Temps Increase, RH Falls Equals Firestorm Conditions | Sept 3 2017


11 miles West of Cliffdell, WA.  Start 8/10/17. Lightning caused. 110 homes threatened.  Estimated containment date of 10/1/2017.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  4 personnel. Fire being monitored to keep it within the  wilderness.

Moderate fire behavior with flanking and backing down slope towards Naches River. Norse Peak fire resources are available if needed.  362 acres. 0% contained. Estimated containment is 10/1/2017.

$395,000 cost-to-date. (CTD) #AmericanFire

Fire Fact:

Bureau of Indian Affairs reported as of 9/2/2017:  156 human-caused fires (4,939 total acres) and 2 lightning-caused fires (117 acres). – GACC 


12 miles NE of Keller, WA.  Start 8/9/17. Lightning. Conifer and hardwood stands, with large fallen trees. Estimated containment is 9/20/17.

USDI Bureau of Indian Affairs. 373 personnel. 9 crews, 2 helos and 4 engines. Active fire behavior with backing, flanking and torching.

A 20-person fire crew on the Bridge Creek Fire.

Commercial timber, infrastructure and cultural resources are under threaten. Direct fire lines strategies are in effect to prevent fire spread. A Fire Weather Watch for the next few days has been forecasted and expected to move through the area

Active fire behavior with backing, flanking and torching. 3,679 acres. 70% contained. $14.3 Million CTD. #BridgeCreekFire

Fire Fact: 

BLM reported as of 9/2/2017, that there were 80 human-caused wildfires (125,686 acres) and 132 lightning-caused fires (84,407 acres). – GACC


E/NE of Brookings, OR in the Kalmiopsis Wilderness on the Rogue River-Siskiyou NF. Start 7/12/17.  Lightning. Timber, brush and closed canopy understory litter.  Steep, rugged and inaccessible terrain.

smoke column 7-29-17

8,523 homes + 3,713 non-residential commercial, 50 other minor structures threatened. 1 home, 8  minor structures have been damaged.  6 homes and 20 minor other structures destroyed.

Extreme fire behavior with group torching, short-crown runs and spotting.  142,857 acres. 10% contained. Estimated containment is 10/15/2017.

View from the eastside of the fire near Tincup Peak

West & NW sides of the fire is focusing on putting out hot spots.  Eastern flank, firefighters are reopening old dozer lines SW of Cave Junction and engine crews are preparing structures to pull back yet burned fire fuels and installing sprinkler systems.  Crews are planning to construct contingency fire line to the South into California.  OR State Fire Marshal task forces are patrolling and assessing structural assets in the Level 2 and Level 3 evacuation areas.  SW Flanks, crews checking fire spread into Emily creek area.  Western perimeter, mop up operations and continued line construction and some possible burnout operations to secure the Pistol River fire lines.

RRSNF Kalmiopsis Wilderness' Chetco Bar Fire at roughly 100 acres, July 16, 2017

Extreme to hazardous smoky conditions to seriously impact the communities downwind of the fire on all sides.  Visibility will be reduced on Hwy 101 and 199, other local roadways in the area. Gold Beach and Brookings, coastal areas are expected see some of the smoke dissipating to the W-NW while moving to the SE.

Level 3 evacuations were reduced to Level 2 on Saturday for those in the Mountain Drive area off the North Bank of Chetco.  Level 1 evacuations were in effect for Oak Flats in Josephine  County.  No recon aircraft with FLIR in operation on Saturday night.

Aug 7, 2017 Looking south at TIncup drainage

Level 1 Notifications. Issued 9/22/017 at 1000 hours. Oak Flats, East of Chetco Bar Fire.

USDA Forest Service is the lead Agency. 1,629 personnel. 45 crews, 82 engines and 7 helicopters. IMT 1 and IMT 2 teams (IC).

$27.3 Million CTD. #ChetcoBarFire


27 miles NNW of Winthrop, WA. Start 7/23/17. Cause unknown, under investigation. Timber and brush.

Crew and chipper removing debris from the Ortell Creek Road, August 26

Fire behavior became active on  Saturday with burning  in the interior islands and movement into the Ashnola River drainage to the SE towards the Spanish Camp, Remmel Lake areas.  It is also moving farther N-E into British Columbia, Canada.   Smoke to continue to impact the air quality in the upper Methow Valley.

