areas.”
  • Australian Schools: Seismic waves from Chile earthquake recorded on seismometers in schools.
  • Alerts:  Tsunami activity expected to arrive in the LA area at 447am tomorrow. Stay off the beach and out of the water.
  • More CA Alerts/Warnings:  National Tsunami Warning Center issues Tsunami Advisory effective now San Onofre-Southeast of LA County-Ragged PtSan Luis Obispo
  • New Zealand on Alert:  Likely to only be a marine threat to the known hot-spot areas of NZ – Chatham Islands, East Cape, Coromandel, and Banks Peninsula.
  • Earthquake History:  Nepal’s April 25 quake was a 7.8, so this is likely to be the biggest earthquake on the planet so far this year.
  • Chileans feel Aftershocks:  Two significant aftershocks already reported from . 6.2M and 6.4M. Larger of two closer to land.
  • Observations:  Perspective: That’s as large as the 1906 earthquake that decimated San Francisco.
  • Injuries:  Chilean Interior minister Burgos asks people to remain calm and confirms no injuries have been reported as of yet.
  • Other areas Alerted:  Warnings for Hawaii and Peru … Quake felt in


More info will be posted as it comes to light. We are thinking of those impacted in Chile and those who have loved ones there.


Please beware of Coastal changes on the BC, WA, OR, CA Coasts due to a potential threat of large waves, sneeker waves and tsunamis. Please report anything you may see to authorities so they can track them and get necessary warnings out to additional agencies or to the general Public.

If they tell you, that you need to evacuate an area – please don’t question as to why or fight with them to stay.  They are doing their jobs and working to protect you and your family.

Thank you for reading our blog and following along with this Quake Disaster in Chile.

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Earthquake Rattles Offshore Causes Tsunami Advisory in Japan

Honshu, Japan | An earthquake occured around 1506 Hours PST  off shore in the Honshu area in Japan shortly this afternoon. Media sources reported the quake from a 6.7 to 6.9.  The 6.9 quake caused a temporary Tsunami advisory but was quickly cancelled.

The Northwest Weather Service and Northwest Tsunami Warning Center based in Alaska says that Coastal States of AK, WA, CA, OR or neighboring Canada will likley see a wave coming their way.

No reports of injuries or damage is being reported at this time.

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Become “WinterWise” Event Hosted by Puyallup’s McLendon Hardware and Pierce County Utilities, DEM

Pierce County is gearing up to respond to winter weather, and community members are encouraged to do the same.

Residents can learn about Pierce County’s response efforts and how they can prepare for winter weather at the WinterWise Kickoff Event from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Oct. 25 at McLendon Hardware at 11307 Canyon Road E. in Puyallup.

County staff from Public Works and Utilities and the Department of Emergency Management will provide information about county services during winter weather, as well as tips on how to make a family plan for emergencies and build an emergency kit. Children will be able to paint a snow plow that will be used on local roads during snow and ice events. Adults can pick up a list of recommended emergency kit items, and McLendon’s will offer a discount for shoppers that stop by the WinterWise and other vendor booths.

“Public Works and Utilities plays an important role in responding to winter weather, and we encourage people to become familiar with our programs so they know what to expect and who to contact if they need assistance,” said Brian Ziegler, Public Works and Utilities director. “Our WinterWise website also has resources on ways to be sustainable during winter celebrations, such as treecycling, and information on ways to keep sewer pipes functioning properly, such as not flushing wipes and keeping grease from holiday meals out of drains.”

The WinterWise Kickoff Event is part of Public Works and Utilities’ WinterWise outreach program to educate the community about the services the department provides during winter. Those services include response to urban and river flooding, windstorms, and snow and ice events, as well as information on storm cleanup and sustainable winter celebrations. Public Works and Utilities partnered with the Department of Emergency Management this year to help promote emergency preparedness.

“Creating an emergency kit and a family plan are crucial steps we all should take to be ready for winter weather,” said Lowell Porter, Department of Emergency Management director. “At the event, we’ll have the key information you need to get started.”

For more information on Pierce County’s winter services,

Sheryl Rhinehart, Public Works and Utilities outreach coordinator
(253) 798-4655

Sheri Badger, Department of Emergency Management
(253) 798-2204


2014 The NW Fire Blog

California Earthquake Rolls Through Napa Valley

Napa Valley, CA – A fairly large earthquake rolled through the wine-country area injuring several hundred with three serious and wide-spread damage to many buildings earlier this morning.

Here’s a timeline of how this major disaster unfolded:

0340:  6.1 Earthquake interrupts quiet town.

