Active Wildfires – AZ – June 26, 2016

Thank you for following our Arizona Wildfire Updates and following us on our journeys on so many of them. Stay safe out there.

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CEDAR FIRE –  Area: Fort Apache Agency, BIA. Command:  IMT 1 (Pierson). Location: 10 miles S of Show Low. Fire Fuels: Timber, brush, and short grass.

skinny blackened trees with smoke drifting around

The aftermath of a wildfire on the Cedar Fire. (Source: inciweb)

Fire Behavior: Minimal fire behavior with backing, creeping, and smoldering. Threats: Structures threatened. Alerts: Road closures have been lifted.

Size:  45,918 ac. Containment Status:  60% containment.  Resources: 774 personnel.  16 crews. 32 engines. 4 helos. Damage Assessment: 0 structures lost. Cost-to-Date:  $11.3M.

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PEAKS FIRE – Area:  10 miles north of the Tonto Basin Visitor Center in the Four Peaks Wilderness Area, Tonto NF.  Command:  Andrew Mandell, IC, Central West Zone (AZ) Incident Management Team.   Fire Fuels:  Ponderosa pine, brush.  Cause:  Lightning.

aerial view of Peaks Fire smoke behind ridge

Peaks Fire. (Source: Inciweb)


Fire Behavior:  Monitor fire activity and protect resources at risk.  Threats:  None.  Alerts:  None.

Size:  427 acres. Containment Status:  N/A.  Resources:  53 personnel.

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SAGE – TCA FIRE – Area: Truxton Canyon Agency, BIA. Location: 28 miles NE of Peach

crew working with tools in burned areas to mop-up

Crews mopping up on the Sage Fire. (Source: Inciweb)


Springs, AZ.  Fire Fuels: Timber, brush and short grass. Fire Behavior: Minimal fire behavior with flanking, backing, and creeping.

Size:  922 acres.  Current Status: 50% contained. Resources: 168 personnel. 7 crews. 7 engines. 1 helo.  Damage Assessment: 2 structures lost.  Cost-to-Date: $1.1M.



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WILDCAT FIRE –  Kaibib National Forest. Location:  26 miles SE of Jacob Lake, AZ. Fire Fuels:  Chaparral and short grass.

Aerial reconnaissance of Wildcat Fire on June 13, 2016.

Firefighters respond to the Wildcat Fire. (Source: inciweb)

Current Status: Last report unless new information is received.

Size: 1502 ac. Containment Status:  90% contained.  Resources: 40 personnel.  1 crew.  2 engines.  1 helo.  Cost-to-Date: $2.7 Million.


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