1 home and 2 minor structures were destroyed. 4 minor structures are still threatened.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency. 50 personnel. 2 helicopters and 1 engine. Unknown $ CTD. #DiamondCreekFire

Fire Fact:

Since 9/2/2017, DNR reported 613 human-caused wildfires (6,992 acres) and 44 lightning-caused wildfires (14,781 acres). – GACC, 9/2/2017.


New! 1/2 miles from Cascade Locks, OR. Reported 9/2/2017 afternoon around 1600 hours in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.   Timber.  Human-caused and being investigated by the Oregon State Police.

Eagle Creek Fire,September 2, 2017

Fire grew to 3,000 acres overnight. 0% contained.

153 hikers had to shelter-in-place near Tunnel Falls on 9/2/2017 due to their only exit was cut off. A National Guard helicopter dropped off supplies on Saturday as well until  local SAR organizations whom were were assisting the Hood River County Sheriff’s Office help evacuate the groups out of the Wahtum Lake area.

HEAT ADVISORY in effect until Tuesday, 9/5/2017 2200 hours PDT.

Type 2 IMT ordered and en route.

To learn more about Ready, Set, Go! visit http://wildlandfirersg.org/

Level 3 evacuations. Community of Cascade Locks, residences South of I-84.

Level 2 evacuations. Communities North of I-84.

A Red Cross Shelter has been established at the Skamania County Fairgrounds across from the Columbia River in Stevenson, Washington.


New! 12 miles West of Trout Lake, WA in the Indian Heaven Wilderness on the Gifford Pinchot NF and 10 miles off of the PCT. Start 9/3/2017 this afternoon.  Cause is unknown and under investigation. 

100 acres. 0% contained.

Level 3 evacuations.  Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) and sweeping campgrounds in the area.  Evacuation info –> https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/giffordpinchot/alerts-notices  #EastCraterFire


25 miles East of Tiller, OR. 8/8/2017 started.  Lightning caused. Multiple fires.

Working on the Falcon Complex near Tiller, Oregon

Puerto Rico C-4 Fire Crew. Credit: Jose Martinez via Inciweb

Total 2,935 acres. 55% contained.  Estimated containment is 9/15/2017.

Upper Ash Flat 325 Fire. 1.5 miles from upper end of Ash Valley and close to private land.  1,983 acres.  55% containment. Mop-up operations and secure fire lines in effect.

Double Buck 289 Fire.  762 acres. 55% contained.  Directly East of Skookum Pond.

Night operations on the Falcon Complex

Credit: Scott Lind via Inciwe

Buckskin 313 Fire.  56 acres. 100% contained. Located North of Buckeye Creek along FR 730. In patrol status.

Cougar 284 Fire. 40 acres and 100% contained.

Tallow 311 Fire.  89 acres. 100% contained. Located between Ralph and Tallow Creeks. In patrol status.

Freeze 317 Fire.  5 acres. 100% contained.  In the area West of Abbott Creek.

5 homes and 15 minor structures are threatened.

Smoke lingers over Skookum Pond near the Double Buck Fire on the Falcon Complex, Tiller Ranger District

Credit: Brett Brown

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  299 personnel.  8 crews, 1 helicopter and 18 engines.

$13.4 Million CTD. #FalconComplex  #FreezeFire



Fires burning from CA to Canada. Credit: WA Dept of Energy

New! Near Medical Lake, WA.  Start 9/3/2017 @ 1638 hours (when DNR released through Social Media).

200 acres. 90% contained. Sounds like will be fully contained by either 9/3 or 9/4.

3 aircraft including helicopter, dozer, hand crews and 5 engines. #FancherDoubleFire


9 miles NE of Prospect, OR.  Burning in the Crater Lake National Park. Started 8/12/17.  Cause unknown and under investigation.  Timber (litter and understory, closed timber litter and brush (2 feet). Complex includes Blanket Creek, Spruce Creek, Broken Lookout, Windy Gap, Paradise, Union Creek and Pup  Fires.

Air operations to establish a fueling station near Fort Klamath.  Air resources to working all sides of the fires to slow the fire spread, knock down flare ups and to transport crews/equipment to complete indirect containment lines.