0411:  City of Napa begins to update its website reporting an earthquake took place. No injuries reported, damage is being assessed.

0543-0600:  The City of Napa begins to receive damage reports.

–  Unreinforced masonary buildings suffer serious damages in the downtown area.
– The Historic Courthouse and Goodman Library are also listed as receiving major damages.
– Fires are reported along with several water line breaks in various locations.
– Many damaged windows and building interiors damaged. No injuries are listed at this time.

First Light. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

0630-0700:  New updates are being received at this time.

– 87 patients being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. 3 are major.
– 12 are running with 10 more going in service.
– 4 mobile homes are destroyed. 2 are on fire in Napa Mobile Home Park on Orchard Ave in N Napa.
– 50 gas Leak reports are being responded to by crews.
– 30 water main breaks. Water safe to drink at this point.
– 3 Historic building severely damaged: Sam Kee Laundry, Goodman Library, Napa County Courthouse.
– 2 other Commercial buildings severly damaged
– 1 Shelter setup by Red Cross at Napa H.S. Gym
– 1 Drop box for debris will be setup at the H.S.
– City Crews are assessing infrastructure, homes and other building damages.

Bricks falling off on to someone’s car. Not a good way to start the morning. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

0930-0949: City Provides New Update.

– 87 patients have been or are being treated by the Queen of the Valley Hospital. Still reporting 3 major injuries but doesn’t give their conditions.
– 4 mobile homes destroyed. 2 still on fire.
– 30 water main breaks reported. Both water treatments have no damage, are still in operation.
– Some communities have no running water or have lower pressure due to the water line breaks.
– Closures: First, Second, Third closed from Jefferson to Soscol. Main Street is closed from Third to Pearl.
– Red Cross Shelter has moved to a new location: Crosswalk Community Church, 2590 First Street.
– A drop box will be placed at all Public Schools.

1040-1100: Newest Sit Rep.

– The USGS downgraded the Earthquake from 6.1 to 6.0.
– The City of Napa declared a local emergency at 0759.
– The Governor declared a State of Emergency
– 4 Mobile Homes were destroyed. 2 were extinguished by Firefighters. Located in the Napa Valley Mobile Home Park in N Napa.
– Public reminded to stay out of the areas where roads closed on First, Second, Third from Jefferson to Soscol. Main Street is closed at Third to Pearl.
– Reports of buckled streets, sidewalks in the Browns Valley and S towards Cameros.
– 60 water line leaks and being responded to. Water is safe to drink at this time.
– Buildings in the downtown area appear to be severly damaged.

1300:  Afternoon SitRep.

– USGS Earthquake Numbers change again. It is increased up to 6.1.
– 120 patients have either been treated or are being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital. 3 Major injuries include 2 adults and 1 child.
– Old Sonoma Road is closed from Buhman Avenue to Congress Valley Road. No other streets are reportedly closed.
– 15 or 16 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable due to damage from the earthquake. One of these buildings is the Senior Center. This has been closed until further notice.
– PG & E is responding to 100 gas leak or odor complaints.
– 60 water main leaks have been reported.
– Red Cross Shelter is open at Crosswalks Community Church 2590 First Streets.
– Pets Shelter is located at Napa County Animal Shelter on Hartle Court.
– All Napa Unified SD campuses and Justin Siena H.S. are all closed on Monday, August 25, 2014.

1800: List of Red-tagged buildings and an evening SitRep.

– USGS believes quake happened on the West Napa Fault aka “The South Napa Quake”.
– 125 injuries have been or are being treated at the Queen of the Valley Hospital.
– 8 have been treated at St Helena Hospital
– 3 major injuries: 2 adults, 1 child
– 6 mobile homes destroyed at Napa Valley Mobile Home Park on Orchard in N Napa. 2 homes were damaged by fire.
– PG & E checked out over 100 gas leak and ordor of gas calls, all resolved. 0 open calls at this time.
– 11K-15K customers are without power, will have restored this evening or tomorrow. Call to advise need power restored at 800-743-5002.
– 33 buildings in the City have been red-tagged as uninhabitable.. One of these is the Napa Senior Center which will be closed until further notice. The list of these structures is posted below. If you believe a City inspector should come by your property to inspect for safety concerns call 707-258-7829 and follow the instructions.

