Active California Wildfires – Fire Fact Sheet – June 26, 2016

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ERSKINE FIRE – Central California District (BLM)  Command:  IMT 1 (Minton).  Location:  1 mile SE of Lake Isabella, CA.  Fire Fuels:  Brush and short grass.

06252016 FS Erskine Fire 4

Erskine Fire. (Source: Forest Service).

Current Status:  Active fire behavior with wind-driven and uphill runs. Numerous residences threatened.  Alerts:  Evacuations, road, area, and trail closures in effect. Size:  36,810 acres.  Contained:  10%  Resources:  1712 personnel. 36 crews. 13 engines. 13 helos. 200 structures lost. Cost-to-Date:  $5 Million.

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LAGUNA FIRE – (NEW!)  Orange County, CA.   Command:  OCFA and Laguna Beach on-scene.  Location:   Laguna Beach / Laguna Canyon Road.  Current Status:  Top of the World area is being evacuated.  Air tankers and a Type 3 strike team has been ordered.   Fire Behavior:  Fire is spotting across the Canyon with moderate rate of speed. Size:  6 acres.  (as of 1348 hours PDT)

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MARINA FIRE – Inyo National Forest. Command:  IMT2 (Fogel). Location:  1 mile NW of Lee Vining, CA. Fire Fuels:  Timber brush .

Marina Fire. (Source: Inciweb)

Current Status:  Minimal fire behavior with isolated torching, creeping and smoldering.  Numerous structures threatened. Evacuations and road closures in effect.  Size:  819 acres.  Contained:  30%.  Resources:  355 personnel. 8 crews. 23 engines. 6 helos.  Cost-to-Date:  $500K.

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SAN GABRIEL COMPLEX – 2 Combined Fires (Fish, Reservoir)

Fireworks Are Illegal


Yesterday, fire aircraft identified multiple intrusions by drones over the fire. This caused a temporary halt to air operations. The San Gabriel Complex remains under a Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFR).

Combined Size:  5285 acres.


FISH FIRE – Los Angeles County.  Command:  Los Angeles Co FD. IMT 2 (Wakoski). IMT is also managing the Reservoir fire. Location:  2 miles NE of Azusa, CA.   Fire Fuels:  Chaparral, brush, and tall grass.  Containment:  62%.

Current Status: Minimal fire behavior. Numerous structures threatened.   Alerts:  Road, area, and trail closures in effect.  Size:  4,085 acres.  Containment:   62%.  Resources:  923 personnel, including 39 engines, 25 hand crews, 15 water tenders, 5 bulldozers, 15 helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Part of burned area on San Gabriel Complex. (Source: Inciweb)


RESERVOIR FIRE – Angeles National Forest.  Location:  3 miles  N of Azusa, CA.  Fire Fuels:  Chaparral, brush, and short grass.

Fire Behavior:  Minimal.  Threats:  Structures threatened. Alerts:  Road and area closures in effect. Size:  1200 ac. Containment:  48%.  Resources:  194 personnel. 3 crews. Cost-to-Date:  N/A.

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BORDER (aka Border 3) –  CAL Fire – Monte Vista Unit.  Command: Cal Fire IMT 1 (Bravo).  Location:  2 miles E of Potrero, CA. Fire Fuels: Chaparral, dormant brush, and tall grass.

Engines on the San Gabriel Complex

Engines on the San Gabriel Complex (Source: Inciweb)


Fire Behavior:  Minimal.  Alerts: Trail closures in effect. Road and area closures have been lifted.  Size:  7609 acres.  Containment: 75%.  Resources: 1498 personnel.  45 crews.  99 engines.  4 helos.  Cost-to-Date: $12.9M.

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PONY FIRE – Klamath National Forest.  Location:  15 miles SW of Happy Camp, CA.  Fire Fuels: Timber, heavy logging slash, and chaparral.

View of the Pony Fire taken on the afternoon of June 11th while on an aerial recon mission

Pony Fire photo on June 11. (Source: Inciweb)

Current Status:  Minimal fire behavior. Structures threatened. Road, area, and trail closures in effect.  Size:  2,858 ac. Containment: 60%.  Resources:  152 personnel.  3 acres.  3 engines. 2 helos. Cost-to-Date:  $17 Million.

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SHERPA FIRE – Los Padres National Forest.  Location:  19 miles NW of Santa Barbara, CA.   Fire Fuel:  Chaparral and tall grass.

Image shows yellow fire equipment being sprayed to remove invasive seeds after being used on fireline

Equipment being sprayed to remove invasive vegetation. (Source: Inciweb)


Current Status:  Moderate fire behavior with isolated torching, creeping, and smoldering. Numerous residences threatened.  Alerts: Road, area and trail closures in effect.




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