Total 28,326 acres. 33% contained.  Estimated containment date is 10/15/2017.

Blanket Creek Fire crews are ready to do a burnout along Forest Road (FR) 3282 to get ahead of the fire head.  Crews are working to identify operations for indirect containment lines along trails and/or roads on the NE flank.

Spruce Lake Fire crews are looking for ways to protect Red Cone.

Broken Lookout/Windy Gap/Paradise Fires, crews are working to strengthen established containment lines and constructed dozer/handlines.

Pup Fire is being monitored along with continued point protection on the Hershberger Lookout and nearby telecommunication site.

69 homes, 23 mixed commercial/residential and 100 minor structures are threatened.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  647 personnel. 20 crews, 26 engines and 6 helicopters.

$13.4 Million CTD. #FalconComplex #BlanketCreekFire #SpruceLakeFire #BrokenLookoutFire #WindyGapFire #ParadiseFire #PupFire #CraterLakeNP

Fire Fact:

OR Dept. of Forestry reported 472 human-caused wildfires (1,289 acres) and 163 lightning-caused fires (1,721 acres). – GACC, 9/2/2017.


South of Hwy 126 and East of FS Road 19 on the Willamette NF, OR.  Started 8/21/17. timber, litter and light logging slash.  Cause unknown, under investigation.  A RED FLAG WARNING is in effect until Tuesday due to dry conditions and near record temps.  Includes Nash, Jones, Rebel, Whitewater Fires.

Structures prepared with sprinklers ahead of the fire

Nash Fire. 6 miles North of Elk Lake, OR. Started 8/10/17 by Lightning.  Timber.  RED FLAG WARNING until Tuesday from dry-unstable conditions and hot temps.

Active fire behavior with wind-drive runs, torching and spotting. NE flank merged with Separation Fire.  Fires continue to move up the Western slope of South Sister Mtn to the south around Rock Mesa into Sphinx Creek. 3,132 acres. 0% contained. Estimated containment date is 10/1/17. 4 personnel.

50 homes and 3 mixed commercial/residential and 150 other minor structures are threatened.

Visit http://www.firewise.org to learn how you can prepare your home from wildfires

Evacuations are in effect (see areas listed) conducted by the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office.   Level 2 (Get Set) evacuations include Lakes – Elk and Hosmer; Resort – Elk Lake; Campgrounds – Elk Lake, Point, Little Fawn, Mallard Marsh; Day Use Areas – Sunset View, Beach Day and Quinn Meadows Horse Camp. Level 1 (Get Ready) notifications Lakes:  Lava and Little Lava; Resort – Lava Lake; Campgrounds – Lava Lake, Little Lava.

$11,000 CTD. #NashFire

Whitewater Fire/Jones/Rebel Fires.  (See separate posts)

150 homes, 770 mixed commercial/residential structures are currently being threatened.

10,054 acres. 0% contained.  Estimated containment date is 9/30/17.

USDA Forest Service. 90 personnel. 2 crews and 9 engines.

$2.1 Million CTD. #HorseCreekComplex

Fire Fact:

The Forest Service reported 380 human-caused fires totaling 67,904 acres and 697 lightning-caused fires for a total of 279,338 acres. – GACC, 9/2/2017.


15 miles NW of Canyonville, OR. Started 8/26/2017. Unknown cause and is under investigation. Timber (littler and understory) and medium logging slash.

Active fire behavior with uphill runs and backing.  11,925 acres. 20% contained. Estimated containment is 9/15/2017.

RED FLAG WARNING remains in effect due to elevated temps and NE winds (similar to California’s Santa Ana winds) which is fueling the fire.

Fire crews to continue on Cow Creek where most of the fire is most active.  They will also improve road systems and ridge tops with hand and dozer lines to prep for burnout operations.  Fire is West of the town of the Riddle and continues to move away from communities.

9 homes threatened. 2 minor structures destroyed.

Level 3 evacuations is in effect for Lower Cow Creek Road from the end of County Maintenance to Union Creek and Doe Creek Road.  Local Fire Departments are staffing one engine at nine different homes inside the evacuation area.

OR Dept. of Forestry is lead Agency.  1,042 personnel. 46 crews, 39 engines and 8 helos.