One of the seriously damaged buildings. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

Red-Tagged Buildings

1 Second Street (Post Office) Unsafe building
2,3,4,5 810-822 Brown Street Unsafe buildings (4)
6 Old Courthouse (Brown Street) East side unsafe
7 1002 Second Street (Alexandria Square) Unsafe building
8 888 Brown Street (Wells Fargo Mrtg/Alexandria Square) Adjacent to unsafe building
9 First Street (Goodman Library) Unsafe building
10 1202 First (Register Building/Sushi Mambo) Unsafe building
11 First Street (Bounty Hunter) Unsafe building
12 Randolph Street (Methodist Church) Unsafe building
13 First Street  (Andaz Hotel) Falling materials
14 Main Street (Kyser-Lui Building) Parapet damage
15 2132 West Park Drive Garage collapse
16 2629 First Street SFR foundation
17 1251 Jefferson Street SFR foundation
18, 19, 20 1610, 1245 & 1201 Main Street (3 buildings) Façade failing
21 903 Vallejo Street Foundation
22 929 Jackson Street (Sunsweet Building) Roof collapse
23 849 Jackson Street Information not available
24 2400 Clay Street Columns failing
25 1235 Walnut Street Carport collapse
26 1428 Fourth Street Foundation
27 1738 Oak Street Foundation
28 2320 Oak Street Collapsed structure
29 1540 Laurel Street House fire
30 2350 Pine Street Foundation
31 493 Walnut Street, Unit 900 Partial collapse
32 1063 Stonybrook Drive Chimney through roof
33 1709 F Street Collapsed structure

– 60 known water line breaks affecting 600 homes at this time.
– For those in need of water, water dispensing stations are in operation at 3 locations:
– Napa High School Stadium parking lot
– Las Flores Community Center
– North side [parking lot] of Pearl Street west of Main.
Residents should bring their own water containers. Water line repairs are set to begin tonight and will continue 24/7 for the next 3-4 days.

Embedded image permalink

Sam Kee Laundry Building. [Photo Credit: DJ Rotten Robbie]

2000: Evening SitRep.

– Residents who lost water supply today are being advised to do one of the following for drinking, cooking:
1. Boil water for one minute.
2. Use bottled water.
3. Pick up water at station set-up by City, on Pearl St, one block West of Main or at the Las Flores Center on Linda Vista Avenue.
– Street Closures: Remain in force until overnight, into Monday, August 25th includes:
– First, Second and Third Streets from Seminary to Soscol
– Main Street from Third to Clinton Streets
– The City reminds Residents to stay out of these areas to enable Contractors to begin immediate repairs.
– City bridges have been inspected and are deemed to be safe.
– 10k customers are currently without power. Should be restored this evening into early Monday afternoon.

About the City of Napa.

The City of Napa is known for Wine, Food and Lifestyle and located in Northern California. It is home to more than 74,000 residents and is listed as the 100th Largest City in California.  Surrounded by vineyards and the Napa River, its beauty is quite breathtaking.

It’s weather is quite comfortable and warm, perfect for making great wine and beckoning visitors to enjoy remarkable exquisite food combination that we delight any palate.

Some of the largest employers in the City are:  Queen of the Valley Hospital, Wells Fargo Bank, Kaiser Permanente, Walmart, The Doctors Company, Napa Valley Mariott Hotel and Spa just to name a few.

Find out more about this beautiful and enriched City, go to their website at:

We’d like to Thank DJ Rotten Robbie [aka Rob Doughty, a DJ for the last 20 years and Napa Native] for giving us Permission to use your photos and hear about your Quake experience.  We are glad to hear you are OK.

 We will be reporting as more information is received along with Tips on “What To Do After a Quake Occurs”, etc.

“We are thinking of you Napa survivors and your Families.  We thank the Emergency First Responders for their courage, strength and for your amazing emergency preparedness skills. Keep up the great work you all are doing.

Remember, if it feels too overwhelming or stressful, please reach out and talk it out with a friend, colleague, professional or a loved one. We care about your mental heath as well.” – –  – LR Swenson, Editor

Sources: Wikipedia [City of Napa] ; City of Napa Website

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Sammamish Disaster Preparedness Fair 2014

Join us for exhibits, demonstrations, seminars and vendors!

Are you prepared to be self sufficient for a week or more in the event of an earthquake or other natural disaster? Come learn methods, equipment, and techniques to better prepare and equip you and your family for the next disaster.

Representatives from various government agencies, volunteer
organizations and companies will be available to provide infor-mation to prepare you and your family.

Topics will include electrical and gas safety, fire safety, preparing your disaster supplies, food preservation techniques.

Vendors for emergency supplies will be available as well. Two Seminars will be offered: 1) Geologic Hazards and Earthquake Preparedness and 2) Map Your Neighborhood.

10:00 – 12:00 PM Geologic Hazards and Earthquake

Preparedness: Learn about the geologic hazards that could affect us here on the Sammamish Plateau and how to prepare for the next Big Earthquake!

