NW Wildfires and Smoke | August 30 2017

POST SUMMARY | A smokey haze from the Jolly Mountain Fire in Cle Elum has now moved into Western Washington.  A brush fire broke out in Kent, Washington on Tuesday, August 29, 2017 that had been burning for quite some time.  Heavy traffic flowed past extreme fire behavior and visible as  flames shot up the hillside into a residential area.

NOTE:  While we understand some of you are asking specific fires, we are working to the best of our ability to gain information on each fire.  This is why we have compiled this into a SINGLE post because there are just so many wildfires breaking out.

Several wildfires  have ignited and jumped on to our Fire Map. (Note: The fire map only is showing fires over 300+ acres)  Here is our SitRep for Wednesday, August 30, 2017.

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AMERICAN FIRE.  (WA) 11 miles West of Cliffdell. Started 8/10/2017. Lightning caused. Timber.   Estimated containment date is 10/1/2017. Hwy 410 and numerous campground closures still in effect.  *The American, Norse Peak and the Union Creek Fires are managed by the same single IMT team.

Moderate fire behavior with flanking, backing and group torching. Homes threatened.

300 acres. 0% contained.  16 personnel. 4 engines. $300,000 CTD.  #AmericanFire

BRIDGE CREEK FIRE.  (WA) 11 miles NE of Keller.  Start 8/9/2017. Lightning caused. Timber and tall grass.

Active fire behavior with backing, flanking, torching.

3,530 acres. 42% contained.  551 personnel.  14 crews, 22 engines. 4 helicopters.  $11.8 Million CTD. #BridgeCreekFire

CHETCO BAR FIRE.  (OR) 16 miles West of Selma and E/NE of Brookings within the Kalmiopsis Wilderness .  Start 7/12/2017. USDA Forest Service.  Lightning. Timber, brush and closed-canopy understory litter.  Steep and rugged terrain.

Fire Activity on the Chetco Bar Fire on Aug. 17, 2017 at 9:00pm

Chetco Fire on 8/17/2017.

Moderate fire activity Monday with a coastal inversion. Wednesday’s fire behavior changed to extreme fire behavior with torching, spotting, wind-driven runs. Smoke moved out in the afternoon.

IMT and the Curry County Sheriff’s Office has reduced the area currently under a LEVEL 3 evacuation to a LEVEL 2 starting at the western checkpoint on the North Bank Chetco Road at Da-Tone Rock and East to the North Fork of the Chetco River. This is not including the upper portions of Mountain Drive or Coho Drive.  (See additional areas on this weblink –> https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/article/5385/39353/

120 National Guard firefighters are en route to assist with mop-up operations on the Fire’s Western perimeter.  

 Aircraft in the area affected by low visibility, therefore were grounded several different times.   Fire has grown and with that so has the width and length of the containment lines on the Southern and Western sides of the fire’s edge.

Incident Cooperators.  Red Cross, Brookings Fire & Rescue, Coos Forest Protective Association, Curry County, Harbor Rural Fire Protection Department, OR DOF and the OR Fire Marshal.

125,271 acres.  5% contained.  1,498 personnel.  38 crews, 114 engines, 8 helicopters.  26 structures lost. $20.6 Million CTD.  #ChetcoBarFire

DIAMOND CREEK FIRE. (WA)  27 miles NNW of Withrop. Started 7/23/2017.  Cause unknown, under investigation.  Timber and brush.  USDA Forest Services. Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017.   1 home, 2 minor structures destroyed.  1 minor structure damaged.

Interior burning of green islands burning inside of fire’s perimeter. Limited amount of fire growth expected. Fire crews will continue to keep this fire out of Canada’s border.  Fire being monitored from air.  Aircraft will be used to assist with fire suppression needs.

Unknown $ CTD.  #Diamond CreekFire

FALCON COMPLEX (OR) 2 fires. 25 miles East of Tiller.  Timber, brush and grass. Lightning caused. USDA Forest Service.  Moderate fire behavior with expected cooler temps.  Crews to monitor any new potential spot fires, security lines and burn out operations as needed.

Hersheberger Lookout will be wrapped in a fire protective material during the Falcon Complex as the Pup burns nearby

Historic Hersheberger Lookout.

Moderate fire behavior on Monday on all fires within the complex. Crews monitoring all fires and watching for hot spots, securing fire lines and completely burnout operations as needed.

NWIMT 7 ICP is located at Broken Arrow Campground near Diamond Lake.  This complex consists of Paradise Fire, Windy Gap Fire and Pup Fire resources are working out of a fire camp established at Milo Academy. Smaller fires are being managed by a Type 3 organization for the Tiller Ranger District.