$5.1 Million CTD. #HorsePrairieFire

Fire Fact:

There are over wildfires burning in the NW (WA and OR). – USFS


20 miles W-SW of Hood River, OR in the Mark O Hatfield Wilderness on the Hood River District of Mt. Hood NF.   Started 7/4/2017. Cause unknown and under investigation.  Timber (litter and understory).

Lead USDA Forest Service. 61 personnel. 1 crew, 2 helicopters and 0 engines.

Unknown $ CTD. #IndianCreekFire


New! 15 miles SW of Leavenworth, WA and on the Okanogan – Wenatchee NF and in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. Started 8/11/2017 around 2115 hours PDT but was dormant for several weeks. Lightning caused.  Timber.

Column to the left is Jack Creek, column in the bottom right is the Jolly Mountain Fire

692 acres. 0% containment.

Fire is being managed as an ecological benefit. Assets will be determined as the fire increases/spreads over time. It will be watched from the air.  #JackCreekFire


16 miles East of Bly, OR. Started 8/29/2017. Lightning caused. Timber (grass and understory, medium logging slash)

1,600 acres. 0% contained.  Estimated containment date is 10/4/2017.

Jade Creek Fire Closure Order Map

Moderate fire behavior with torching is burning in steep, rock terrain and is wind-driven making it difficult for crews to fight. Fire is spreading to the NE.  Intermittent road closures on Hwy 140 between Bly and Lakeview are in effect due to poor visibility at times.

2 homes are threatened.

Level 3 evacuations in effect for Corral Creek, Dead Horse Creek, Happy Camp and Clear Springs Campgrounds; hikers from Palisades Rock and Lookout Rock.

OR DOF is lead Agency. 208 personnel. 6 crews, 2 helicopters and 15 engines.

$2 Million CTD. #JadeCreekFire

Fire Fact:

The Fish and Wildland Services reported 27 human-caused fires (3,341 acres) and 3 lightning-caused fires (17,639 acres). – GACC, 9/2/2017


13 miles NW of Cle Elum, WA on the Okanogan – Wenatchee NF.  Start 8/11/17 by lightning. Timber (litter and understory).  Public Info.  Evacuations, which impacted homes, shelter info. Contact the EOC at 509-933-8305.

On Saturday, fire burned throughout day. extreme fire behavior with crowning and backing  increased late in the day when evening winds began to push fire down into drainages including the West side of Sasse Ridge and into the West Fork of the Teanaway River.

4,204 homes, 1,073 other minor structures are under threat.

Level 3 evacuations.  From Double O Ranch Road North to Boulder Creek.

Level 2 evacuations.  South of Double O Ranch Road including Ronald and Roslyn.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  600 personnel. 12 crews, 67 engines and 5 helicopters.  More resources are on order.

$9.6 Million CTD. #JollyMountainFire #JollyMtnFire

Fire Fact:

For the first time in the Kittitas County Sheriff’s Office history for a full-force callout of all available Law Enforcement personnel to be called in. – KCSO on the Jolly Mtn Fire evacuations.


10 miles NE of Lowell, OR on the Willamette NF.  Started 8/10/17 by lightning. Large downed trees and standing snags. Green trees may weakened from 2003 fire in same area. RED FLAG WARNING for Saturday through Monday due to high temps, low relative humidity and strong drying winds. These prime conditions make for increased fire activity.

8,184 acres. 51% contained. Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.

Jones Fire 8-19

4 homes and 1 minor structure threatened. 1 minor structure destroyed.

USFS is lead Agency. NW IMT Team 12 (IC). 691 personnel. 20 crews, 6 helicopters and 30 engines.  IMT 2.

$12.9 Million CTD. #JonesFire


5 miles NE of La Pine, OR on the Deschutes NF. Started 8/29/17.  Cause unknown and under investigation.  Timber and brush.

Minimal fire behavior with creeping and smoldering.  1,221 acres. 60% contained. Estimated containment is 9/2/2017.

0 homes are threatened and there are no evacuations in effect.

Crews are working to suppress and contain the fire on all flanks and mop up least 50-feet into the burned area, as well as addressing hot spots.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency. 67 personnel. 1 crew, 8 engines.