1:00 – 2:30 Map Your Neighborhood: Learn how to meet your neighbors and collectively prepare for the next disaster. The Map Your Neighbrhood program shows you how to meet your neighbors and inventory skill sets and equipment resources in your neighborhood that may be needed during the next disaster-we are all in this together

WHEN: Saturday, April 12th
TIME: 9:00am – 3:00pm
WHERE: Sammamish City Hall
801 228th Ave SE, Sammamish, WA 98075

Courtesy: [City of Sammamish]

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JOB Board: – Saturday, 10/26/13


Saturday, 10/26/2013


FIREFIGHTER/EMT – Bainbridge Island Fire


FIRE CAPT – Brookings FD


FEDERAL RESERVE LEO 1 – Federal Bank of Richmond -Seattle
EXEMPT LEO – State of WA – Monroe
FIREARMS TRAINIER – Avon and Somerset Constabulary
RESERVE LEO – City of Richland
ENTRY-LEVEL LEO – City of Bellevue
ENTRY- LEVEL LEO – City of Centralia
ENTRY-LEVEL LEO – Seattle Police Department – Seattle
CAMPUS SECURITY OFFICER – Seattle Comm Colleges – Seattle
CAMPUS POLICE OFFICER – WWU Police Department – Pullman.
RECORDS SPECIALIST – City of Federal Way
DEPUTY SHERIFF – King Co Sheriff’s Office
LEO – City of Auburn


LEAD POLICE OFFICER – Dept of VA – Portland
DEPUTY SHERIFF – Clackamas County
LEO – City of Albany
POLICE OFFICER – City of Sweet Home
POLICE OFFICER – City Hall – Roseberg
STATE POLICE TELECOMMUNICATOR 2 – State Police – Public Safety
POLICE OFFICER – City of Grants Pass


New Tools, Tactics by Federal Government to Aid Fire, EMS Crews

Every month, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) posts a roundup of key updates from projects currently in the development stages in the Directorate’s First Responders Group (FRG).  This is the second article in the S&T Project Roundup series, outlining what S&T worked on in June.


Canada-U.S. Enhanced Resiliency Experiment (CAUSE)

 This month, S&T released a video outlining the recent CAUSE experiment, a demonstration of cross-border communications and situational awareness systems in true-to-life emergency response scenarios. 

 In March of this year, S&T and its program partners spent a week in several spots along the U.S. and Canadian borders testing leading-edge technologies currently in development to advance interoperability and response capacity between the two nations.  The action-packed video demonstrates two specific response scenarios that were executed over the course of the week: a massive oil refinery fire in Saint John, New Brunswick, and the explosion of a compressed natural gas truck near the border crossing in Calais, Maine.  In both cases, participating first responders required an information exchange from all neighboring jurisdictions in near real time. 

 Any and all information that first responders might need in an actual response in order to quickly and safely assess a situation—for example, incident reports, evacuation routes, road closures, hospital status/locations, weather issues, hazmat team availability, and triage locations—was shared using Canadian and American national network systems, including S&T’s own Virtual USA® program, which are described in detail in the video.

CAUSE came about as a result of the Joint U.S.-Canada Beyond the Border Initiative signed by President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in February 2011 to further enhance the economic and national security of both nations. 

 On June 20, FRG’s Dr. David Boyd and his counterparts at the Canada Centre for Security Science General Defence Research and Development presented lessons learned during the CAUSE experiment on a webinar hosted by the National Information Sharing Consortium (NISC).  The webinar provided an overview of the experiment’s objectives, approach, and participants; discussed the tools and technologies involved; and identified future plans for furthering cross-border shared situational awareness.  An archive of the webinar can be viewed on the NISC website.


Finding Individuals in Disaster and Emergency Response (FINDER)

 On June 24 and 25, FRG hosted a second round of demonstrations of FINDER, a tool responders can use to quickly detect living victims buried after a natural or manmade disaster.  FINDER uses microwave radar to detect an individual’s breathing and heartbeat—even when the signal must pass through several layers of building debris and rubble—greatly increasing their chances of rescue and survival.

 After testing the device with members of Virginia Task Force 1 and the Federal Emergency Management Agency Urban Search and Rescue (FEMA US&R) team back in April, FRG and its project partners at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory made some modifications to the device based on responder feedback and data collected.  The modifications included reducing the size of the case containing the unit, extending battery life from 8 hours to 12 hours, and improving the search software and user interface. 