Paradise Fire. 411 acres. 60% contained. Located on the ridge between Paradise and Cougar Creeks, South of Jackson Creek. Crews are doing construction of indirect handlines on the SW side of the fire between Paradise and Windy Gap. Dozer line off of the FR 500 road has began. They are constructing an indirect line to the North.

Windy Gap Fire. 87 acres. 0% contained. Located partially in the Research Natural area of the Rogue-Umpqua Divide Wilderness, 1 mile West of Abbot Butte. The southern fire perimeter has been fully lined.

Pup Fire. 145 acres. 0% contained. Located in the headwaters of Hershberger Creek near Pup meadow in the Rogue – Umpqua Divide Wilderness. Firefighters have established an anchor point and constructed direct line to contain the fire as it moved out of the wilderness boundary. Water drops have been used to keep the fire from spreading to the NE and East.

2,935 acres.  40% contained.  323 personnel. 8 crews, 21 engines, 1 helicopter.  $11.3 Million CTD.  #Falcon Complex

HIGH CASCADES COMPLEX (OR)  6 fires.  9 miles NE of Prospect. Timber.  IMT 2.  20

A large tree with multiple holes in the bark leading up the trunk is burninig from the interior, thowing flames out through the open pockets in the bark.

Single tree with its interior burning on the High Cascades Complex fires.

fires burning within Crater Lake National Park on the Rogue River – Siskiyou National Forest in the High Cascades Ranger District.  It is also burning on the Umpqua National Forest in the tiller Ranger District and the Fremont – Winema National Forest in the Sky Lakes wilderness. 13 fires have been contained and are in patrol status.  Seven remaining fires are being addressed by fire crews.

Active fire behavior with short-crown runs and group torching. Homes threatened.

22,692 acres. 38% contained. 589 personnel. 12 crews, 23 engines, 7 helicopter.  $35.8 Million CTD.  #HighCascadesComplex

HORSE CREEK COMPLEX (OR)  7 miles South of Belknap Springs. Timber.

Public Info Meeting.  Wednesday, 8/30/2017 @ 1900  hours.  Upper McKenzie Community Center. 54745 McKenzie River Drive, Blue River, OR.

Video: Watch PNW2 Deputy Incident Commander Rob Allen deliver the leader's intent at morning briefing for the Whitewater, Rebel, and Horse Creek Complex Fires.

Avenue Fire.  Burning on the McKenzie River Ranger District area.  3 miles SE of McKenzie Bridge and nearby Olallie Lookout Fire, Separation Fire, Roney Fire and Nash fires.

Nash Fire.  Significant fire growth has occurred over the last few days. Fire rews are working to construct and clean indirect control lines by hand as well as with dozers. Continued structure assessments and protection to be done.

Rebel Fire.  22 miles North of Oakridge.  Timber. Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs, single-tree torching and flanking.  4,979 acres. 19% contained.  52 crews. 1 crew, 3 engines.  $1.7 Million CTD.  #RebelFire

Scorpion Fire. Detected 8/28/2017.  North of Breitenbush between mile 6 and 8. Appoximately 30-acre fire moving North. Firefighters are waiting to enter the area when it is safe to use fire suppression tactics.

Whitewater Fire.  10 miles East of Idahana.  Burning in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness and Willamette National Forest land located about 13 miles East of Detroit.   IMT 1 recycling. Managing Rebel and Horse Creek Complex fires. Timber and brush. Crews are monitoring the Southern control lines where previous firing operations were done. They will strengthen existing control lines and do assements. Moderate fire behavior with uphill runs, single-tree torching. Homes threatened. 10,432 acres. 31% contained.  827 personnel. 21 crews, 26 engines, 5 helicopters. $24 Million CTD.  #WhitewaterFire

Little Devil Fire.  Burning approximately 2.5 miles SE of the Breitenbush Hot Springs area. Minimal fire growth on Tuesday. Firefighters are working South of this area to build control lines and to maintain sprinkler systems previously installed.

1,129 acres. 0% contained.   #HorseCreekComplex


HORSE PRAIRIE FIRE. (OR).   Start 8/27/2017 @ 1530 hours.  OR DOF.  Natural cover fire near Horse Prairie located 12 miles West of Riddle and 8 miles SE of Camas Valley and 15 miles NW of Canyonville.

Horse Prairie Fire

Extreme fire behavior with crowning, group torching and spotting reported overnight.  An additional 400 acres were burned.  Night Operations Section Chief of the OR DOF reported:  fire conditions were much hotter and dryer on the ridges around 0300 on Wednesday morning than in Camas Valley – about 8 miles North of the fire. The fire is moving primarily S-SE direction.  Homes threatened.