$325,000 CTD. #McKayFire

Fire Fact:

The National Park Service reported 1,743 human-caused fires (210,155 acres) and 1,066 lightning-caused fires (406,574 acres). Collectively, they have had over 2,809 fires with a total of 616,729 scorched acres! – GACC, 9/2/2017


17 miles East of Cave Junction, OR on the Rogue  River – Siskiyou NF.  Started 8/14/2017. Lightning caused.  Mixed conifer understory with Shasta red fir dominance and numerous snags. IMT 1.  Timber.  Multiple fires.

Active fire behavior with short-crown runs, torching and short-range spotting.   17,965 acres. 40% contained. Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.

40 homes and 5 minor structures threatened. None has been damaged or destroyed.

USDA Forest Service lead Agency. 596 personnel. 17 crews, 40 engines and 1 helicopter.

$12.1 Million CTD. #MillerComplex


9 miles West of Sisters in the Deschutes NF and the Three Sisters Wilderness, OR. Started 8/11/17 by lightning. Timber and brush.

Active fire behavior with running, flanking and backing. 22,527 acres. 50% containment. Estimated containment is 10/1/2017.

SE and South fire perimeters will continue to be in patrol and mop-up operations.

West side of fire continues to burn downslope with occasional torching  unburned fuels and established containment lines.

Historic Elk Lake Guard Station being prepped

Structure protection on the Nash Fire.

NW side fire is backing down to OR 242.

USDA Forest Service. 370 personnel. 59 crews, 19 engines and 4 helicopters.

$14.1 Million CTD. #MilliFire


10 miles North of Klamath Falls on Hagelstein Rim, OR.  Start 8/29/2017. Cause is unknown and under investigation.Timber (grass and understory) and brush.

Moderate fire behavior on Wednesday with isolated torching and wind-driven runs. Fire crews will focus on suppression operations that will concentrate holding existing lines and structure protection.

423 acres. 40% contained. Estimated containment date is 9/5/2017.

5 homes threatened. 2 structures destroyed. No evacuations in effect.V

OR DOF lead Agency. 52 personnel. 1 crew, 2 helos and 11 engines.

$220,000 CTD. #NayloxFire


11 miles West of Cliffdell, WA on the Okanogan – Wenatchee NF. This fire along with the American Fire are being managed by the same IC IMT team and resources. Start 8/11/2017 by lightning. Timber (litter and understory), heavy dead and down material.

SR 410 still closed from Chinook Pass (MP 69) to Hell’s Crossing (MP 84). Highway will reopen at 2000 hours for nighttime travel only.   Pleasant Valley, Lodgepole Campgrounds and Salmon Cove Group Site are closed.

110 homes threatened.

17,100 acres with 8% containment. Estimated containment date is 10/1/2017.

USDA Forest Service lead Agency. 327 personnel. 9 crews, 23 engines and 2 helicopters.

$5.8 Million CTD. #NorsePeakFire


25 miles NW of Klamath Falls, OR and on the Fremont – Winema NF. Timber and brush.

Mop up activities

Moderate fire behavior with backing, short-range spotting and group torching.  1,900 acres. 18% containment. Estimated containment is 10/15/2017.

200 homes are threatened.

Hand tools being utilized to remove area fuels

Western fire perimeter (East of Cold Springs trailhead). Work in area increased fire traffic on Cold Springs Rd. Closed beyond its junction with FS Rd. 3659. Progression on holding the perimeter around the fire.

FIRE WEATHER WATCH has been issued for hot and dry conditions which are expected throughout weekend. Gusty easterly winds, poor relative humidity (RH) recoveries with a Haines of 6 are expected to increase fire behavior.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency. 164 personnel. 3 crews, 14 engines.

$3 Million CTD. #NorthPelicanFire


20 miles NW of Sisters, OR. Started 8/29/2017 from an unknown cause and is under investigation. Heavy logging slash and timber.

Fire is burning in old fire scar with several of standing dead trees. Smoke could impact Hwy 20 visibility at night and early morning.   Crews will continue with direct line construction and burnout operations of small unburned interior fuels.

199 acres. 35% contained.  Estimated containment is 9/6/2017.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  35 personnel. 1 crew and 2 engines.

Unknown $ CTD totals. #PotatoHillFire


30 miles NE of North Bend, WA. Started 8/11/2017. Human caused.  Timber (litter and understory) and medium logging slash.