This latest demonstration also took place at the Virginia Task Force 1 training facility in Lorton, Virginia and included simulated disaster scenarios similar to what one would expect to find following disasters like the recent Oklahoma tornadoes, Texas plant explosion, and building collapse in Philadelphia.  The initial results were quite positive, and some of the findings from this demonstration were presented on June 26 at a meeting of FEMA US&R team members in Virginia Beach.  All information collected will inform a third round of testing later this fall.

 Next-Generation Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

 On June 26 and 27, FRG hosted a meeting with first responders and representatives of industry, academic institutions, research facilities, trade/professional groups, development organizations, and fellow government agencies to discuss requirements and capabilities for a suite of next-generation PPE.  Feedback from the event, which was held live at the Homeland Security Acquisition Institute in Washington, D.C., and virtually over the Homeland Security Information Network (HSIN), will assist FRG in preparing a strategic plan for the development of an integrated PPE ensemble for all responder disciplines.

 By bringing together all key stakeholders—those who design and manufacture the equipment with those who depend on it for personal performance and safety—FRG gained valuable insight into the requirements and capabilities for “PPE of the future.”  The nearly 200 guests who participated in the meeting were treated to demonstrations of several PPE technologies currently in development at S&T, including FRG’s Improved Firefighting Structure Gloves, Wildland Firefighter Advanced Personal Protection System, and a next-generation Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus.  In addition to improving the equipment’s performance, S&T is working to improve responders’ performance as well, by trimming the load they carry and reducing any interference while executing required tasks.   

 The meeting also served as a continuation of a dialogue about technologies FRG could and should develop moving forward to protect members of the fire, law enforcement, and emergency medical services communities from emerging threats.  FRG will incorporate the input gleaned into a strategy for the next 7 to 10 years ahead.

 Those who were unable to attend the meeting may still view portions on the HSIN site.  Suggestions from responders are always welcome, even though the event has ended.  Please contact with any related questions or comments.


To learn more about each of the projects listed in the May S&T Project Roundup, contact

Source:  Dept. of Homeland Security

Reblogged: 2230 PDT 7/1/13


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Hundreds attend first ever regional conference on emergency and disaster planning for vulnerable populations

Emergency planners and community providers from King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties gather to share tools and develop processes for serving those most in need

More than 350 people representing local governments, social service agencies, community organizations, transportation and communication experts, and concerned residents within King, Pierce, and Snohomish counties are working with residents to improve resources and access to information for residents across the region during an emergency, particularly those with health, language, economic, cultural, or other barriers to resources and information, and who are at greater risk of being disproportionately impacted by a disaster.

Meeting in Auburn today, attendees at the first ever Seattle Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) Vulnerable Populations Disaster Planning Conference worked to coordinate disaster planning and response efforts and timely emergency communication and transportation options for vulnerable populations in the tri-county area.

“When disaster strikes, everyone is vulnerable, but some more so than others – especially where language differences or other barriers make it harder to get critical supplies or information to those in need,” said King County Executive Dow Constantine, who gave opening remarks. “Whether it’s using community networks or going door-to-door, we are learning how we can best mobilize our regional resources to save lives and aid recovery.”

A federal grant enabled the all-day event, during which attendees heard from national and regional disaster planning experts and took part in workshops for identifying core competencies for social service agencies, partnering with ethnic media outlets to reach residents, and identifying next steps for disaster recovery planning.

The conference featured three topic tracks: Transportation, Notification and Warning, and Social and Human Services Agency Emergency Preparedness – all aimed at getting the region, and at-risk populations in particular, better prepared to respond to and recover from disaster.

By bringing policy-makers, emergency management professionals, and community leaders together, organizers facilitated rich discussions of best practices, shared tools, and efficient processes for pre-planning emergency procedures between diverse organizations. Established partnerships among these various agencies, and development of their individual response plans, will connect residents most in need with municipal and community resources, creating a safer and more resilient region.

Courtesy:  King County Executive News

Republished: 3/27 2255 Hours PST

Hurricane Sandy Updates: CT Governor

News Briefings at 8:30AM, 12PM and 6PM
(HARTFORD, CT) – On Monday, Governor Dannel P. Malloy will hold three media briefings at the state Emergency Operations Center (EOC) in Hartford to provide updates on Connecticut’s response to Hurricane Sandy – the first at 8:30 a.m., followed by another at noon, and then a third at 6:00 p.m.
WHO: Governor Malloy
WHAT: Media updates on Hurricane Sandy
WHEN: Monday, October 29, 2012; Three separate updates at 8:30 a.m., 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m.
WHERE: State Emergency Operations Center, William A. O’Neill State Armory; 360 Broad Street, Hartford
**Security note: All media must enter the State Armory through the front door and will be escorted into the EOC.
For Immediate Release: October 28, 2012