Douglas County Sheriff Office Evacuation Hotline.  855-419-2349 or http://www.dcso.com/alerts

Active fire behavior with group torching, short-crown runs and long-range spotting.  Homes threatened.

4,410 acres. 15% contained. 794 personnel.  29 crews, 21 engines, 8 helos. $1 Million CTD. #HorsePrairieFire

INDIAN CREEK FIRE. (OR)  20 miles WSW of Hood River in the Hatfield Wilderness on the Hood River Ranger District. Started 7/4/2017 near 7 1/2 Mile Camp by Eagle Creek Trail #440.

Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering, creeping, flanking and creeping.

61 personnel. 356 acres. 10% contained.  #IndianCreekFire

JOLLY MTN FIRE.  (WA) IMT 2. 13 miles NW of Cle Elum.  Timber.

Active fire behavior with  flanking, short-crown runs and torching. Homes threatened.

5,164 acres. 0% contained.  372 personnel. 7 crews, 22 engines, 4 helicopters.  $6 Million CTD. #JollyMtnFire

JONES FIRE (OR)  IMT2.  10 miles NE of Lowell.  Timber and grass.

Moderate fire behavior with flanking, backing and smoldering.  Structures threatened.

6,670 acres. 40% contained. 688 personnel.  21 crews, 24 engines, 2 helicopters. 1 structure lost. $10.2 Million CTD. #JonesFire



MCKAY FIRE.  (OR) New!  5 miles NE of La Pine.  Timber and brush.

Extreme fire behavior with group torching and long-range spotting. Evacuations in effect.  120 acres. 0% contained.  118 personnel. 2 crews, 13 engines. $50,000 CTD. #McKayFire

MILLER COMPLEX (OR) 5 fires.  IMT 1. 17 miles East of Cave Junction.  Timber.

Active fire behavior with uphill runs, group torching and spotting. Homes threatened.

12,595 acres.  40% contained.  563 personnel.  11 crews, 36 engines, 1 helicopter. $9.2 Million CTD.  #MillerComplexFires

MILLI FIRE. (OR)  The Three Sisters Wilderness.  9 miles West of Sisters.  Start 8/11/2017. Lightning. Timber.

Active fire behavior with flanking, torching and backing. Homes threatened.

21,100 acres. 44% contained. 500 personnel. 11 crews, 22 engines, 3 helicopters.  $13.6 Million CTD.  #MilliFire

NENA FIRE. (OR)  7 miles NE of Simnasho. Tiber and short grass.

Minimal fire behavior.  68,000 acres. 90% contained. 15 personnel. 1 helicopter. 10 structures lost. #NenaFire


NORTH PELICAN FIRE. (OR) 25 miles NW of Klamath Falls. Reported 8/10/2017. Lightning caused. Continuing to burn primarily in a remote area of Pelican Butte. Rocky terrain and remote location prevents firefighters access to fire suppression of this fire.

1,728 acres.  18% contained.  153 personnel. 2 crews, 15 engines, 1 helicopter. $2.1 Million CTD.  #NorthPelicanFire



NORSE PEAK FIRE.* (WA)  Started 8/11/2017.  USDA Forest Service.  Lightning.  Timber (litter and understory), heavy dead and down material.

Extreme fire behavior with running, group torching and short-range spotting. Homes threatened.

13,504 acres. 8% contained. 349 personnel. 8 crews, 16 engines, 2 helicopters. $4 Million CTD.  #NorsePeakFire


SCATTER CREEK FIRE (WA) South Puget Sound Region. DNR.  Started on private land, 1 mile East of Rochester.  Timber, brush and short grass.

Moderate fire behavior.

384 acres. 90% contained. 146 personnel. 8 crews, 14 engines. 6 structures lost. $1.3 Million CTD. #ScatterCreekFire

STALEY FIRE (OR)  IMT2.  23 miles South of Oakridge.  Timber and brush.

Active fire behavior with backing, single-tree torching and short-range spotting.

1,912 acres. 56% contained. 555 personnel. 16 crews, 18 engines, 1 helicopter. $5.5 Million CTD. #StaleyFire

UMPQUA NORTH COMPLEX. (OR) 7 fires. (2) IMT1 teams managing this fire. 50 miles East of Roseburg.  Timber, brush and grass.

IMT 1 recycling on 9/1/2017.  Active fire behavior with flanking and torching. Homes threatened.

20,924 acres. 7% contained.  1,022 personnel.  21 crews, 80 engines, 6 helicopters. 1 structure lost.  #UmpquaNorthComplex

UNION CREEK FIRE. * (WA)   Fire started 8/11/2017 from an unknown cause. Timber and heavy logging slash. USDA Forest Service.    Hwy 410 and surrounding camp facilities are currently closed.









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