The fire is burning in steep, heavily forested landscapes on the Mt. Baker – Snoqualmie NF.  Roads are being improved to act as fire breaks.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency. 90 personnel. 2 crews and 3 engines. Estimated containment is 10/1/2017.

Estimated $ CTD unknown. #QuarryFire


13 miles South of McKenzie Bridge, OR. Started 8/4/2017 by an unknown cause. Timber (Litter and understory) and light logging slash.

6,632 acres. 19% contained.  Estimated containment is 9/30/2017.

Burning in heavy timber and steep terrain along the South Fork of McKenzie River. Crews continuing to use indirect fire tactics and prepping line along FS Rd. 19 (Aufderheide Drive).  Will use burnout operations when conditions are favorable.

USDA Forest Service as lead agency. 58 personnel. 2 crews and 3 engines.

$4.4 Million CTD. #RebelFire


23 miles South of Oakridge, OR on the Willamette NF.  Started 8/10/2017. Lightning caused. Timber and brush.  Includes the TUMBLE BUG 2 FIRE.

Moderate fire behavior with backing and flanking.  2,234 acres. 76% contained. Estimated containment is 9/15/2017.

Great fire suppression efforts have been made on both wildfires.  Fire lines have been established around both fires and are widening and strengthening them by conducting burnout operations.  Mop-up operations of remaining hot spots within 100 feet of the control line.  Some fire resources have been released to other fires or to their home Fire Agency for much-needed rest.

376 personnel. 9 crews, 1 helicopter and 9 engines. IMT 2 (IC).

$7.3 Million CTD. #StaleyFire


New! Sultan Basin Road & FS Rd 6110, Sultan WA. Start 9/3/2017 around 1500 – 1515 hours.  Brush Fire was spreading to the East with uphill runs into timber. Local Fire District on-scene with 2 DNR engines. 1 overhead team was en route with one hour ETA (around 1600 hours).

Unknown acres. 100% contained as of 1635 hours. #SultanFire

Smoke impacts in Eastern WA. Credit: WA Dept. of Ecology.


50 miles East of Roseburg, OR (along Hwy 138). 8 fires.  Started 8/11/2017. Cause unknown and under investigation. Timber, tall grass and brush.

Active fire behavior with uphill runs, single-tree torching and backing. 27,344 acres. 20% contained. Estimated containment is 9/302/017.

101 single homes, 58 non-residential structures and 35 other minor structures threatened. 13 homes damaged. 1 minor structure destroyed.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  1,005 personnel. 23 crews, 5 helicopters and 78 engines.

$20.7 Million CTD. #UmpquaNorthComplex

Fire Fact:

Help yourself and your family by creating a defensible space around your home to protect it from wildfires.  This has helped save so many structures and truly does work!  Here is how. (Credit:  WA DNR)


16 miles NW of Manson, WA. Started 8/30/2017 by an unknown cause that is under investigation. Timber and brush.

Uno Peak’s column of smoke looks eerily mean. Fire behavior will increase as temps rise. Credit: Uno Peak Fire

2,200 acres. 1% contained. Estimated containment is 10/15/2017.

CRITICAL FIRE WEATHER started on Saturday causing the fires to actively spread to the bottom of Safety Harbor drainage but did not cross over to the canyon.  Water drops throughout the day slowed fire forward progression while hotshots and other ground resources improved control lines to the SW.

Smoke is expected to drift down to Lake Chelan and over the Waterville Plateau and highly visible from Manson, Chelan, Pateros and Twisp.

1 home threatened. 0 damaged or destroyed.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency.  109 personnel. 2 crews, 1 engine.

$350,000 CTD. #UnoPeakFire


15 miles East of Detroit, OR. Started 7/23/2017 and caused by lightning.  Timber and brush.  Active fire behavior with isolated torching, flanking and backing. 11,434 acres. 33% contained. Estimated containment is 10/31/2017.

S-SW Flank.  Burnout operations conducted. Protection of timber assets and private properties on West side of containment lines.

NW Flank. Evaluation of implementation of firing operations ongoing and determination of favorable conditions and the number of resources needed.

USDA Forest Service is lead Agency. 783 personnel. 22 crews, 23 engines and 5 helicopters.

$25.9 Million CTD.  #WhitewaterFire #HorseCreekComplex


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